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*Here is the MP3 link if you choose to listen or download it* Have you witnessed yourself trying to figure things out, wanting to piece things together? With everything that happens do you try to understand it so that you

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Q. Is constant surrendering , BEing, all you need to do to have them come around at the divine time? Does this rejection happen often on the twin flame journey? A. There is nothing that you have to do but

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Divine unfoldings and manifestations abound…please know that as you move through the things that challenge you, as you release the emotions that keep you in the vibration of separation, willingly allowing yourself to feel and to surrender that which and

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You reach out to me, I hear your voice softly whispering my name, twice and then I am frozen in place, receiving the energy of you as it flows throughout me, born again, reenergized anew, created for you, for this.

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I AM feeling the NEED for surrendering in every moment along this journey of love. Surrendering allows for you to be open to embrace your dreams without any attachments or expectations. The more you focus on the when, how, if

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I have mentioned how important surrender, constant surrender, is along the twin flame journey but also of life in all areas, all aspects. This place that I have been in since November has been the most surrendered, liberated, FREE space

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On this show, I shared on the power and importance of surrendering on the path of allowing the universe to guide you in manifesting your dreams and all that your heart truly yearns for. I went into detail of what

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Q. I truly believe in my heart that I met my soul mate this summer. I was rather shocked and if I’m honest a bit scared of the intensity of the meeting and long story short we did not end

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This video shares on surrendering to attachments, expectations, limitations, control from the mind and moving into flowing from the heart and allowing everything that is to be. Everything and everyone in your experience is there for a reason and has

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Surrender, why is this is so important on the journey of life and love? What do I mean by surrender? Surrender is when you let go of everything and everyone that you may have been attached to as well as

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