Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

rebirth withinOften we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of “growing up” is to grow out of the images others have given us of ourselves, and to flow into the natural truth of who we are. Hence, we grow UP, we rise UP the ladder of love, remembering ourselves into the truth that we ARE love. We are just continuing to raise our vibrations of the love we are, knowing that we are not defined by any idea, experience, anything or anyone outside of us AND in this, we remember that anything “outside” of us is a reflection of our own inner world that we are always shifting and re-shaping into creation outward. What a gift then is each person that comes along our path and each situation we find ourselves in, for they give us the experience of remembering ourselves and seeing the self we are breathing in, so that we can recognize if it is truly in alignment with who we are, and if not, change our intention, our vibration and expression into a different creation. We remember that there is no “forgiving,” but rather a thankfulness, a gratitude, to the souls and the experiences “for giving” you the opportunity to remember the truth of your essence by witnessing the illusions that present themselves. The journey of life and love is about the breakdown of the illusions of who you think you are, how you should be living, being, creating in the world to move into the truth of who you really are, and allowing this natural essence to come shining through into expression and creation…

The journey into knowing and feeling the truth of who you are comes with a breakdown, quite literally sometimes, of all that you thought to be your identity, how you defined yourself, what you perceived offered you security in the world. In other words, you breakthrough to the truth of who you are, to the truths of love, and release the illusions along the way. Here is a simple thing to know about illusions…. They are that which shift and change, yet what stays the same, what remains, is your consciousness, your divine essence, which is infinite and fluid, as this essence continues to grow, to rise, limitlessly. Often, this remembering of who you are can occur by encountering your Beloved, the reflection of your own soul, your twin flame, but it does not always happen that way. Every relationship you have offers you a deeper and deeper reflection of who you are, to continue to move forward in co-creation, aligning and flowing with your true essence. Discovering and uncovering this essence is the result and experience of opening within and into relationships. The journey of incarnation is to experience yourself, your true self, into creation.

You can become so focused upon the other in a relationship, placing your happiness into the hands of this other, attaching your happiness upon the union with your reflection of your one soul in physical form, rather than remembering that one important aspect of this encounter and of this relationship is to experience the oneness you are, to uncover and release anything that makes you feel that the illusion is real (that you are separate), that your love flowing inward and outward is dependent on the physical union. Rather, you are given the sweet and continuous opportunity to see that love IS flowing always, and that as you witness this love, and then express this love you have received into the world, more and more love will shower back upon you, around you and within you. Truly this experience is absolutely infinite.

flame of loveThe Truth of ReUnion

I invite you not to resist the process, but allow the magnificence of it to bring you into the sweetness of reflecting and witnessing yourself into the wholeness that you are. Let the excitement of being this wholeness into expression emerge into and with your creation. You can deny this process and hinder your spiritual journey, your spiritual growth and the gift that this gives others if you focus on the union of this profound love, rather than becoming this love in expression and creation, which naturally brings in the remembrance of the truth of reunion. REUNION = remembering U N I are ONe, remembering that U N I are ON a journey of experiencing our oneness. Then, if it is in your soul’s journey of incarnation to reunite in the physical expression of your oneness, this will naturally happen along the way, as you display your flame of love within the world. Focusing upon it, wondering about it, getting frustrated about it does nothing but bring your energy upon the vibration and perception of separation rather than immersing and allowing the truth of union, the sweetness of oneness to overcome you and become you. Placing limitations upon your experience by believing that you must feel things are flowing before…, you must know this union is happening before…, you must receive some sign from the other or the Universe before… takes you away from flowing into feeling, happening into union, and receiving the signs that are guiding you and abiding IN you. You are creating your love, your union that already is from within, outward. Therefore, resisting the creation of your own story from your love within the world is denying the whole reason for this LOVE to be experienced within incarnation. You are always in your oneness beyond form, but what is the point of being in form? To bring your oneness into FORMation. There is no need for formulation, but rather allow the process of forming your creation in your unique vibration of love into expression.

twin flames onenessWhat is a Twin Flame?

