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Follow your Intuition and Witness the Perfection

I am blown away by the perfection of the moment. When your intuition gives you a sign and a message, then you follow through with action upon it and what you receive is clarification of what you feel, you know

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Touch ~ Truly Everything Touches and Connects with Everything Else

If you have ever witnessed the connection and interconnection of many things, the myriad of synchronicities not readily explained around you, a multitude of numbers that seem to be connecting with you or giving you messages, if you’ve ever seen

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The Way is Connecting With and Following Your Inner Guidance

We ALL, myself included, have days, even moments when we can doubt our own light. We can question whether we are doing what our soul is calling us to, and if so, if we are doing it in the way

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Balancing your Power Within and That of the Machine

I do enjoy reading and watching Joseph Campbell speak about mythology and truths relevant to our world today, perceptions that show us our creations within our personal stories as well as our collective ones, as both affect the other… “What

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Follow Your Own Way

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears. ~Rumi Please remember that you have your own way and your own path. DO not fall into the spaces of comparing yourself to another, or analyzing your journey

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Intuition, Missed Connections and Trusting Yourself to Love

Have you ever felt that someone close to you could have been your soul mate….but you didn’t say anything? Do you feel you don’t fully trust your intuition when it comes to speaking up about love? Do you live with

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