The Trueness I AM and in the Oneness I Reside

withinOh Universe, Multi-verse, hear my soul verse, let this moment rehearse me into the creation of the next glorious manifestation. You know all that my heart desires, and the fuel that ignites the fire within. The love that I AM is the love that I have always been. This love that I AM immersed inside, is ready to burst, outward into expression, no longer needing to hide. I can embrace each moment on this beautiful ride of life, knowing that in walking the path, all of the visions I see, are a part of me, vibrating with authenticity.

Take a snapshot of the myriad of colors flowing and glowing on the canvas that is my heart, and let each and every part that IS the wholeness of me, move into the experience here that I can see, let the intentions be in their radiance. Let my spirit dance in transcendence of anything I may perceive falsely holds me back. Regardless of what I believe, my essence has absolutely no lack. The presence of my natural state cannot abate. The trueness I AM and in the oneness I reside. Therefore, always, and in all ways, in the stillness, in the peacefulness, I abide. My ticket to paradise has not been denied, for it is here, it is near. I am the one in charge and I decide where, how, and at what pace to steer my ship.

Oh Plentiverse, U N I are in verse. We are co-creating a most magnificent masterpiece and in this, I choose to feel the peace of each piece arranging, aligning, fitting, and finding the perfect way to fuse. I choose, to allow this to be my muse, and the inspiration shall emerge as I merge it with my creation.