Strengthening Your Connection to Your Inner Guidance

Q. I have been following inner guidance. But I recently went through a bad experience with close family which makes me wonder whether I should let go or still hang on to relationships out of a sense of duty. When I felt that everything was going so well, suddenly this shock came and has shaken my inner guidance. This has nothing to do with my twin flame. But I wonder why such shake ups at this stage?

A. Ah, this is a common theme of transitioning your whole being into higher consciousness. What you have previously attached to, the acceptance from others, what you thought you believed and what you believed you felt all goes into question (when looked at from the mind) yet pushes you to go within, again and again, to connect with your inner voice, your inner knowing, that knows despite any attempts from others or from your mind to take you off your path. What you have attached to encourages you to surrender, to surrender knowing that whatever attachment you have placed upon your twin flame, your union, your happiness comes from within you. It is not reliant upon anything outside of you but it is within you that you then bring to those things you are attracted to. The inner attraction is connected to your knowing. That is something to pay attention to and to follow yet as you transition deeper into higher consciousness, the way of union consciousness, you are asked to surrender, to love, yet to release the attachment.

This journey, following your inner guidance, is truly the way of higher consciousness. When you follow your inner guidance, you cannot explain what you feel to others for them to understand and accept your inner guidance. Your inner guidance is YOUR inner voice. You can attempt to explain but those that hear you may not understand. It’s not your responsibility to get others to understand your path. So this whole journey is about following your inner voice, especially when it seems like others are challenging you. This path of higher consciousness pushes us to go within constantly. It’s like bringing the inner to the outer experience yet when we’re in the outer experience, we are experiencing. Then we bring the experience, again inside. From inside, we integrate, we process, we bring what we’ve experienced outside inside, into the vibration of eternal unconditional love. Then again, we bring that inner essence outside again in our experience. Whenever you’re feeling resistance, feeling not accepted from others or misunderstood, that is a call, that’s a sign. Go back within. What are you feeling with the words that are being expressed from another? Does it resonate with your INNER guidance? If it doesn’t, it’s ok. This is about family from the soul on this path of higher consciousness. Yes we have biological family and our biological family souls are chosen to challenge us, many times, because those challenges push us to go within. Transitioning your whole being into this higher consciousness requires you to go within and follow your inner guidance and know yourself from within, spiritually and in human form, and then bringing that constantly around you, in the outer experience.

This makes you also question what you thought you believed, and what you believed you felt. Thoughts, beliefs, feelings are all connected. It takes a conscious awareness for you to be aware of any of those to get to the underlying ideas that you prescribe to. You no longer think what you believe, but to feel it from the space of inner knowing. Then you totally transform this. It’s no longer you think something. Whatever you think, if it’s not connected deeply to an inner knowing, to your inner guidance, anybody outside of yourself, anyone or anything outside can influence what you believe and can steer you in whatever direction they choose in any moment, almost like a puppet. But if you are feeling deeply from within, connected to your inner guidance, your inner voice, your inner knowing, then that becomes an energy that surrounds you. That energy that surrounds you cannot be taken away because it’s flowing throughout your whole entire being.

When you are on this path of higher consciousness, those people that challenge you, are giving you a chance to strengthen your inner voice, your inner guidance. Then once you do that, to extend love to those people. The path of higher consciousness and the path of the twin flame is of union consciousness. Therefore, union consciousness knows everything is connected and underlying everything is love. There’s always something to be received and more love to be received as well as given. In the challenges, allow yourself to receive the love within them and bring yourself within to enhance that love inside. Strengthen that connection to your inner guidance and bring that love outside as you share with those that challenge you. There’s NO victims here. We are all helping each other, deeper and deeper, into union, into love.

Why are these shake ups right now? This is a back and forth process. You will have those challenges, from family, from your experiences along the path, from your own mind (what you thought you believed). You can shake yourself up. It is a back and forth process. It’s not just one time you’re gonna have shake ups. There’s layers and layers that you’re peeling away, bringing you deeper and deeper into your heart, into your knowing, into your inner guidance that knows it all. It really does know it all, but knows it from the heart.

