Physically Feeling Your Twin Flame in a Dream

Q. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what it means to physically feel your twin in a dream (or is it astral travel)?

A. When you are physically asleep, your spirit does travel, astral travel, to where it needs to be for additional growth, evolution, receiving of love and connection, to become more aware of where you are, your desires and what your life plan entails. This can and often does include being in the presence/essence of your twin flame, which is why so many people mention how they have dreamed of their twin before meeting in 3D, and even the increasing of the dreams after encountering their twin in the physical. Most of the time, we meet with our twins in the dream state for reassurance that the connection is always there, the love is always present, as well as to receive knowledge of our growth, challenges that we are walking through, and to help us to remember pieces of our souls intention for creation in this lifetime.

The twin flame connection/love goes way beyond the physical body and therefore we can actually feel the presence of our twin as if we are in the actual physical presence. The truth is that we are in the presence, in the essence of our twin when we feel it, and even when we don’t feel it, as the connection is always there. See, the mind doesn’t know how to comprehend how you can feel the physical presence so strongly with your twin if you are not in direct contact, and honestly, the mind will never be able to understand this for it tries to put things in logical order, to make sense of what can only be felt. This does not only have to occur during sleep time but also during waking time, and that is when things get really exciting!

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  1. I posted this elsewhere on this site, but felt it would be helpful to post this as well. This was a journal entry I wrote to my twin. I just wanted to share some of the journey and process and revelations I had with interacting with this man in my dream space:

    I had a dream of us last night. You appear in my dreams quite often and have been for almost a year. Usually I am called to just be a witness to you and your process in life. I am just supposed to watch. There was one other time I dreamed of you interacting with me. We sat side by side and you smelled my fragrance and liked it. You never speak to me in my dreams, usually you just live your life, and I am being asked to watch. If you do interact with me, you never speak.

    Speaking of face to face: Funny you should put that in your CL title. We were finally face to face in my dreams just last night, the day after you posted here. We have never been face to face in my dreams. This time we were. I couldn’t see you. You couldn’t see me. We both couldn’t see past out need for self gratification and the shadow side of our egos. I tried to puff myself up in front of you and wanted your approval. You didn’t hear me. The only time you truly responded to me was when I asked you if you felt betrayed by me. Your face turned red and you shook your head yes. Even my explanations were laced with shadow ego. You also wanted me to continue to feel guilty and shame. You were surrounded by lots of distractions and you could not see my heart, though I was operating through self gratification, I still wanted to connect with you. You eventually turned your back on me and kept walking. I was left seeing the result of me self centered ego driven pursuits. I did not protect the most intimate and innocent parts of me; I exploited them so that I could puff myself up in front of you. You did not see me because you wanted me to feel shame and your most intimate and innocent part of you were not protected either. Both of our intimate and innocent sides of us, or parts of us (individually) were unprotected. Too much was exposed to those side and they and those places were not kept safe from harm.

    This was not a dream of blame. Just a dream that helped me to see my ego based motivations. Cause I wanted to reach out to you in waking time. I almost did a couple days ago. Now I see my motives behind it. We were still not ready to truly see each other. Neither one of us could see past our need for self gratification. With self gratification being the main motivator we will still not be able to see each other purely, and clearly.

    If you are having intense dreams about me and my most intimate and vulnerable sides, I ask that you please send out prayers on my behalf. If you are being asked to be a witness to my dark sides, please don’t judge it as I will make sure to consciously not judge you. I need a witness so that I can continue to clear out some of these things in my life so that I can see light more purely. I will consciously do the same for you. I wonder if we experience the same breakthroughs at the same time. Our souls are deeply connected. It is not fun to know that someone out there may be a witness to my hidden and most dark places inside myself, but I also really appreciate your presence. It encourages me to face what needs to be faced, clear out what needs to be cleared out, and release what needs to be released. I don’t judge you. Please don’t judge me. I hope you are proactively working through some of the revelations you are experiencing on your end and also helping me, however you are supposed to, to become more aware of and clear out part of me needing that special attention.

    Much love, dear friend. Always much love. No judgements.

