Everything is Unfolding in Perfection

PerfectionThere is never any delay preventing you from basking in the union of your twin flame and yourself. All things are unfolding in perfection to bring you the lessons your soul chose to grow within, the remembrance of the truths you are meant to understand more profoundly through the experience. Encountering, knowing, feeling your twin flame is a gift, a deep blessing that invites you into remembering the divine love you are, and in the process shedding the illusions of what you are not. This can take the form of releasing patterns, beliefs, behaviors, emotions, etc. that no longer serve the clearest expression of your true essence.

One of those is the perception that something is preventing you from being together in all ways. If you take a look deeply into this thought, you can see how it brings up an additional layer: that what is happening right NOW, in these unfolding moments should not be happening. In other words, what IS should be another way than what it IS right NOW. If all things are unfolding in perfection, this cannot be so. If you perceive your experiences, your reality in this light, you will receive the present circumstances in a different vibration.

You are meant to take each moment, which is always shifting and changing, as another opportunity for you to create yourself into expression as a reflection of the trueness that is YOU. Let the love you have encountered bring you into a deeper love with who you are, and let that light of yours shine.

I am always available to connect more intimately regarding your personal journey of love.

From my heart to yours,

1 Comment on “Everything is Unfolding in Perfection

  1. Ello my name is Cambria, and my twin flame is terry.. He lives overseas and I live in San Diego . I know that this is my twin flame because it’s kinda funny but every time I try to fall asleep his spirit wakes me up and won’t let me go back to sleep until like 6am and I try to fall back asleep but then as I fall back asleep I get this tingling feeling and something telling me to wake up. I’m only 20 years old and I’ve been experiencing this since I was 16 years of age. Oh I forgot to tell you that I actually finally met my twin flame online and he’s from Germany..funny thing is I use to live in Germany with my mum when I was 3 years old but then went back to the U.S for her navy training and we have lived in different states in America because we had to move..but something told me when I was 13 years old to stay in California until I got this age (20 years old now). And an Also funny thing is that I’ve met my twin flame online once but he(terry) didn’t really know me and he had a mate at the time…so I just kept moving forwards in my life, and had mates too, but the mates that I ended up with were really immature and childish like they would only want one thing from me and that was sex. But then terry came along..we had met on this website called imvu through my sister..cause we are both friends with her , he came in me and my sister’s chat room, and we started just talking and we noticed that we had something in common..I asked him his zodiac sign cause I’m interested in astrology, and he said a capricorn. I’m a pisces by the way, and I looked online for our compatibility and we are a perfect match. But something told me on march 4th the day that he (terry) asked me out that there was something more powerful to our relationship, and that it’s gonna be a beautiful one..I learned that it’s not about what zodiac sign you are..it’s about your true and genuine love for one another..recently something has been calling me back home in Kentucky, and actually terry is from Kentucky also but were from different cities. Even though he lives overseas I still believe that one day we will get to see each other. I’ve had dreams that me and him will meet in the summer in Kentucky at this park, one of my favorite parks in Hopkinsville and it’s just beautiful, but anywho.. Me and terry don’t talk a lot online, because he works a lot, but we talk through our spirits like I’ve learned how to speak with him through your videos, and when I look at his picture I get this sexual urge and want to just go through the screen and make love to him, but I know this is gonna take time, but I’ll wait for him. Thankyou for your videos they have helped me a lot ^,^