Love Yourself ~ Accept Compliments

Somehow, it can be considered spiritual and without ego to deflect or reflect compliments rather than to accept them. Yet I invite you, I encourage you, to welcome in compliments that come, for these are gifts in the present for you to receive the love you are back upon you. Saying thank you is giving a gift to the other who has felt inspired to express your love in reflection to you. Why would you deny another from the pleasure of giving and the treasure of witnessing you in your full embrace of such sincerity? When you accept the recognition of the love you are from within another, you give an example to the person that has graced you with such expression of how it feels to allow love in. We are meant to let our love come in and let the love flow out, and to allow the limitless movement of these true vibrations to continuously come to us and become us. Giving and receiving, receiving and giving.

I accept compliments

You are a unique expression of love. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are perfect at the things only you are. Smile, go ahead, right now. Let me love you into LOVE. I am in gratitude for you. I am blessed because of you. Thank you for being you! I see the radiance of YOU. Let yourself express it… go ahead. Let the love in…