It’s so beautiful. I ask you to see the beauty, see the beauty in this. See the beauty in your challenges. See the beauty in your sadness. See the beauty in your frustration. See the beauty in everything, every single experience, every relationship. Every moment is so connected to everything else. Let the signs and the synchronicities of the universe, the one song which is the universe, show you how everything is SO intimately and intricately ONE, so deeply connected. Union consciousness sees the oneness in everything and it feels the oneness in everything. It chooses to be in that oneness with everything. The deeper you get into this, the more you will see the way that you respond, the way that you are, the way that you be transforms. The challenges that come about…you almost instantaneously surrender your thoughts that whatever is occurring is against you. You transform that. No longer is anything or anyone against you but yet for you. Then you are able to receive what that experience, what that relationship is giving you, bringing it within, allowing it to seep into your heart, to the inner essence of your natural being, which is always love. It increases this desire to want to extend that love to those that have brought you deeper inside to this love that is inside of you, part of you, is you and is everything else. It is this back and forth process. And it’s beautiful…to get into the space of gratitude for those challenges and for those relationships that push you again to go within and strengthen your inner guidance, the well spring of love inside of you. It is truly divine. It is one reason we are here, as spiritual beings in these human bodies. The more that you see in that way, the more everything becomes more beautiful than even beautiful can express.

As you know, you are never disconnected from anything or anyone, and most especially your twin flame, which is the other half of your soul, the other aspect of your soul. Whenever you get challenged, it does have to do with your twin flame. You are always connected, never separated. Anything that you experience, your twin flame is experiencing that with you. The growth that you go through, the increasing of love that you allow, you allow it for the both of you. You allow it for ALL. Some good questions to ask are “what would love do now? What would love feel now? How would love be expressed now?” As you bring those questions to your awareness, you surrender, you surrender to the attachment to the mind, the attachment to the “victim,” the attachment to “me and that person,” “us them,” separation. You release that attachment. It then becomes a flowing of energy, of love being expressed and seen through everything. It is divine. It really is truly divine. That’s why you chose to be here, at this time, in the body that you are in right now, in the relationships you are in right now, in your experiences you are in right now. Your inner guidance knows where you are flowing to. Connect with that. Strengthen that. Know it beyond any doubt. Whenever you feel doubt seeping in, go back within. Reconnect to what you know. What you know so deeply within is there for you to remember that you chose this and if you chose it, and you are remembering it, and you’re connecting with it, it is and as it is, you walk, step by step, closer into the human full experience of it. There is no separation. You are always connecting and always connected.

Sending you a lot of love at this time. There is a lot of transitions taking place, internally and externally, for all of us, individually and collectively. I’m asking you to take this invitation, right now, to go within. To go within and reconnect to what you know. Know that you know. When you know that you know, nothing can take that knowing away.

So much love to you on so many levels. As we continue holding hands, and moving deeper and deeper into this higher consciousness of union.

****I made a voice recording of this so that if you feel guided to and desire to close your eyes and receive what is above through voice vibration, you can go here: Strengthening Your Connection to Your Inner Guidance and Inner Voice

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  1. I could have asked the exact same question. What synchronicity. I have been trying to incorporate everything that Gabriella says here, trying not to resist and stay with the flow of my inner guidance. It is not easy but I know that I will be stronger on the other side of this and that there will be roses hidden among the thorns. Actually, several friends have told me recently not to judge anything as a rose or as a thorn. Everything just is and is here for our growth. I am trying to carry this with me every day. And as difficult as this or any situation is, if we are at the point on our path where we are reading and understanding words such as these that Gabriella has written, we are literally at the point of no return – there is no going back to old ways of being. And that is a good thing. Thank you again, Gabriella, for expressing truth in such an inspiring way.