  2. I also have another interesting visitor who comes into my dreams. He has appeared twice. One time was towards the end of my marriage. I was really hurting and facing some undeniable truths about the sate of my previous marriage. He appeared in my dreams and sang a song to me. It was in another language. He looked so much like the current man that I think might really be my twin. This dream figure appeared in my dream years before I met my twin. They looks so similar. The song was comforting and I still remember the words to it, even though I don’t know what language it is in.

    He appeared again in my dream on 1/1/12. He held me tight in my dreams and I held him. He still looked so much like my twin but the dream man was older. My twin is younger than me, but has very very mature and wise ways about him. So much so, that his insight makes me think he is older than me, though in the tangible world he is two years younger. I wonder if this man is a spirit guide, or if he really is alive in the tangible world, but we connect in dream time. Or f he is somehow connected with the man I believe is my twin.

  3. Janique, I usually reconize my TF by his essense. When I feel his essence or see him in my dreams I usully tell to him: “here, you are” It is easy for me to reconize him, when I dream. I see people that I never meet in material world in my dreams. In the tangible world my TF is younger than me, and this is one of the obstacles for me to be with him, the other is that I’m married. It is funny, in my dreams, he looks very mature and the same age like mine. This get me confuse.

  4. Hi,

    Sorry to bug you but I am currently able to feel my twin flame physically while he is 5600 miles away from me…you said then it gets really exciting, could you please say a bit more about it? It’s actually freaking me out cause my mind doesn’t understand, but I do realize its a twin flame thing and that sorta keeps me sane if I’m making any sense now?

    Thanks in advance!!


  5. WOW my tf always says he feels me in his dreams I thought he was exaggerating…I guess not 🙂

  6. I have felt my twin soul standing by my side. I have also felt and seen their spirit ask me for grounding when I am doing this for myself.

  7. I see my twin flame in my dreams a couple times a week i know him though,the reunion is about to occur very soon i can tell by the dreams as will you guys you will just know its crazy!!! Im excited and scared at the same time its just so intense but im ready for it !

  8. I see my twin every month in 2013 I saw him about 3 times from 2009 2010xj then I stopped cause were both taken in 3d but then as 2012 approached I was like oh maybe talk to him next thing u know its never stopped I saw him a lot toward end of 2012 now its once a month in 2013 I can feel him in the dreams astral projections. its so crazy how long is this going to last I wonder what is this but I’m learning about dreamspace a lot with this Guy its really a trip. I was asking him is this real cause I’m like where did come from. I asked him for a hug it lastedabout 2 hours of hugging. He is so hot a lot of cuddling. I have rejected him more than once but I also sexually pleased him up once and he was like wow. We have done a lot but recently bad stuff came up and I kinda rejected his offers cause his insecurities turned me of last night he was there and we hugged big time but I probablylike I’m not takingoff my clothes but allow that hugging turns me on imagine it keeps happening I’m going to get so horny my chakras spinwith this Guy.

  9. I never knew anything about twinflames or astral projections, til last year. I felt somebody kissed me on the cheek while asleep and when I opened my eyes I saw some kind of vague image. I thought I was just dreaming but it happened several times. Some say that I should be alarmed ’cause it could be some sort of incubus but I tell them that the entity(whatever it maybe) was gentle and I never felt violated but secured. Then he kept reappearing in my dreams too. Sometimes I could feel his breath on my nape even when I’m awake. I think I know him, but he won’t reveal himself to me. Thus never met him personally. 🙁

  10. I met my TF and he’s my friend, but Im married. It started when I was awakened with all the signs I felt and after that, I literally changed. Its like Im a new person. I dont know if he feels the same way, but I strongly believe he is my TF. Its hard to explain; however, whenever we meet either physically or dream, there is that intense affection to each other and we really are happy, deeply happy. Also, whenever we separate, its like a missing of me is gone. I can say we are good friends, and its been a while since the last time we contacted each other. Well, I think its good for us because its hard and it hurts when we do. Btw, we’ve never expressed our feelings, but we seriously cared to each other. Now, we live thousand miles away. He continues his study in another country and I also moved to be with my husband. Nevertheless, I believe everything has reasons and purpose. Probably, when things are ready and we fulfilled our missions in life completely, we’ll be reunited and live as one.

