3 Comments on “The Power of the Unknown Within Remembrance

  1. Please someone answer me.
    I’m calling. begging for help.
    I’m so alone. I’m always uncertain. always afraid. I believe in flames. I do.
    but my mind is twisted and disgusting.
    I commit lustful sins I cannot forgive.
    I believe I lied to myself for a long time.
    I need guidance. major assistance.
    friends with wisdom who have found their flame or are looking.
    I’m so sad sometimes. and life is a mess.
    help please.


  2. If your sins hurt someone esp. a victim you need to see a therapist .you sound like you are guilty,and want a clean mind and pure heart.you clearly have a lot to learn befor your ready for your twin flame.If you love your self enough you will get help.its never to late to do the right thing….

  3. Teo, I send to you an angel; I believe on angels.
    There is a solution for everything, I don’t think you hurt anybody…stop torture yourself.
    blessings to you and everybody