  2. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thank you a ton for your in depth insight into my situation. I have read it twice and i still have to read it again and again for everything to sink in. It is indeed so beautiful i would like to share an experience of a past life workshop that I attended. It was very deep and in one birth I could perceive that I had hurt my TF deeply in a love affair. I had encouraged him though I was in no position to commit and later i broke it off and hurt him terribly. however, I regret it so much , that I long to seek his frogiveness.I do not know how I can validate all this, but it resonates so much ith my relationship with my TF now. And there are many coincidences. But I know my TF will never believe all this. But I feel I am repeating the same pattern now also. I am committed to a soulmate relationship and I am still encouraging my relationship with him. I feel terrible. In that workshop i have sought spiritual forgiveness from him and he has given it.That is part of the therapy process. But now I am petrified. How can I do the same thing again?? No wonder my TF is so reluctant to express his feelings. I understand it all now. This is preventing us from closenss.
    It seems as if we have now been brought together to face this. But the situation is as impossible as ever. How can I now communicate with him. I will once again hurt him. It is so painful. I am just sending him unconditional love and being in the flow. My inner guidance just says, if you have come this far, there must be something to it. Gabriella, I am stumped. I seek answers from the Universe. If we are here to resolve it , then why put ourselves in such an impossible situation??? Is there any solution or do we just wait for another incarnation??

  3. Sleeping Beauty, thanks for your sharing. I never has been in a past life workshop. It sounds interesting. I have some past live memories and they have popped up since I was a child. I don’t remember any life with my TF, but I have some memories with my husband. I really don’t understand why he or me keeps having these lives together; sometimes like a close friend or husband. It seems like he just want to take care of me and viceversa, I want to take care of him. Example, I care for him when he was a young nazi in Germany at the end of the war, that is what I remember. I was a servant jewish woman. I also notice that when these memories popped up I feel a healing in my soul.

  4. Joanna,
    Maybe you are right and these experiences bring some healing to our souls. But I do not know if my TF has been healed in any way now. I see no sign from my TF that my experience ( seeking forgiveness) has in anyway affected him. I can perceive what has happened and I have sought forgiveness but will it be of any significance if my TF is not aware of this , now in this incarnation. I told him that I am going for this workshop , but now I have not communicated with him after that. I feel I will repeat my past life pattern if I do. I leave it to GOD/UNIVERSE to guide me.
    Gabriella, yesterday after I sent this comment, I saw your tweet with the pic of mouse… ” NEVER GIVE UP” !!! I felt it was a message for me. My inner guidance says, if our TF love is TRUE, we will be brought together, whatever the circumstances. I long to talk to my TF about my past life circumstance, but I want him to feel all this by himself than be told about it. Only his own feeling and perception will resonate with him. But GOD alone knows how this possible, cos my TF has no inclination towards such spiritual practices. Not being able to communicate with my TF is tearing me apart.

  5. My husband (soulmate) has memories of past lives too. He believes in past lives. So when I have a memory I feel safe to talk about it with him. He told me a couple of memories of his past lives too. It is funny, in one he remembers me, I was a girl according to him, we were in a boat scaping from an enemy, and I was a imprudent girl who made noise and this noise cought the atention of the enemies and then everybody got kill. This helped me to understand why some people around me don’t like me and even hate me without any reason. Example, I had a boss, that treated so bad and made all the possible to get me out of the company, no kidding, he made my life a living hell. I don’t feel any hatred for him, I just let that job. Gabriella, I have been feeling so peaceful, and feeling a strong connection with my TF, that somedays I feel that I don’t need to see him in the 3D world. I see him in my dreams and mind and this make me feel happy. I’m crazy?

  6. Dearest Gabriella,
    I was guided to reveal my past life regression experience to my TF and I told (texting)him that I cannot hurt him any further and I have since not contacted him. But to my utmost relief and gratitiude he just acknowledged my communication and has left it at that. Somehow I feel hugely releived and feel lighter as if he has forgiven my past life hurt.We have not spoken about it after that and though it kills me to keep away from him, I think he needs to heal himself .This space is needed. I yearn to be reunited with him but do not want to repeat the same mistakes.
    After i saw the acknowledgement message from him I went into racking sobs and cried my heart out. I still do not know what to make of all this .I just long for us to express everything to each other freely now and reunite. I still dare not take up any communication with him though.
    I am grateful to your blog for giving me this space to share so comfortably. Thank you and love to you all.

  7. Thanks Joanna, I try not to lose hope. I keep sending love . But I do not know what it is,tears keep flowing every now and then. Maybe I should still go inside and resolve some issues as Gabriella says. Love to you. I am surprised you remember your past lives . do you just remember or through guided meditation?

