Move from Conceptualizing Your Essence into Actualizing the Love you ARE

to rememberWe have moved as a society, as a world, so far from the giving of the message or understanding the messages, but rather focusing on the “facts.” LOVE, the way of LOVE, in following your heart, questioning everything as you move within yourself to feel what resonates, choosing and becoming this love in each moment is much of what Jesus shared, but also so many “masters” that we honor in all cultures bring this message through in different words. Does it truly matter what name we attribute to the bringer of the message? I, personally, don’t feel so, because then we miss the point. We miss the heart of the message if we focus upon the messenger. Therefore, we start to worship idols rather than the energy and flow of love that we are, and we begin (or continue) to search outside of ourselves for answers. It would be quite hard to maneuver through teachings from “enlightened beings” that ask you to worship THEM rather than the mere flowing through of SPIRIT as it comes through them to inspire you to move within your ignited sparks of love that are always there. Ah, but we live in a world that has been so focused on knowing everything from having so much information (and most of the time from the outside we receive this information) and logically conceptualizing it all. Spirit does not conceptualize. This is a human thing. Spirit feels and moves within feeling, beyond all of the facts/information. For truly, our essence resides in that space, that space between all of the words we use, the labels we place upon experiences, that we give the divine aspects/beings we glimpse and connect with (etc), in that void-filled, nameless place of presence. Words cannot quite capture this.

How many wars and conflicts have been created in the name of LOVE so to speak… of us trying to find THE WAY, the one way to walk in life, to follow, to embrace, when all the while we’ve been missing the message behind “the way of ONE.” The ONE way is actually ALL of it. So everything everyone has ever created, expressed, written is true. It is within our consciousness of ONE where we all are a part of. The intention and joy I find with walking here is with experiencing our eternal, divine presence in this form as we uncover all the ways into the ONE, and allow our own essence to follow THE WAY of our heart. Each of us has our own light to shine, yet we look to the lights of others to tell us how we should walk. Yes, we learned to walk through the guidance of our parents, but in order to put one foot in front of the other, we had to feel our body and place one foot in front of the other. In the middle ground where “your way” and “my way” meet as the ways dancing in the ONE (where all ways are connected), is where I honestly feel all “masters” have purely intended for us to be, for in this place all is remembered, the connection we have to each other and to everything is felt, profoundly.

When we attempt to proclaim one way as the way in which to follow, we have already begun the creation of separation. Here is where “your way” and “my way” become two rather than a means, a pathway, to the ONE. If the “one way” is expressed to be THE WAY, then absolutely the being who brought through this particular way in creation can have the power of control of others. However, many masters have challenged and questioned the powers in authority for this very reason, again, to bring the focus upon the message, rather than the messenger, and to allow the messages to penetrate their own core essence. In turn, they can become inspired from the Spirit of ONE that is within them and shine their own light, to know their own way, which is discovered within each unfolding moment. We can get lost in the intellectualizing, conceptualizing and materializing the divine here on Earth that we can fail to see that it is already here, that we are meant to have fun, to bask within, to play, to love, to BE, however we choose, in each changing, shifting second. We search for love yet all the while we ARE love, desiring to play in it. We think what we should do instead of being what we ARE. My sincere wish is for us ALL to share in our BEING and our LOVE limitlessly, profoundly, with acceptance of each person and WAY as they choose.

How does this relate to Beloved Twin Flames? Often, the focus of the attention can go to the specific Beloved rather than the energy upon the love. When you encounter your Beloved, it invites you to move into the deepest pieces of who you are, to question and let go of all that is not in the true vibration of your essence. This meeting encourages you to BE the love that you are, most profoundly, in the pure, sacred resonance of your soul. This brings you to the path of being the embodiment of divine love. It is a complete transformation of your entire being into its natural state. There is no need to conceptualize your love but to realize your own unique ray so that you can harmonize into shining this love in your becoming of it fully. Hence, the soul intention is to focus on being, shining, embodying, in form and vibration, the love that you are, as you witness this love in everyone as well as everything around you. This is the pathway towards fully uniting, embracing, co-creating and moving as one with your Beloved. The message here is one of LOVE ~ the BELOVED ~ BE LOVE and BE LOVED. This energy, this flow of energy, is always moving in and out. Only your perception can block you from witnessing the constant flow and movement of this LOVE. When you awaken and open your eyes to the message that LOVE is here, always, in all ways, you embrace it in all of those ways. Instead of focusing on your twin flame in form, focus on the love you are bringing out and receiving in your love vessel. The more you be this love and allow yourself to receive this love, the closer you come to completely and totally beholding and holding your Beloved in all ways. It is not about the destination, but the journey as you move deeper in the love that you are. The journey and the destination are one and the same… as you move through your path, being this love, beholding this love, receiving this love, you will know what I mean. The journey and the destination are one and the same.

Waves of love from my heart to yours,


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