The same vibration of your own essence, moving through the same soul intentions for growth, having the same soul song to serve the world with… the mirror of the flame of your love. What is the flame of your love? It is divine love ignited within you. It is your unique vibration of love which you are meant to shine into the world in illumination and creation, so that others can remember who they are, and to feel comfortable shining their flame of love as well. The one who has the same frequency of love that you hold, who is excited to serve the world with a specific blueprint that matches your own, the one who is a clear reflection of who you are, is your twin flame. What I mean by “who you are,” is what is not hindered or affected by this human experience, but that which is your divine nature. It is what does not change by outside circumstances or influences. It is that essence within how you handle things that come your way, yet not the handling itself. It is within the attitude in which you receive the world with, yet not the energy of the attitude itself. It is what cannot fully be encompassed within words, yet what profoundly experiences and feels. It is that presence which observes your actions, watches your reactions, and feels into your interactions along the journey.

twin flame resonanceHow Do You Become Aware of Your Twin Flame?

When the time is right, the desire to unite with your twin flame will intensify and blossom, as this is an awakening into the oneness you ARE. It is not a destination to arrive at, but a remembering to the truth of your divine essence. This longing to unite is inviting you into the remembrance of the oneness you are, and to allow this memory to fill all of your cells. As this filling unfolds, the fulfillment becomes you. Therefore, your desire to be the expression of who you are, the divine love that IS you, becomes awakened. You have arrived home. What a blessing indeed this is! This truly is the twin flame blessing. Many of you know right from the start that there is someone you will meet that you already love, that you truly already KNOW, from a deep place within. Through knowing, through dreams, through divine timing, is when you will become aware of the one that reflects your vibration to you in the harmonic frequency that IS your oneness. It is a deep soul recognition of witnessing and knowing the reflection of yourself in another. It will happen in the physical if it is your soul intention for this lifetime to unite in this way to serve your love to the world. However, becoming aware of your twin flame, the mirror of your unique love vibration, is to bring you along the spiritual journey of awakening into the divine love that IS you. You are not to get distracted by the physical expression and connection of this union, as it is and will be a natural result of you remembering the LOVE you are, choosing to be this love, and igniting the flame of that love within you as you shine it into expression and creation within the world. Servicing your soul signature in its specific sweetness to others. What a blessing this is!

It is about lighting the world in the flames of our love, ignited to spread the truth of divine love, so that the illusions may just fall away, and that “peace on Earth” musicians warm-heartedly sing about and poets profess about, and our hearts confess, can be experienced as we walk it on this Earth plane. It is what our souls already know, and one reason we chose to incarnate into human bodies, so that we could remember ourselves into the oneness we are, and then bring it into creation and expression. The dressing of our humanness experiencing into the blessing of our divinity!

awakenWhat is the Intention of Becoming Aware of and Encountering your Twin Flame?

Many people express that becoming aware of the twin flame is a curse and a blessing, yet the “curse” is only putting emphasis, focus and truth upon the illusion. The illusion that this connection, this love, must fit a mold of what relationship should be. The intention of this awareness and remembrance of the divine love you are, and the oneness you are, is to allow the breakdown of all of the illusions of who you think you are, what you feel relationship is, what you believe love to be. The truth of it is that it will break through all of your definitions, all of what you can place upon it, to limit your expression of love. In Divine Love, there are no limitations, and you are free, to be, truly as you are. You are love, and you are to be loved for all of who you are, the humanness that can mask your divinity… yet when your eyes are awakened to this true love vibration, you realize that your humanity is an expression of your divinity and a way for you to experience yourself in form, to bring this experience into expression to transform the perception of your true divine nature, and your infinite capacity to love and be loved. You are perfection flowing into endless creation. The intention therefore, of becoming aware of and encountering your twin flame, however this initially manifests, through physical connection or through dreams, within your divine knowing ~ most often a combination of all these occur ~ is to remember who you really are, to know that you are divine love, unaffected by anything within this world, yet your soul intention is to help reveal the truth of love to others that come your way. How to do this? By remembering your unique vibration of love, by allowing yourself to move through and release all of the illusions that block this love from flowing, to surrender into the sweetness of your completeness, and to bring this specific signature of your soul into expression and creation into the world to invite others to ignite their own flames of love, in awakening to the divine love they are. Oh how could this be a curse? The blessing is remembering the love you are and becoming it into the world within your confession of it, expression of it and creation of it. What does this entail? It is necessary to remove the focus upon the external union and bring that love you have awakened to, the love you have remembered, within yourself, to reflect the love you have witnessed and experienced “outside” of you, as it emerges within you and merges with the internal flame of your twin, hence your flames of love have become twin flames! There are no mistakes, for all choices become experiences your soul utilizes to maximize your expression with the purest intention, but one of the common pitfalls that can happen, is to bring all of your attention and energy upon uniting with the reflection of your love in physical form. While this is the icing on the cake, the cake still needs to be made and baked, and even cooled before the icing can envelop the cake. Allow the awakening of this love to move you into creation, knowing, feeling that this love is within you, embracing you, as you let this love flow into the world. BE the love you are and allow yourself to be loved in return. As you serve your love to others, the mirror of your love will eventually appear and walk beside you in mutual understanding and service, thus you will both be clear as to what the intention is of your unique soul signature. Later on, we will share on which ways you can serve your love in unified presence along your human sojourn.

