Dreaming Awake

So it is that I feel you within my heart
I keep hearing you whisper to me with such love, “remember I am always with you.” This I know to be true. We have always been together, you and I, through other relationships, experiences, and choices along our journey of love and life.

Yet even though I know that where I am right now is where I am meant to be, I miss you and I want to wrap myself around you completely and take you within me profoundly. I want to listen to random beats of the universe and create our own melodies to bask in to share with the world. I want to have deep conversations with you every day and fall asleep in your arms as we laugh about the observations of those we encountered along our path. Then we can play around with words to piece together a myriad of words describing our conclusions on human nature and interaction. At midnight, we’ll wake up, roll over to acknowledge our awakeness, and softly get up as we giggle our way into flip flops and light jackets. We’ll slowly make our way to the beach for a starlit stroll holding hands and thanking the heavens for this closeness and comfortable space we reside in together. When we reach the beach, we throw our shoes off and run along the sand, basking in the smooth coolness of the particles beneath our feet. We fall onto nature’s belly on our backs gazing up at the stars as we witness a shooting star rapidly making its way across the night blackness and realize that dreams absolutely do come true. We are dreaming awake, as we are here together.

I move onto my side to place my head on your shoulder and look up into your deep brown eyes full of sweetness and innocence, knowing that I am fully at peace in your presence. You help me to see and feel the beauty that is me as I connect with the beauty that is you. You start to sing slowly to me as your lips graze my earlobe, sending shivers through my being, creating words right on the spot though it is the words I have dreamed you would sing to me years before now. Yes, we are dreaming awake, as we are here together.

As I lay here beneath the sky we are sharing together wherever you are physically at this moment, I remember the words you whispered to me, “Remember I am always with you,” and I know this truth sustains me through each moment that I encounter now. The visions are so strong and I am there with you, right now, laying on the beach at midnight, watching the stars shine so brightly, listening to your voice as you breathe your musical creation inside of me, feeling at home in the warmth and comfort of your arms. Yes, we are dreaming awake, as we are here together.

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