Soul Journey Man

Soul Journey Man

We come into existence first through the soul…

We then “begin” the journey as man, however we are still journeying with the soul as we are not separate from it. We bring the soul memories and vibration along the journey of life into the journey of the soul into the journey of man back into the journey of the soul into the journey. We have constantly evolving and limitless opportunities to integrate them into our form of man in the journey of the soul into man. Again, there is no separation. You can see that the soul is journeying with the man, yet the man is journeying within the soul, and the journey always IS unfolding. Destinations are never a completion, for the journey is still ongoing. The journey is the process of moving through the destination, into the destination, and joining the soul, the journey, the man, which is the destiny of all – this is the journey. The destination therefore falls away, for it is not a place. The revelation brings the knowing that we are destined to unite all three aspects into one, for they are ONE. To attempt to separate them brings about the experiencing of them as separate. The soul journeys into man, yet the man journeys in the soul and the journey moves forward…the journey is in the flowing of it all, all that is, into form and through from, with form and beyond form. The soul journeys in man, yet the man journeys into the soul and the journey continues… pushing the essence of your be in to heights be on perceptions of polarity. The journey encourages us to move be on d duality. Watch this! If we move energy around, we transcend form, and we bond be on d (do you c what I did there?), the soul journeying in man in the soul journeying brings us to what is always there…union (u n I on a journey), the oneness of it all.

Relevance to twin flames – before the creation of the soul, union was all that was known as it was, always, in all ways, no own, know own. There was no possession – no one owned another because everyone was and is the other AND each other, yet there were particles that vibrated in deeper oneness which were part of the ONE, and these were the aspects that make up the ONE. When these pieces became soul, the journey was meant to experience the path of knowing the own, the ONE. Hence the awareness of the “other” out there somewhere, and the magnetism towards merging back into ONE. Yet it requires the remembering of the oneness that is, for it has never not been. The soul journeying into man is still the soul journeying in man. What was before the creation of the soul still is, as it is, as it was, and as it always, in all ways will be. The essence in your presence of your soul is journeying in man to experience and feel the soul journeying in man to remember that it is, you are, on a journey in form to move beyond form. See the words at the very top – soul – journey – man (bring in a circle and repeat) man – soul – journey ( keep going) journey – man- soul. We are bringing it all back to what is because what IS has NEVER changed. What is, is before the creation of the soul, before we became aware of ourselves as anything other than the ONE. Beware – aware – beware of your awareness if you recognize it taking you away from the ONE. We are meant to remember that the perception of duality is for the experience of the path towards the oneness that is, and to see all that seems separate as connected, as part of the other, as ONE. All that is in the creation of the soul journeying in man experiencing the journey into ONE, became aware of the twin flame (the known – to know own) and then, the magnetic pieces of the ONE vibrate and create a pull towards each other. This sets in motion a reunion (remembering union – u n I on a journey to experience oneness), in all ways – the soul journeying into man – bringing what is IN the soul along the journey as man into ONE. What is – the soul – the journey – the man, then merge, in all ways, to resemble the oneness in form and be on d form to bond us all into what IS. Re-mind (remembering the known and bringing it into the mind – consciousness- union consciousness- u n I on a journey of consciousness). Twin flames – u n I on a journey into the oneness that is, bringing beyond form into form into being to be in ONE form.

**Note** This link will bring you to a recording of my voice speaking what is above and I feel that it will help with receiving the vibrations and messages within these words. There are three parts to the recording. Part one is some of what is above and then part 2 is the rest. Part 3 is all of it as one piece. Listen to all of them if you feel guided…if you don’t want the interruption, listen to part 3. So much love from all that flows through me over to all that is flowing through you.**

11 Comments on “Soul Journey Man

  1. It is so beautiful yet seems like moving in circles. I know my TF . We have learnt so much in our journey. We have been moving forward …but into union …..? Do not know…. Cos every time I get messages that we are meant to be together and we will soon be together but nothing tangible ever happens…!!!! So if we are meant to be together only spiritually, why incarnate in this lifetime at the same time. .. To learn other lessons…??? The journey goes on and on and on…. It is fine ….but the sadness and emptiness … Is it warranted… What purpose does it serve? Again another lesson? Indeed we are all a game for GOD !!! When will we ever get the release ..!!