lift you upWhat is the Purpose of Relationships?

The Purpose of Relationship is to remember and experience who you are. Each relationship allows you to witness and see your reflection through the other. What is the purpose of seeing this reflection of yourself through the eyes of another? You are able to observe yourself, and whether you are being in alignment with your true divine nature, with who you really are, and if not, you can change the expression of yourself in the world.  The focus is on love, and strengthening your capacity to be love and be loved, which is truly infinite. You are the love in which you seek, and when you recognize this, the way you approach love transforms. You no longer look for love outside of you, but you feel it as you connect with it inside of you, in excitement to bring it forward into expression and creation in the world, as you affect others and draw those who are in resonance with your love vibration to you. The purpose of relationship is not to find the one that is perfect for you, but to become the clearest and purest expression of the love you are. In this way, you will naturally attract the one that reflects you clearly, and as you continue to rise up the ladder of love, you will flow in growth and rise in vibration with this person, or another will come along to rise with you. You may experience many soul mates as you continue along your journey or you may have a few, but each of these relationships, will bring you deeper into the reflection of who you are, until you are standing in front of the harmonic resonance of your pure, one soul. You are to ignite the flame of your love inside of you and let it shine outward. Have faith and trust that the flame that matches your own light will come your way in the right moment. Right now, focus on being the love you are, and allowing yourself to be loved in return. Let go of any fear of being who you truly are, knowing that those who are in resonance with your being, will show up at the perfect time. And when they do, you will have the chance to play in your own unique way, to bask in the beauty of your reflection, as your shape constantly shifts and lifts in love. Note ~ Do not get lost in the pondering of whether the one you are sharing with is THE ONE, for the one you are with, whether the connection feels in alignment or not within this present moment, is a gift to become a deeper reflection of who you are. Remember, you are always, in all ways, rising up the ladder of love, and there is no destination, but a continuation of building the love!

Keep asking yourself with each relationship, and within the connection and communication with your twin flame: What the reflection is revealing to you, what you are concealing in you and what feelings are you moving through?

walking path lightLet Go of the “Fairytale”

The popularity and the focus on fairytale stories in the media and in books distracts you from the truth of what love really is. What love is, is being in the ocean together, riding the waves that come. You are never out of the ocean of love, but you will be presented with waves that come. If you ride the waves, sometimes alone, you come back together. If you ride the waves together, you go through it together. You go through it all together. You don’t look at the other and blame the other for the reflection of things that come up in you. Instead you see those reflections, you allow those reflections to bring you into a deeper state of love, to bring you out of any patterns, beliefs, expressions that are not in the vibration, the true, pure vibration of love you are. The fairytale stories attempt to make you believe, give you the perception, the idea that everything is always smooth, that there are no waves in the ocean ever. Hence, this is why they state these stories are “make believe.” They can bring through the perception that if there are waves in the ocean, get out of the ocean quick, but if you release, and you relax, all of a sudden, the wave passes and again, you are in that ocean of love. You are always, all ways, in that ocean of love. This can keep you in the cycle of running away from your reflection that your Beloved is mirroring to you, automatically dismissing him as your “Prince Charming,” with conditions, that if he was, he would be acting this way or that way, treating you like a Queen. The Queen truly sees the love in her Beloved and allows the reflections to bring about the illusions she may be holding onto of what love is, or who she thinks she is or should be, to allow the truth that love is her divine nature. She recognizes that if she gets rid of the fairytale image of what love and what love relationship is, the realization emerges, that the truth of love is to allow yourself to open, to allow yourself to continuously open, to allow yourself to move through the pain that you feel, knowing that pain is only temporary. Pain is a perception. You can stay in that pain or you can allow it to pass. By not resisting the pain but feeling, you allow the revealing of what is creating it and then remembering can happen, thus releasing what makes you believe you are separate from love and to search for it elsewhere. You do not have to attach to the pain. See what is the reflection revealing to you, what are you concealing in you and what feelings are you moving through? You can choose to remain in the ocean of love and ride the waves, sometimes on your own, sometimes together with your Beloved. That is true love, to continue to stay in the ocean (the vibration of love), to not blame the other but to move, to glide, to ride with the other, to rise in love together. In making this choice, the debris just falls away, and you are left with love, which always has been, all ways IS, and always will be.

