Faith is About Trust that the Journey is Perfect in Each Moment

blossoming treeWhen you have have faith on your journey, it is not about wondering about what each step along the way will entail or doubting the “end” result (whether or not you’ll get there). It is about seeing within your heart’s eye where you are headed (where you have always been), and trusting that all the forces of the Universe in co-creation with your heartlight will bring the right people, the right circumstances, the ripe atmosphere for everything to align and move with you in each moment. Unwavering faith means not doubting that what you see from within will be (as it is because you see and feel it), while you surrender into each glorious moment with fun and sweetness, knowing that you are along for the ride to enjoy the journey towards your destination as you move ever closer with it… and to continue enjoying the journey after the arrival. This is about the journey. Tis never about reaching a certain place and that’s it…

I love you.

1 Comment on “Faith is About Trust that the Journey is Perfect in Each Moment

  1. Dearest Gabriella,

    This post is like a balm to my soul. I have been experiencing so much and given glimpses of how things truly do align, it gives me the strength to continue. This post is perfect in this moment, for it touches on everything I truly do feel in my heart when I stay connected. Your light continues to be a beacon for those finding their way.

    with so much love,