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Physically Feeling Your Twin Flame in a Dream

Q. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what it means to physically feel your twin in a dream (or is it astral travel)? A. When you are physically asleep, your spirit does travel, astral travel,

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Satisfy my Soul: I Welcome and Embrace the Waves of Love

On Tuesday night, I had a dream that I have been inspired to share with you: I was on a big boat on the ocean with a lot of other people. I had a discussion with one of my soul

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Revolutionary Road: The Inner Dream vs The Dream of Society

This movie was a great movie for observing the dynamics of an intimate relationship as well as realizing the power of restricting one’s freedom through society’s rules. Both the main characters fall in love, get married, have kids, the man

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Dreaming Awake

So it is that I feel you within my heart I keep hearing you whisper to me with such love, “remember I am always with you.” This I know to be true. We have always been together, you and I,

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