How to Open to Love

Q. I was wondering what your personal practice is to open up to love. I am on this ever unfolding journey and am always interested in how people are able to unlock the places that keep the love from flowing.

love lightA. Thank you Beloved for this question. Personally and honestly, LOVE. I love… I love again and again and again. I love till until tears are flowing down my cheeks, quite literally. What I mean is that I allow my eyes, from within and without, to witness the love flowing through in everyone, in every moment, in everything. What happens as a result is that my heart feels this abundance and intensity of LOVE that moves through every atom and molecule within my being… this energy flows up through my physical body, up to my eyes, where moisture (what we call tears) begin to form, and make their descent down my cheeks. This display and observation of this love flowing through and out brings the love back into my essence, making it stronger, and then I am filled with this sweet, intoxicating desire to give of this love to everyone, for when you feel so much love ~ the infinite, limitless LOVE that we are, that our pure, natural essence resides in ~ it must be given away, for in giving it away, you receive it back in the same moment.

How to get to this place of feeling this love? Truly only you will know what works and resonates as you feel into this. I breathe in often with the intention of feeling this love and let anything that isn’t in that vibration be surrendered into the one love of all that is. Everything truly is love, so it naturally transforms and transmutes into the ONENESS, increasing and magnifying itself. When you feel this love, any thoughts, feelings of separation just disappear. You start to see that everything is absolutely connected as everyone is as well. When the tears come from witnessing, observing, feeling, being in this infinite love, just let them flow… for the tears become more waves of love flowing into the hearts of all, and all that is. Oh, there is so much more to share about this… truly the expressions of love are neverending. I do invite you to share your experience as you would like… we all receive from each other, in every moment.