Love Invites You to Remember Its Infinite Presence

dancing togetherThrough my own personal journey towards and with love, I’ve uncovered and remembered love. Love doesn’t follow blindly the instructions or actions of others, but moves in grace with the feelings inside as companions. Love doesn’t tag along for the ride in hopes of receiving itself, for it already IS there, surrounding every vision, every breath, every inspiration. Love doesn’t require its expression in form to know that it is infinitely present. Love desires to merge all things that can seem to be separate… and therefore, this ever persistent and consistent yearning to open the door as the energy knocks increases. The Spirit and essence of love flowing between lovers (those that have awakened to this divine, sacred love that IS) is meant to be experienced within the flesh ~ a harmonic dance of essence and presence, moving in form and beyond form simultaneously. This is the ultimate, sensual action in the expression of love as the hearts, souls, minds and bodies fuse together as ONE. This is the union the soul desires, the heart craves, the body yearns for.

PAL-00012121-001I have uncovered the truth that this love, this sacredness discovered within beholding the Beloved in motion, is your birthright. We spend lifetimes attempting to unravel what is NOT the natural pure love that we are. It is this NOTness that has consumed us and perfumed us into walking zombies looking for love, all the while not recognizing that we are what we seek. When we bask within the ISness of this pure love, we awaken to its flow within. Therefore, all the games we have played in the name of love, all the masks we have used to hide away from love’s invitation, all the actions of looking outside for this love fall away. All the games, all the masks, all the actions that were known disappear… and all of a sudden, everything becomes clear. The love that you’ve been searching for is here. It’s been here, all along, and all you had to do was to allow it to come to you, for it will come to you, with raw, unbridled, open, pure, honesty ~ first within you in your magnificent remembrance to the union of love IN and BEYOND form that you are ~ and then in front of you, as it moves so sweetly beside you in the mirroring of your love vibration, intending to co-create with you every step of the way. This is true, spiritual partnership, without roles, without rules, without the need to move away from love in any moment. When you awaken to this love, you desire to move closer and closer, infinitely closer, closer limitlessly. This IS my choice. Is it yours?

2 Comments on “Love Invites You to Remember Its Infinite Presence

  1. …basking within the ISness of this pure Love…
    Yes, this is it. Finally remembering this Infinite Source of Divine Love within us and allowing it to merge in our heart.

    Sending You LOVE <3