What is the True Love Story?

Moving from your story into your love

Focusing on the story keeps your energy on the external plane, rather than bringing your love within outward into creation, building your story from your love. The story is still relevant but it becomes merged with your love, and emerges as a love story. This is the true love story. Tis not a story tainted by anything external but painted by everything internal, the eternal vibrations of your pure essence in presence with LOVE.

Let go of your perception of what relationship should look like, feel like, what roles you should be following or what the other should be doing, etc. Release the illusions, drop the images. Enjoy each moment, enjoy the ride and the glorious journey, for every moment is essential in its sweetness for you to remember and experience your completeness, as you bring this expression into creation, writing  your story, step by step, memory by memory, moment to moment, seen by scene, heartbeat to heartbeat.

*this is a glimpse into my second book Rising Up the Ladder of Love: The Path of Union Consciousness*

If you have become aware of and/or encountered your twin flame, if you have been removing the illusions of love and who you are to become the divine love you ARE, and desire to have guidance, clarity, support along the journey of expressing your love into creation within the world, feel free to JOIN ME.

13 Comments on “Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    My journey with my Twin Flame is still so connected .. We now feel so close to each other. A few days back when I met him he Gave me a book he recommended about a product and insisted that I took it with me. In fCt while leaving I forgot to take it and he called be and reminded me to take it. I was surprised and when I went home I saw the writing on the book..” Lighting the future”. It was book of lights. It seems so symbolic ..we have come a long way. However we are yet to unite in all ways. What could be the reason.?
    I reAd about so many portals to reunite twin flames .they come and go but where do we stand. I am much happier now as he is so receptive now and I can feel him show his feelings more openly now. But why these delays ? Love to you Gabriella

  2. Sleeping Beauty,

    The portal to unite with your twin flame is within you, as you remember that you are already in oneness, as you allow this remembering to bring you into the awakening of your true divine nature and then bringing this forward into expression and creation. There is no point to arrive at, but a deeper experience to feel into, in every moment. Instead of reflecting on the outside of your experience, feel the love you have experienced move inside of you and bring it outward into creation. There is more that I will share in a video response soon. “Delays?” Will touch on this in the video. Much love to you always, flowing from and into all directions.

  3. this is remarkable ….. thank you for this …so well written and detailed … love it and I am sharing it … blessings for you and yours 🙂 Namaste <3

  4. Hi to everybody, I know the complete name of my TF and where he lives, by a MIRACULOUS accident I found a video of his graduation on youtube. By coincidence I ran into him a couple of times in the hallways of the university. He stayed here to finish his master degree, as me. Still we can not talk with one another. Gabriella, it is so hard to start a simple conversation with him. The times I saw him, it seems that we exchange some kind energy, because I felt like I was recharged of beautiful energy, there is not need for words, but at the same time I would like to be his friend. I love the conversation you had wit DAWN AND STEVE…
    Much love,

  5. You are so welcome Greg. I am glad that you were moved and touched by it, so much so to share it! Let’s spread the love and truth of this love around. I say YES to that! 🙂 Namaste profoundly <3

  6. My Dearest Gabriella,

    Your messages always come at the most “freaky” of times, when I feel the pull the most. On 4/23/14 at exactly 5:11pm HST while my heart was being broken by yet another man who was leaving me (I turned to him to try to forget my Twin Flame & move on) your message “Everything Is Unfolding In Perfection” “BING”-ed on my phone. Of course in the middle of tears I didn’t read it. I didn’t read it until a few days later and was stunned to find what was inside, that no matter what, how or why, all the pain I was going through was to cleanse and clear away what needed to go in my life, including that dude who just left me, lol!

