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To listen to my interview with Anthony Harris, go here: Share the Light and Love of You in Service to Others by Anthony Harris When I think of relationships, a couple of thoughts come to mind. First, with the right

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Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

A lot of energies swirling around within us in the vibration of separation that are being healed now. Allow yourself to feel the emotions, be aware of your behaviors, your beliefs, and your fears as they come up. Know that

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Finding Balance Between Masculine and Feminine

To listen to the interview I had with Gabriel, please click here where you are free to leave comments and questions too: The Mystery of Woman Upheld and Honored by Gabriel Morris What most needs to happen between men and

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Video Interviews on Love, Relationships, Soul Mates, and Twin Flames

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Happy Love Day Every Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is considered the day where we express our love to those we are in relationship with. However, I want to bring out the idea that love is really a choice to share in with

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Twin Flame Relationships

Q Is it possible that even though we’ve met on this earth plane, that we’re only to be together in spirit/soul? It just seems that we’re not meant to be together physically right now. Too many outside interferences. What is

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Returning to Love

Have you been experiencing shifts in your current reality? Are relationships around you changing, are some of them ending or transitioning? Are you releasing a lot of emotions and old ways of interacting and relating within the relationships you are

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Love Revealed

You have touched a core within me as your beautiful and soul inspired words embraced my heart, easing the sense of separateness from you. How can we be separate when your emotions are my emotions, your creations are my creations

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Intuition, Missed Connections and Trusting Yourself to Love

Have you ever felt that someone close to you could have been your soul mate….but you didn’t say anything? Do you feel you don’t fully trust your intuition when it comes to speaking up about love? Do you live with

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Releasing Judgment When Being With a Partner In a Relationship

Ladies, have you ever felt that you were judged because you didn’t look a certain way? Men, have you felt that you were judged because you didn’t have a particular “status” in society? Are you afraid that the more that

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