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Awaken to Divine Love: Interview with Scott Grace

Follow ~ Scott’s website ~ In this interview with Scott Grace, we shared on many aspects of moving through transitions within the journey of life, through relationships, career shifts, and so much more. We focused on the dance of balance

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Trust the Visions in Your Heart

Follow You are sculpting the invisible force of love into creation within the visible experience of your life. This is a journey that encourages you to continuously trust each step, each moment, and to remain connected to the movie playing

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You Find Your Soul Mate When You Let Go of Searching BOOK

Follow Uncover the present that you are… When you connect with what you know, bit by bit, layer by layer, step by step, you remember… The journey of uncovering and discovering all the aspects of who you are IS a

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Everything is Unfolding in Perfection

Follow There is never any delay preventing you from basking in the union of your twin flame and yourself. All things are unfolding in perfection to bring you the lessons your soul chose to grow within, the remembrance of the

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Awaken into Divine Love: Twin Flames Revealed ~ Interview with Dawn and Steve

Follow In this episode, I interview Dawn Panico and Steve Selcke on their journey of awakening into Divine Love, and the awareness of who they are to each other, the twin flame of their own unique ray of love. How

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Awaken into Divine Love: Interview with Emma Juniper


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The Power of the Unknown Within Remembrance

Follow May you go along your journey not knowing… yet knowing into the not knowing… emerging into remembrance.

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Insights Along the Twin Flame Journey of Divine Love and Life

Follow Let Go of Why in Resistance into the Why of Observation. Ask, “how can I be love now?” and “How am I receiving love now?” “I don’t know” surrenders you to the experience and to the moment in a

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BE Love and Receive Love Every Day

Follow The holidays we celebrate ~ Valentine’s Day as one of them ~ are meant to remind us to bring what it is we are celebrating through each day of the year. They have become distractions to take us away

Merging the Twin Flame Dream into Every Day Reality

Follow In order to merge the twin flame dream of the highest, divine, pure love that IS into your every day reality, there must be a profound willingness to release the attachment to the outside dream. Rather, you are encouraged

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