Surrender to What Is to Receive It All

I AM feeling the NEED for surrendering in every moment along this journey of love. Surrendering allows for you to be open to embrace your dreams without any attachments or expectations. The more you focus on the when, how, if it’s going to happen, that your true love comes to you and that you can move forward in all ways to co-create with one another, the more you miss out on the beauty and awesomeness in this moment to strengthen that connection/love. Surrendering to the love that you are sharing with your true love IN the way you ARE sharing in it right now is powerful and allows for miracles to occur in your “reality” right now, your NOW moments. Your NOW moments happening as you are reading this are bringing you ever deeper in love with you and all that is, which affects us all. Smile, choose happiness right now, and let yourself receive the miracles present for you in every moment.

So often, we find just about any reason why we can’t be here in this moment to embrace whatever relationships are in our experience. So often, we run away from the support, the growth, the healing present for us right now because we are focusing on what we wish to create. In doing this, we don’t know that what we wish to create IS being created right now…the more you choose love right now in every relationship, in every experience, in every moment you have with yourself, the more you bring love into what your heart is intending to manifest in your life. I encourage you, I’m nudging you, to choose love right now. Don’t keep yourself in the space of “waiting” for your miracles to happen. Instead, recognize that miracles that have occurred and that are continuously unfolding in your reality before you now.

You are an amazing and beautiful light in this world…stay connected to your inner nudgings, bring your passion more deeply into the creations you are meant to offer to this world for we can all use more drops of love in the buckets of our hearts, individually and collectively. We are consistently breaking free from the chains of fear as it attempts to control our minds and therefore hinder our capacity to BE in love, to SEE in love, to ACT in love all of the time.

Let the truth of love, as it is underneath everything, embrace you. Recognize that fear is only there to bring you deeper into love as you acknowledge that it is an aspect of love, and it desires to be loved, brought into the light, which then increases the love. Surrender…constantly, and allow yourself to receive.

2 Comments on “Surrender to What Is to Receive It All

  1. Thank you, Gabriella! This is just what I needed to hear right now… it is just such a difficult journey sometimes, you know? Reading your words of encouragement are always a blessing.

  2. Thanks Gabriella, It is the most difficult experience I have been facing in my life, and God knows that I have been going throught a lot. The pain and the emptiness that I am feeling and am going through right now is excruciating. And the fact that so much of it you have to keep to yourself because no one reallly understand what we are going throught. I don’t know what I would have done if I did not have you to guide me and show me a little light. The fact that we can’t be really sure of the outcome does not make this easy even if I understand that we never are truly separated. I am getting so many mixed messages from the Universe, I really don’t know what to make of it. Plus I have mixed feelings about the status of my current relationship. I just wish there was an easy way not to hurt anyone.