Visit the Gratitude Seesaw

baby holding handsI am probably not the first, but I’m the one in my own world, that is, which coined the phrase, “the gratitude seesaw.” How does this work? Well, find someone that you are thankful for, EVEN if this person did you “wrong” (this can be powerful if done with such a person). Go back and forth in sharing what you are thankful for about the other, what the other has given you, what you’ve received from the experience of connection. Watch and feel what happens. In the space of gratitude, all can be surrendered and transcended.

Some examples:

“thank you for speaking to me in the tone that you did for you helped me honor respect and know what I deserve.”
“thank you for showing me how important it is to love myself and speak my truth.”
“thank you for always choosing to focus on the love with me.”

If you care to share after your experience, I’d love to hear how it was for you. Until then, continue to be thankful for each moment, each person, each situation. Within every one, there are gifts to discover and uncover.