Be You to Full

It is so refreshing to the soul falling asleep in the arms of one that you love every night, rolling over in the middle of the night to connect to the warmth of his essence, and waking up to capture the peaceful space in which he recharges in, eyes closed, blanket wrapped so snugly around his form, offering the embrace my body longs to hold him in. Mouth slightly open as his breath slowly makes its way into my bloodstream. The soft light of the salt lamp illluminates and creates a glow of translucence to his skin as I recognize the angel that lives within. Wow, I am constantly in a space of gratitude for this mutual intention of unconditional love between us that we are cultivating and growing daily. As I turn on my side to observe his natural being discreetly, he gently opens his eyes to look at me, and at that moment, I have returned to heaven, completely aware of my own angelic presence as well as the power of our connection. We are profound spirits beyond human understanding. It is through expressing love, being in love, creating love, feeling the love that is so naturally within each of our hearts that we can easily give and receive it with another soul we have chosen before human incarnation.

He acknowledges my observation of him and then eases his eyelids closed again, reaching out a hand to take mine within his. Some say that love is like a seed that grows stronger with each passing moment, and yes I agree with this. Being in this awesome experience of unconditional love right here and now, I would have to say that first and foremost, there are no words in the human language that can fully capture how it feels, for it is felt on so many levels. Being a writer and lover of words, I will try. It is like a warm, soft blanket wrapped around your body on the eve of a cold, frosted night in December, snugly enfolding your body in its arms, as the natural heat of existence seeps into your back to supply you with an extensive amount of warmth and life. It makes me aware of all the emotions of being alive, as the natural warmth from his soul seeps into my being. I breathe in the truth of life, feeling the comfort of knowing that I am truly loved for all that I am, which is much more than one can see with the physical eye. My body becomes aroused in all ways possible, the blood is flowing with ease through my veins, my heart is beating with the rhythm of awakeness as I bask in the peace between us, my feminine essence is throbbing to take him fully within me, though the truth is that we are already making love in this moment, as our skin vibrates with the closeness of touching skin and our energies unite in the mutual intention of being alive in love.

It feels as though my skin is on fire and the flames are part of my soul, dancing to the essence of all that is. I become one with the heat, as my body opens to receiving more love, to become one with the love that is within me, around me, and of me as it exists beyond and before time. I am no longer my physical form as I connect with the energy of all that is, yet I can still feel the emotions as they flow through me. It is this flow that is realized and understood when you are in the complete transformational power of love. We are flow-ers…as we glide through the experiences we attract to us in our life by the energy we hold about those experiences and life itself. We have the power to create anything we desire. We are encouraged to feel that we are absolutely provided for as we wake up to each new day with the truth that what we need will be given to us, that we are worthy to receive it and are able to also give it back into the universe so that it can then be distributed to those that need it after you. This is the flow, and as you are the flow-er enhancing the flow, you are then creating a circle of abundance flowing back to you, like a circle, that returns to you when you need what you need at the time you need it…

Love is a flow, a flowing of your essence connected to another, and as you feel this flow, this connection, it then extends outwards to all that is within the flow, all that is. It is a circle and cycle of the life of love. You will feel at home, at peace, in continuous gratitude for choosing to be alive when you can allow yourself to be in the intensity of all the joys of this experience. Acknowledge it within all of your senses and let the emotions flow into this ocean of existence: cry, scream, laugh, smile, be confused and then allow yourself to receive clarity, be closed and then allow yourself to receive, place your hand under the hot water and then the cold, for all of this is beautiful and sustains who you are. There are no negative emotions unless you allow them to be…feel it all and recycle it all, bask in the awesomeness of being alive in love, as love is what you are.

These truths flow through me as I lay here, just BE ing connected with my love that embraces his love. My hand easily makes its way into his as I gently kiss his forehead and place my cheek to his cheek. These moments are never taken for granted because if I am to remain in the flow, then I need to be in the moment of these experiences to see the beauty of them and how they fit into the puzzle of the creation of love and life. This is all part of my creation of love, and everything outside of me that is not ever truly outside of me is given to me like props on a stage as the play is in the process of unfolding. The play of our lives is always unfolding in the moment…it is our job to know this. Be a conscious actor who is living the truth as you create it and watch how all that you need is supplied to you while you remain in the space of gratitude, alive, aware, and awake to the role you are playing, the roles that you are assigning to yourself in each moment as they change, transform and take various shapes.

It is so easy to fall asleep within his arms for my soul recognizes home with him. We are consciously acting out our mutual intentions of swimming in this ocean of love that we are molding and shaping as we let go of all that is not who we are. I wake up, smile as I observe his beauty which is my beauty which is our beauty, and then ease back into sleep, knowing that beauty is beauty if we are looking with the eyes of love. If we are looking with the eyes of love, then everything is beautiful.

Be You to Full – a wonderful musician says, “I’m filling my life with all it can hold,” and this is true, though there is no limit on what your life can hold…fill it up all the way knowing that the way is limitless.

Wonderful Musician = Josh Groban

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