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Faith is About Trust that the Journey is Perfect in Each Moment

When you have have faith on your journey, it is not about wondering about what each step along the way will entail or doubting the “end” result (whether or not you’ll get there). It is about seeing within your heart’s

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Stay Deeply Connected to Your Knowing

Continue to have faith. Stay deeply connected to what you know. In this space, you release anything that blocks you from feeling your own power. You are remembering yourself into the experience of union with and what you know…TRUST.

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Bask in the Peace and Silence of Your Presence

The energies that this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, the 11/11 expansion has brought through and up for me has been quite intense. It has felt like a complete wipeout from within of anything that I had previously attached to which took

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Divine Manifestations Abound

Divine unfoldings and manifestations abound…please know that as you move through the things that challenge you, as you release the emotions that keep you in the vibration of separation, willingly allowing yourself to feel and to surrender that which and

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Imagine That ~ All you Need is Within You

Have you found yourself looking to outside sources, either people or actual things for support and guidance in your daily life? You are not alone. Many of us have been taught that we are born without power and we need

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