100 Days of Happiness ~ Day 2

DoorHeaven is for Real was a great movie! Does life go on after our sojourn here on Earth? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Did you have an experience that made you know without any doubts that connection, and even communication, goes on beyond form? I can honestly say, that I have had more than I can count, many connections through dreams and visits from the other side, which bring such a profound peace to my heart… and while watching this movie, hearing the expressions that the little boy who had a near death experience shared, as well as the many messages therein, I was uplifted and reminded of the beauty of this life journey. Truly, it is the soul experiencing in form and what a smorgasbord of choices and creations we ALWAYS have before us… we are never DONE, even when we transition from these human forms. We go on, we connect, we share, we love… and the list continues infinitely. *click here if you desire to read more of my own personal dream experiences*


And so, truly, if you knew that Heaven is For Real and that you didn’t have to worry about it, or fear anything you experience here on Earth, what would you choose? What would you choose to create, in this moment, in every moment? How would you choose to focus your thoughts, your emotions, your energy, your creativity? So often, we can get caught up in the busyness of our everyday responsibilities, and forget to breathe and realize we chose to be here for reasons only our soul can determine as we allow such perceptions to come in. There isn’t a need to put so much emphasis or stress upon it all… many times throughout the movie, the reminder kept repeating, “everything is all right.”

The Reverend also reminds us, “what you believe determines how you perceive.” Or we could also say that how you perceive determines how you receive, an experience, a thought, etc… and there is always a choice, which door will you walk into? Like in the Matrix, do you choose the blue pill or the red pill? If you know, believe, or perceive that Heaven is real, that there is nothing to fear, that we are all connected, that we absolutely go on when we transition from these human vehicles, what would be your focus right here, right now, in your life? Whether you believe it is a mystery, fantasy, or reality, how are you shaping your creation?

Today is my second day of 100 Happy Days, and I have to say that re-connecting to the vibration of the connection between all of us and everything, to the reminder that there is nothing to fear as Heaven is as near as the breath I breathe and the water I drink, brings me peace. AND right now, if you were right next to me reading this, I would give you a hug, literally 😉 because hugs make me happy.