Intuition, Missed Connections and Trusting Yourself to Love

Have you ever felt that someone close to you could have been your soul mate….but you didn’t say anything? Do you feel you don’t fully trust your intuition when it comes to speaking up about love? Do you live with regret that your true love may have passed you by? Join Gabriella and Colin as they show you how to trust the signs before you that can lead you to true love. Learn to trust your intuition and your feelings so your twin flame doesn’t slip past you. Maybe that person you have feelings for feels the same about you…find the courage and confidence to take love by the hand and take the leap of faith! You miss 100% of the shots you never take…

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6 Comments on “Intuition, Missed Connections and Trusting Yourself to Love

  1. I know I have a twin soulmate, but he is in a marital relationship that I honnor and don’t wish to break apart. So, I tell myself, if it is meant to be… his marriage will dissolve on its own merit with no interference from me. It was love at first sight for both of us,and we were involved with others when we met. We have kept in touch on and off through the years after sychronistic events happen. Just recently, I contacted him through email.. after seven years of silence between us because out of the clear blue…I woke up in the middle of the night and was physically hurting in my stomach and then my chest. I got up out of bed and went into my living room as to not wake my liitle son, and began to sob uncontrollably. I missed him so bad, but I did not know why. The next day I had such an urge to contact him that I could not shake … so I emailed him. He responded back the next day and we have now be corresponding since January 28, 2010. He is married with children, so that is the end of that…right? By the way, he said that he and a coworker where just talking about their trip to the state where I live and when he met me ten years prior he received my email after all those years. Help. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  2. Elizabeth,

    You are very wise to feel that you don’t need to interfere for your twin’s current relationship to dissolve and shift. If this is what your mutual soul intention was for the experience of this lifetime, then it will be in the perfect time. Many times, twins come together when one or both are in other relationships. This allows for both people to release jealousy and other ego emotions that can be a part of this situation. For a twin flame relationship to continue and to last, both people need to release the ego as much as possible before physical reunion…because this relationship and your interactions are very intense as this person is your other half, a mirror of who you are, your ups and downs, right back to you. The easier you can get back to the space of love, the easier this relationship will flow.

    Your twin and you are always connected in the ethereal plane, through your heart, your thoughts, in dreams, and as a result, you experience right along with each other, and may also be able to feel the others emotions through your steps along the path – not surprising that you woke up sobbing uncontrollably. There are also very many synchronistic events that happen in the lives of both twins…and many things that you have in common.

    I would trust your intuition through every step of your relationship and your process, don’t give up on your connection, but also don’t feel like you have to do anything for your connection to evolve. Be in the moment and allow the universe to guide you for it always does.

    Love always,

  3. Gabriella,
    I understand exactly what you are saying…thank you for your insight. When these sychronistic events happen your first reaction is doubt… because… you say to yourself…How can I feel this much intensity for someone I have only seen once in my life and communicated by email. That’s crazy!!I have never kissed, dated, or been intimate with this person. But it was “love at first sight for sure!” I just want the best for him…whatever that means for me. I’m always for the greater good in all situations. I’m 42 and been in love several times in my life and even went on to get married in 2004… but, I have never forgotten his face, tone in his voice, the way we looked at each other and engaged each other in conversation it was powerful connection.

  4. I completely understand. Love doesn’t need an explanation or a reason why you feel it…are you familiar with soul contracts? Go to my homepage and read about coaching. I talk about Soul Contracts and there is a radio show about this topic. It will explain a lot of what I feel occurs before we are born into physical incarnation and that we plan to encounter the souls on our path when we do. Therefore, it is not “crazy” that you experienced love at first sight since it is like love at first remember 😉 You already love everyone you have ever loved physically in this lifetime before you met them and it is a remembering when you come in physical contact. Relax knowing that everything will be as you both intended and that even though it seems as though are separated in body, you are never separated. The souls are always connected and you can still communicate on the ethereal plane.

  5. I’m feeling like a fool. Married, yet feeling a connection with this man. Finally, mustered the strength to ask him about past lives, and bingo, a similar scene we shared from past. Things fell apart from there…and now left feeling like an idiot for even asking and opening up, and deeply regretting it as feeling lost a good friend.

  6. Know this: no question is EVER stupid, and sharing what is in your heart with someone is never anything to feel ashamed of. We all have the right to share ourselves with people we enter into any type of relationship with. Relationships help us to grow, to heal, to learn more about ourselves in relation to others and the world. When you share what is in your heart with another, that person has the choice to decide how to interact and how to react with you. Whatever choice this person makes is NOT personal against you, and a lot of times, especially in the case you bring up when it causes someone to look within at their experiences in this lifetime and past, it can be hard and they may need to contemplate things…if the relationships shifts, know that it is ok, and it doesn’t mean that it has ended for good. There are times when we have time away from each other and get back to our friendship, sometimes not. However, everything that occurs is for us to learn from. Think about this: what can you take away from your interactions with this man? How have you changed as a result? What has it made you see about you, about your desires in a relationship, about where you want to go in your life? Has it awakened some spiritual insights within you? What are those and what do you do now? Take your time with these…life is a journey, taken step by step. There is no need to rush. Enjoy all the moments.