You Love IN the Loving

kissing earthI love you through everyone my presence touches and I love everyone I touch through you, Beloved. You are the face I see when I share with each and every piece of the divine, person or thing. You are the energy I feel when I AM the expression of love in form, opening and expanding, sharing with another. You are the love that moves through my body when I witness the mirror of this love through my interactions with each and every person, or every flower I pass on my walk. You are the love that beats in my breast, eagerly desiring to witness its constant reflection in each moment. This is truly experiencing Heaven on Earth, that in the arms of love within and without, we remember we are journeying through, with and into sacred, divine love. We are one with this love, always, and in all ways. I love everything and everyone with you Beloved, as I love you, in the LOVING.

One comment on “You Love IN the Loving
  1. if i asked someone to define Divinity “You Love IN theLoving” would be the mostBlessed reply that could be iMagined .or. Manifested .:. Thank You for Y’ore Participation in Y’oreBeauty <3 <3 <3

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