  8. They just pop even when I’m awake. One of the first memories it is when I was playing with my sister. We were maybe 9 me and her 10. She put on my father coat and pretended be a man, and right there came a question in my mind. Why do you are a woman now? If you were a man. Yes I remember her as a man, in another life. I always felt uncomfortable in those days to se him/her as a woman. My TF is always in my thoughts, but I think I just leaving everything in God hands. I don’t see any hope even to see him again, but I reach a point where I’m comfortable with that, anyway I feel the intense conection with him.

  9. Joanna,
    If it is meant to be it will happen. Who knows destiny might bing you together after sometime. Never give up . Love to you. I too do not know when I will be with my TF but I read that instead of waiting we should feel as if we are living with them and sharing together. I am now trying to live in such a space. Let’s us surrender to God! Love to you.

  10. For the first time in my marriage with my soulmate, I had the courage to talk with him and tell him how really feel about our relationship. I lost weight for one day to another, I mean, I felt like sick and I could not sleep that night. It was too much for me, but afterward I felt so peacefull. I told him that I love him as a very close friend, and I knew that he loves me in this same way. We talked about the past too. Thanks for your good wishes, love to you too, and everybody in this site.

  11. Good for you Joanna. Maybe this is your first step forward. Trust in your destiny and love for your TF. Right now , I do feel a little lost, cos I can no longer communicate with my TF. But I console myself that it is for the best. I feel that finally I have the courage to make the choice. Though being with my TF will always be a yearning for me,I have to learn to accept and keep hoping …

  12. If this is a step forward, I’m terrified. The unknown scared me a lot. I want him to be happy, but it seems that both of us are clung to each other for some reason, some times I feel that he needs more care that our own son. Do you dream with your TF?

  13. I sometimes dream of myTF. I read somewhere that the yearning for TF is a catalyst for spiritual growth. Though I understannd this, it is quite exhausting and I often wonder when we will see some validation. ( being human, I guess)!!!!! I am going thro a lot of back ache, so much that I visited the doc, but even he said it is nothing to worry about. Are these ascension pains, as I read somewhere? I wonder, cos no particular medical cause. My whole body feels heavy and tired most of the times and it seems as if I am walking around carrying a huge boulder tied to me…!!! It is normal to be scared of the unknown Joanna. I guess we just need to have faith in the divine flow. Take care

  14. yes, i also feel A LOT of physical changes, sometimes i get scared…i`m very thin, but i grew up 2cm in the same time, maybe because of that, i don`t know, my hair falls, i have acne almost a year i never had that much…i went to the doctor and he is constantly suprising how can everything be good and i`m not getting any wieght and i eat a lot. i don`t know, i really hope that everything will be good it`s exhausting, i just can`t fight with my body anymore and his needs, it`s always something…i just pray for strenght

  15. Me too, I feel head and back aches, dizzyness, and when I go to the doctor, the tests he sends to do for me all comes fine. Since, I talked with my husband (soulmate) about my feelings; I started feeling as a load was out of me. I dream with my TF and this make me feel happy. Sleeping Beauty, I guess I’m living in the space you mention. Sunshine, happy to heard that you know what is going on with your TF.

  16. hey joana, nice to hear you again. i just wish to know is there any way to ease that body changes? i`m going to see a doctor next week and i know that he will give me a medicine, but i feel that i shouldn`t take any right now, i don`t know, he thinks my hormons are out of balance and he is probably right, but i dont know what causes that…i`m so confused with my body. yes, i was so happy, i felt that something is going to happen, now i know that all signs and dreams are here to help us, it`s not our imagination, when you believe yourself and what you know, nothing is impossible

  17. Hi! I guess, dreaming with my TF makes my journey easy. There is a lot of symbolism on dreams, but I’m not always able to decode them. I see him there sitting looking at me, or being there and leaving, and I see myself looking for him. He says “soon” and I don’t know what this mean. I think resting is the best medicine, It works for me.

  18. Ya resting seems to relieve the pains temporarily. I happened to meet my TF . We did not speak a word but the connection was so strong. At one point we looked into each other’ eyes and we connected so beautifully. But he left immediately. I miss communicating with him. But I know that we are always deeply connected in a special way and this pulls me out of my pain. If love can transcend lifetimes, surely, other barriers can be transcended too. Faith in love keeps up the hope..

