Imagine That ~ All you Need is Within You

Have you found yourself looking to outside sources, either people or actual things for support and guidance in your daily life? You are not alone. Many of us have been taught that we are born without power and we need something outside of ourselves for guidance or we need confirmation from others so that we know we are taking the right actions. However, the truth is that the only way for us to truly know whether or not we are taking the “right” action for ourselves is by listening to our own internal guidance and following our heart.

The first step in order to listen to this divine internal guidance is to believe that you can hear this guidance and that it is actually guidance. Perhaps you have learned that it is not “normal” to communicate with the divine realm or to hear, see, or feel guidance within your life. Normal is relative, consistently changing and what is normal varies from each person depending on the individual perspective.

The second step is to trust that when you follow the guidance, that you will be experiencing exactly what you need to be where you desire. The universe absolutely wants to support you in what you choose to experience, and therefore, the next step on your journey will be revealed as you take each step. Jack Canfield gave a great example of this in THE SECRET. He said that when you are driving to an intended destination, you can’t and don’t always see the destination, but you keep going as you see just a little ahead of you, and then when you get to that point, you see more of the path. That is exactly how it works with guidance.

The third step is to enjoy the journey along to your destination. Allow yourself to be in the moment, literally smelling the flowers. By being in the moment, you are able to notice the guidance that is helping you to experience all you desire and it helps you to feel alive as well as enjoy the excitement that living holds.

The last step is to receive all the love and support that is around you along your journey and to believe that you desire it, so that all you wish to experience will be yours.

I recently watched the movie Imagine That with Eddie Murphy. This movie brought out these old ideas regarding our own power of guidance and doubt that we really have everything inside of us to guide us along our journey. He was looking to outside sources for this reassurance on the steps he should take instead of feeling within his heart what he needed to do in each moment.

A successful financial executive (Eddie Murphy) has little time to spend with his young daughter (Yara Shahidi) . Then a personal crisis takes hold, and his career begins a downward spiral. But he finds the answers to his problems in an unlikely place: his child’s imaginary world.

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