  2. hello Sleeping beauty
    i could feel the pain in your response, i could feel it because me too is hurting, confused and don’t know. and when i’m pain i feel that it’s all a game for God’s amusement.
    but a friend comment in my status that ‘pain means expansion’.
    and it’s great to know that we’re expanding.. ascending.. a great reminder for all who struggle in pain
    Love and Light 🙂

  3. Sleeping Beauty,

    Those reassurances are there to remind you the truth, for you to remember your soul intention…however, what it also encourages you to do is to consistently let go of expectation and focus on the outside union, but instead bring yourself within to the union that already is and has never gone away. The purpose of incarnation at the same time is to grow within the depths of this love, and part of that is to allow the increasing of self love that you have for you, for your twin (exactly as he is now and everything is now), and everything that is, all of life. Bring love into every action, feeling and perception within your journey. The release is in the loving, in the loving deeper and even more deeper still…when you feel the sadness or the pain, that brings you into the layers of it to feel it, to experience it, to release it, and to keep flowing forth. There’s more to share and I think that it would be great to share one on one with you. I have clients all aver the world and they are done via phone or Skype…you don’t have to be in person, I think that was something that you mentioned before…so whenever you are ready, if you so feel guided, I’m here. Sending you so much love!

  4. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you. That helped a lot. Sharing with you does ease the pain. And if it is releasing, then I guess that is what is meant to be. My love for my TF grows deeper by the day . All day long I connect to him spiritually and connect all my activities to him. A strange thing happened. As I was in a function , and they played a song, my body started swaying. This song is new to me but MY TF is familiar with it. this has happened twice and I was very surprised. Do you think he is spiritually inside me. I feel him so strongly. Love to you.

  5. Me too, I feel my TF with me or inside of me (I can not discribe this) the whooooole day. There is not a second of the 24 hrs of the day, I’m not thinking or talking in my mind with him. I’m not feeling the pain of the separation from him in the 3D anymore. I can not understand this either. Just closing my eyes and thinking on him make me happy, I can feel a bliss running inside my body with just thinking on him…Gabriella is this normal? I always wonder if he is feeling something about all this. I was wishing for to find him someday maybe in the airport, and yesterday coming to town I saw in the distance a man walking infront of us, he looks like him, I think he was…he never turn his head so I’m not sure, but this man looked like my TF.

  6. Joana, yes me too, i feel like he is part of my being, like he is inside of me, i think there`s no better words to describe then this one. Last night i was thinking about him and i head thoughts about how we make love and i felt such a strong pain in my chests and right arm, but my whole body was bursting and then i suddenly started to cry and then stoped after 5min, i think my heart chakra opened a little more or i released soemthing. we haven`t heared quite a while…sometimes i think how he has no desire to talk with me, he just need to send a message, but he doesn`t, but i made peace with that…i don`t know in which way he thinks about me, that is why i can`t have expectations, this is the point where the mind and heart can come in conflict if i start thinking about that…and what is importatnt to me, i really don`t listen anybody, only three persons knows that we are in contact again and they saw us in relationship immediately, but why…it`s not matter anymore, it`s ok in every way, i long for him steel, but what every happen it`s ok, i feel that peace inside of me.

  7. Somebody wrote something that having intimacy with our TFs in the esperitual world is different from the intimacy in the 3D. I agree because just hugging my TF in the espiritual world is wonderful, I mean the bliss can not be described with words.

  8. yes, it is indescribable, but i don`t know how much i can handle, today i needed to, with the play of circumstances, send him a massage to ask him something and why, oh God why he just couldn`t ask me how are you or something, i can`t understand, i mean i understand all quite well know about this things, but…i can`t expect that from him, we are not in any kind of relationship but i see all my friends with they loved ones and they care for each other, at that moments i feel like i`m fooling myself. i know it will pass but right now i could give up of everything. sorry but i needed to tell this someone… i`m feeling that connection with him all the time so i expect from him to act on certain way, i don`t know, am I?! i don`t know what to think anymore when something like this happen…i`m not sad, depressed, frustrated i`m just tired

  9. Sunshine, relax, go to play or do something fun. I was feeling the same way, but in my case is the worry of feeling all this way with my TF and being married with my soulmate. In one moment all get confuse to me, and I don’t know how to handle these feelings. So I only ask for guidance to God. I can not do more that goes with the flow.

  10. Joana, thank you, i know what you mean, i just calm myself too. it just hit me sometimes, then something come into my day and all turn over and bring me back to love, like a phone call from my friend. it`s really all part of a journey, sometimes it`s a bit bumpy but there is a reason for it. i just realize that we are the ones who breaking the ice, making first steps for all to see love without all illusions, we are giving something to humanity right now for a higher purpose, even if it seems hard, because of that it`s worth it

  11. Its a hard journey, it is happening everywhere, i am from Syria, believed in the Twin soul concept, as many of my friends did,
    for us the twin soul issue was the lost part to make the life logical, why we are created if will not be sufficiently happy without the need of anything, and we have to consider that we are not here to live always happy, we are here to learn how to live right, and when we are ready we have to leave this world to the heaven. only the pain of the separation can gives you the power to change yourself, bcz god had no other choices never, expect to be always happy here but keep changing yourself, and remember that this state is not permanent. Good luck brothers.