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Faith is About Trust that the Journey is Perfect in Each Moment

When you have have faith on your journey, it is not about wondering about what each step along the way will entail or doubting the “end” result (whether or not you’ll get there). It is about seeing within your heart’s

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Soul Journey Man

Soul Journey Man We come into existence first through the soul… We then “begin” the journey as man, however we are still journeying with the soul as we are not separate from it. We bring the soul memories and vibration

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The Blossoming of Love with Your Twin Flame is in Your Hands

Stay Connected to the Love Within Your Heart Have you felt challenged along your journey towards your twin flame? Have you felt that people didn’t understand the deep love that you have which goes beyond physical connection? Are you in

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Imagine That ~ All you Need is Within You

Have you found yourself looking to outside sources, either people or actual things for support and guidance in your daily life? You are not alone. Many of us have been taught that we are born without power and we need

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