  11. I’m so sad. I used to dream of my flame for a long time. he vanished. I keep having nightmares and dreams where I’m always trying to control chaotic situations and I embarrass myself and he’s gone.
    I’m so stuck cause I always used o hear words pop up in my head like telepathy but lately it all is nonsense or advice but not accurate flame info.

  12. My twin and i found each other years ago and only recently understood the feelings we share. The moment of our first encounter we knew things were different. I felt as if i had known her previously. It literally felt like a reunion. The feelings are both physically and spiritually intense. We spent years trying to describe to each other how we felt but both just assumed we were crazy (still in the air btw).. She turned me on to twim flame info and it all clicked. The electricity when we touch. Everything aroumd us becomes charged when we are around each other.the otherworldly feelings and inability to comprehend what happened to us the day we meet, we dont try to understand it anymore. Its the most beautiful sensation. We feel it…

  13. Met an amazing man few mths ago. We connected instantly! No force everything was natural. He is an Aries so yes he had an aggressive side to him, a manly man but very passionate, intense, impulsive, driven you name it. Sadly I ended it due to lack of communications. We did connect emotionally(deeply), it was fire(passionate) Crazy because he did remind me of someone in my past over a decade ago who I dated. Yes it did feel like I met him before (karmic Relationship) I have had lucid dreams while we were still dating. One time out of no where while I was in deep sleep I heard his voice loud. He loves to bite his bottom lip in a sexual way and make a strong “mmmmm” sound. That’s what I heard. It felt like he was in the room watching me and made that sound, that’s how clear and 3D “real time” it felt. My chest jumped/jerked upwards and I woke up heavy breathing. Another night I was on my stomach and felt a presence caressing my buttocks, lower back mid back. a gentle massage, while softly placing kisses on my butt. Our first physical sexual encounter started this way. He did say that he enjoyed seeing me so relaxed as he was massaging me. I felt it was his spirit presence. Now we are no longer together but I still feel our souls are connected due to us connecting so deeply. Last night I had another lucid dream! I had a disturbing dream where it was a chaotic scene, that dream passed. then out of no where I am AGAIN laying on my stomach, sleeping but almost like an outer body experience. I know the position I was in, I know I left the light on But Yet I am sleeping. I started to feel something caressing my lower back and gently (Again) kissing my buttocks with passionate kisses. I started to wake up and I can feel the pressure being lifted off me as soon as I would open my eyes. I closed them again fell asleep and the caressing and kisses started again. Then as my left side was being kissed, I sensed the (whatever it was) move it’s head and gently bit my right buttock. bit as in a playful soft bite of affection. And I can feel it. felt so real. I could also slightly hear the kisses against my skin as the kisses continued. I decided to force myself to wake up because all too real yet so beautiful and innocent. As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt the pressure from my back lift. I prayed because I was scared and God only knows what/who it really was. But it felt like the ARIES guy who I connected with. The way he touches me kisses me exactly like him. when I woke up I turned to my side stayed awake few minutes and felt this pressure/achyness throughout my spine and chest that lasted few seconds. the guy and I have only been apart couple weeks. Is it possible our spirits/souls were reuniting/ visiting each other. Apart of me does want him back and I do feel still spiritually connected to him (I’m a Pisces). Or is this some negative entity I need to seriously pray over and clear myself of????

  14. I might be late to this comment section, but I can relate to this post. I have recently met my Twin Flame in the 3D plane. However, due to certain circumstances we are now separated and contacting each other on the 3D plane. Ever since that encounter with him, the connection has been stronger than ever. The first visit was through a sexual act on the astral plane. His presence was so intense that I had to ask myself if he’s really there with me. His touch felt so real and so warm (I do have to note that he is actually my cherry popper in real life too). After that, we have visited each other a few times before in my dreams. However, I don’t think we both realized that we are Twin Flames. It is not until recently that I started to believe that he is my Twin Flame because I cannot ignore this strong connection that I have with him. It’s been 3 months on the 3D plane since I have seen him, yet it feels as if it was just yesterday that I saw him. I believe it was last week or so when I was about to fall asleep, we were together in a room and he asked me where we were. And I do believe we were in the spiritual world together because again, his presence was so strong. And then I told him about the research that I’ve done about the Twin Flame. Ever since then, we both have visited each other and comforting each other spiritually. But when the time is right, we both know that we will be reunited again either in this lifetime or the next.