Your Feelings are a Compass to Guide You

break freeJust before I embarked on my shift in my life journey, one that brought me in an intimate alignment with my heart, I sat down with a family member to share a dinner just between us two. She shared with me something that astonished me, or perhaps it was my soul that gasped in surprise. Her words were, “I no longer listen to my feelings, for it is my feelings that got me in trouble.” What is trouble? “Got” is the past and is no longer right now.

In this instance, “trouble” often is the result of following your own guidance and being ridiculed by others that don’t understand. It is not adhering to conformity. Like the picture I posted earlier, it takes courage, to be willing to stand in the middle of the crowd and say something that hasn’t been expressed before or create your own path from the guidance your feelings can bring through. What are your feelings?

Your feelings are the indication from your inner GPS pointing you in a direction which is in alignment with your natural essence. To deny your feelings is to become asleep in a world that needs your awakened consciousness. I wish for you all to awaken your own inner guru… your inner compass knocking on your door in the hopes that you will notice. It is only for your happiness which touches and enhances the happiness of us all… for happiness lies in being true to yourself in all aspects, in all ways. As you choose to be happy and you shine in the light that is YOU, you naturally affect everyone else. Sometimes that does encourage you to risk “getting in trouble,” or being considered weird, or not being understood. But if you are happy, honestly, what does that all matter? After all, YOU are the one living in your creation within your life, every day. YOU are the one first and foremost that is the recipient of your choices.

One comment on “Your Feelings are a Compass to Guide You
  1. Durinda says:

    I am feeling such a deep inner shift taking place. I am releasing so much that at times it can feel overwhelming, but I know in my heart is necessary so I can be open to the next step of my journey. Sometimes in my heart there is such a heaviness, but not always feeling as though these feelings belong to me, but that I am helping others to release their pain and fears. This includes my TF. The intensity in our lives at this time is asking us to move deeper into ourselves and some fears are being brought up to the “surface” for healing and releasing. I must find my center again and again.

    Love and light to all,

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