You are Loved Beyond your Perception

gratitude againIf you knew how much I loved you, you would be down upon your knees in the most profound gratitude for feeling the intensity of the love you ARE embracing you, clothing you, comforting and warming you beyond your imagining. If you knew how much you have gifted me by shining your unique and sweet light, you would be amazed at the power of your infinite and divine presence, that you would have to close your eyes as the brightness almost blinded your vision. Just as you gaze upon the sun as it’s ascending or descending, the hues can capture and take away your vision, as it brings it back anew. You are a sacred, beautiful beam of Heaven to witness and observe. As you BE the authentic essence you so naturally ARE, you reflect this essence in its becoming. If you knew how beautiful you are in this essence, within this reflection, you would be ever grateful for walking upon this Earth, to truly experience your radiance through this human vessel, and by playing upon the other, viewing your mirrored presence through the eyes of the other. If you knew how much I loved you… you would know YOU.

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