Moving Through Reality into Truth and Truth into Reality

reality illusionIs reality fixed? Is it tangible? Is your reality created from within outward or is your reality made from what you’ve chosen to agree with, from concepts, ideas, lessons, disappointments, visions within your outer experience? There are layers of reality, even beyond what I’m going to share here. 1. Your world within 2. Your physical world created by many worlds of others ~ constantly shifting within and without.

You can be influenced by the “reality” outside of you, which if you agree to it, can affect your inner reality. Your inner reality can influence your outside reality. Your vision can shift in how you perceive what is outside of you, if you are aligned with what is true for you, inside. Therefore, you cannot become affected by the reality you witness displayed from others.

How do you establish your reality? By determining what is true for you. You can come to this truth(s) by reading books, listening to others, and agreeing to agree that what is expressed as truth according to what others say, believe, or do IS truth


You can determine your truths by feeling inside your essence into the truth that resides there. You can have personal experiences in your life which bring you to embracing the truth for you within that experience. It is a constant checking within and moving without, moving without then going back within, process. You are an infinitely expressive and expansive being.

Your inner reality and your outer reality can change as a result of this process. Going back into the outer world or reality, is now a different experience. Your vision has shifted to reflect your inner truths and reality. How you respond in your reality may be profoundly different from how you did before. Those characters, people that have been in your world ~ the outside one ~ may not understand why you have changed but their recognition of your change invites them to examine their own truths and “reality.” For some, this is uncomfortable, hence they can seem to bring about opposition to your new version of truths and reality. You would then have the opportunity to strengthen your connection to your truth and your reality, regardless of their reaction or understanding.

earth lightThis is the invitation to union consciousness. Union consciousness brings all things into the middle balance point, where your vision sees that everything is neither here nor there, but IS. The connections of all things reside here, in the absence of the vision and creation of separation. You have gone through the initiation of witnessing, believing in, and acting within duality. This has brought about a healthy dose of compassion for those who are still within the separation and those who have agreed to take part in the matrix.

The matrix is a reality or layers of reality ~ remember all beings are projecting their reality simultaneously ~ that can seem real. If you agree the matrix to be real for you, then everything that you are experiencing outside, in the world becomes your truth and what you see. But if you go beyond the surface of your vision to penetrate the layers of what you see that seems real, and you take your own truths and reality within, that you’ve established into your vision, the matrix begins to blur. You then have the opportunity to break away from the illusions around you into the truth from within, that you bring outward into your reality. Your reality IS your truths brought into creation and manifestation within your world. As you bring this into the collective world, you are gifting others with the opportunity to witness your truth which invites them to examine what they hold as truth, and if that truth they hold to is coming from within their essence, or if it is merely an agreement established by believing the matrix.

Freedom is being yourselfWe all give each other gifts as we reflect our inner reality within the outer reality; our own personal private, intimate world into the larger layered world. Instead of seeing this IS how it is… you see that all things are… and then you choose what is in alignment with you and move with that in co-creation. Everyone has the opportunity to do this, so therefore, there doesn’t need to be any judgment or even getting another to see that what is real for you IS real. They may see it by witnessing you moving within your reality, but what is real for you is meant for you to witness, expand and bring forward into creation. We are all like artists, painting on the canvas of our life, with the colors from within and then displaying our creations for others to see, for others to become inspired by, to add upon and create with us if they choose.

How do Beloved twin flames fit in here? When encountering your Beloved (in form or beyond), you are encouraged to move within the core of your essence, questioning everything you’ve agreed to believe or feel about your world, The World, AND love. There are many layers to all of this. You are continuously invited to move beyond the beliefs, emotions, perceptions, that can limit you and your expression of the love you are. The love of Beloved twin flames is stronger than any constructed matrix. When both Beloveds allow themselves to move away from believing in, agreeing to, and following the collective creations of the world, but instead bring their inner visions, love and light into the outer world, they have the power to move in harmony together, guided by their truths, their reality within, gifting the world with their union.

divine light healersThey become the embodiment of freedom in love, freedom for two to be as one as they are one in their twodom ~ many pieces of the one within the two. True love brings freedom from illusion, for it connects you deeply to the truth that love is always present. True love brings you into a profound remembering that you are here to be love, and be loved. As you allow this infinite flowing of love, you are freed into being this love within and without. The illusion is that love is limited, that it adheres to certain rules and constructs created out of fear. Love does not house fear. Fear cannot survive within love’s embrace. Therefore, all beliefs, emotions, perceptions, actions created around fear fall away to allow love to BE free in expression, creation and manifestation. Beloved twin flames, as they love themselves into freedom from illusions and follow their visions from within, flow and merge together in true love to become the embodiment within the outer world of their INNER world made MANIFEST. If one of them becomes freed of the illusions, and brings that freedom into the world within expression and creation, what a gift the world is given ~ for others have the invitation by observing the expression of truth in action from the Beloved. If BOTH of them become freed and then unite together in embodiment to be love and be loved despite the illusions, what a tremendous gift all have the opportunity to receive. Such a gift to witness this, as it offers the possibility that others may choose and experience this freedom of love in their own lives. That is, as they witness it within the expression of Beloveds being the love they are and being loved for the love they are as this love frees them from any control, illusions, or limitations. In this love, they break into freedom of their truth and love.

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1 Comment on “Moving Through Reality into Truth and Truth into Reality

  1. This article hits exactly home; it brought tears to my ears. Especially when discussing “If one of them becomes freed of illusions…” and then “If both of them become freed…”.

    I can speak as one whose Divine Complement/Twin Flame found and ignited me, then pulled away, while I went through the “intimacy process” or (into me i see) which allowed me for the better part of a year to make changes from within that my Twin Flame reflected back to me.

    Thank you, this article was very timely…