    Today after seeing “11’s” EVERYWHERE for the last 2 weeks, your message “The Importance And Magnificence of 11….” pops in my inbox and immediately brings tears of joy to my eyes in reading it. You see, Gabriella, it is yet another confirmation of what I’ve been asking for from God and the Universe in my path of enlightenment…..signs, synchronicities that would tell me I’m on the right path and doing the things I am supposed to be doing….a path I began on 2+ years ago when I met my Twin Flame for the first time.

    Yes, I DID try to walk away and forget him, it’s futile. I went through another bad relationship after the one I mentioned above…. a REALLY bad one and after that was over, there he was, my Twin Flame, still there. We are not together as he is currently involved with someone else, in which the relationship is definitely not a harmonious one by any means. Although we do tell each other about our relationship woes and never hide anything about them as neither of us judge the other. The sheer magnitude of flow between us is SO STRONG and tangible and the most REAL I have ever had in my entire life, how could it not be with him? I decided after giving up and trying to walk away twice from him that that page had turned — I WILL NOT do it again.

    My God-given talents are back on the rise where I stuffed them away years ago because of my religion and upbringing. Among many other abilities I am reclaiming as true gifts from God, I can now feel people’s vibrations again — I can now FEEL again. In learning and realizing exactly what it is I have with this man, I also realize just how blessed we both are and I will certainly not throw away this chance that so many others never get in this same lifetime that we are in. Remembrance of that blessing is what keeps me going and working on, releasing, clearing out, etc. ANYTHING that is not of love in all areas of my life.

    I send the purest forms of love and acceptance his way and continue in this dance with him, day in and day out. I sit and wait and love him, regardless of the words he can never say with his mouth to me at the moment. Right now, what he says with his eyes is worth more than anything spoken by anyone that ever graced my ears….

    Thank you Gabriella, for being a part of my journey.

    Harmony 😉

  7. Hello Gabriella,

    I just wanted to thank you again for doing a reading with me. Although, I felt like I didn’t express myself fully because I was nervous, you were very patient with me and “saw” everything I was going through at this point in my life. I had to listen to the recording a few times just to really take in what you said in order to understand it. As far as my TF, I am so much more reassured from you that we’ll reunite and I do understand that on the way to him, I’ll be learning ALOT about myself and the love I have to give for myself and others. And I genuinely look forward to not only the destination to him, but the journey of experiencing this divine love. It really is a blessing. And I continue to see the signs from above. In fact, as soon as I got off the phone with you, I checked my Instagram and one of the followers of a celebrity I’m following had the same name as him and of course that was the first thing that caught my eye! Lol! The signs from above never cease to amaze me. You are amazing as well! So again, thank you! xoxo

  8. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you for the video.isaw it only today. tis so synchronistic. I wish you could expandon the concept of walk-ins in TF relationship. I am being given info about this of late.
    So much love toyou dear angel

  9. Dear Gabriella, your writings are the first I’ve read that really make sense. I met my twin flame last spring and we connected spiritually but never communicated verbally or physically but we know we are connected. He constantly runs and I follow suite. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for this web page, the concept that you tell here is not completely foreign to me, however I have not visited these ideas for years. I just by chance happened to your page by clicking a link in error. The timing in my life is so appropriate to be given this to read.
    My husband of 18 years passed away two months ago after struggling with cancer for 18 months. It was a difficult time for both of us but we made the best of a devastating situation together.
    I contacted his best friend who I have never have an individual relationship with in the past. Immediately I felt a oneness with him. We discussed perhaps we should allow an appropriate amount of time to pass before seeing each other but he shared my deep feelings of it being so natural to be together. I remember he used to tell my husband 15 years ago, he was going to marry me after he dies, intending it as nothing more than a complement to my husband that he picked a good girl to marry.
    My husbands passing is so recent that I still cry and my new twin flame is so compassionate and understanding in way that no one else except his best friend who loved him as well could be. Our new found relationship is incredible on its own, we share so many of the same opinions, beliefs and core values and I learn something new about myself everyday. I look forward to learning more about him and myself. Your ideas seem to fit into our lives right now an look forward into learning more from you