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The Orchestration of Twin Flame Reunions in All Ways

Q. Are things being done in the universe in order to bring twin flames together physically? A. Quite simply, YES!!!! Things are absolutely being orchestrated to bring twin flames together physically. If it is in your soul plan to join

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Strengthening Your Connection to Your Inner Guidance

Q. I have been following inner guidance. But I recently went through a bad experience with close family which makes me wonder whether I should let go or still hang on to relationships out of a sense of duty. When

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The Way is Connecting With and Following Your Inner Guidance

We ALL, myself included, have days, even moments when we can doubt our own light. We can question whether we are doing what our soul is calling us to, and if so, if we are doing it in the way

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Make sure that you follow what feels true for you. Illusions are that which seems to be true, but is not true when you feel deeply within. There are layers of illusions…and what is true for one may not be

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