  19. Sleeping Beauty, I like the song of Josh Groban “if I walk away, please follow me” I don’t see my TF any more, but it seems that the universe keeps sending me sings. The other day, The name of my TF popped in site where I was searching for something, but It was not only his name but also a picture of tulips, my favorite flowers, and the last name of this person was steele. I like the song “strong as steel” it is a beautiful love song. I don’t think this person is him, but it is just the coincidence that made me said WOW!, precisely this day I was so sad. I like what Gabriella post on her site:
    A teacher cannot give you the truth.
    The truth is already in you.
    You only need to open yourself –
    body, mind and heart-
    so that his or her teachings will penetrate your own seeds of understanding and enlightenment.
    If you let the words enter you, the soil and the seeds will do the rest of the work.

    — Thich Nhat Hanh
    Ok, it I arrange the name of the author of this poem in such way I can see the name of my TF. Just sharing, it is the only place I can talk about all these experiences.

  20. dreams with my TF are also very brief and mysterious and he was always passing by or before we met again in every dream he was teasing me, i didn`t get that,but he was probably trying to chear me up not to get all so serious. joana, just enjoy in your signs, laugh with it, carry them in your heart, a month before i met my TF again every week i would find one heart and the signs were overlapping one after the other, like he was sending it to me

  21. Joanna, once again thank you for your timely words of encouragement. It fills me with hope. As you say , seeing the signs of the Universe helps a lot and I now feel somehow love will dissolve all barriers. If God has brought me this far surely, There is more meaning to it all. Let us all keep our hopes up. TFs have a mission and surelynGod will show us the way.

  22. I could not resist to write what I just read: “Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.”

  23. yes, it`s so true, that`s probably the most wanted thing in the world right now. thanks for sharing

  24. Definitely, it’s rings so true to me too. I feel now I just need to rest and let things flow. I met my TF this weekend at a function and he has definitely become more at ease . Even my Soulmate (my husband) said that my TF seems more relaxed and happier . I could feel a lot of release of tension. I felt so happy. This validates My past life regression experience. I feel he is going through the process of healing. Though we are still not able to talk to each other comfortably, the connection we feel is incredible. He still keeps a tight control on his emotions and and does not want to express them. I just hope this is the beginning of release of pain for him and he is able to feel and express love without inhibitions. Am sending love and being in the divine flow. Joanna your words validate my current situation. Thank you. Love to you all.

  25. My soulmate(husband) still being a puzzle to me after almost 14 years we have been together. I never know what he will do, what he is planning. I find a lot information about him when he is talking by phone with one of his friends. I don’t know how our destinies came together and why we still together. We are so different in many ways. I see him like a brother, and it bother me a lot when he hide information from me. OMG, I guess there is a purpose on this. Sorry, I need to write this, love to everybody in this site.

  26. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I’m here to share with you girl, and have recently felt a strong pull to answer thoroughly some of your questions that are deeply calling to be addressed…because I believe that from all of your comments and your sharing, you deeply feel that you are meant to share your love with your twin flame in all ways and spread this love to the world. One of my intentions with my work is to help facilitate such happenings and to move beyond any and all limitations that seem like they are blocking such! SO, that being said, let’s get at the heart of what you were sharing here in regards to your past life experience with your TF. The thing to know about past life memories that come up in this lifetime, is that they are there to be healed…therefore your soul has intended to have circumstances/situations which would bring up similar emotions from the previous lifetime so that you can become aware of it, and feel it deeply, then make a different choice to move through it…

    You expressed that you had hurt your twin flame in the past, that you led him on while being committed to another person and therefore broke it off with him…and because of your commitment in this lifetime with your soul mate, you feel that you are in a similar situation…and in a way, yes, this seems to be the case. However, in order for your TF to be healed and for you to be healed from the “pain” from this previous lifetime, the situation as it is now has been created…but you have the opportunity to recognize this (as you have done with the past life regression and even taking it a step further by expressing about this lifetime to your TF). Now, both of you have the opportunity to heal those wounds and to move forward in love with one another (as you’ve expressed your soul remembers this to be your plan in THIS lifetime)…consider this from your husband’s perspective. Could it cause pain? It could, but through pain, we come to deeper love. Many Christians say there is suffering to get to happiness…this does not have to be the case but sometimes our soul chooses to experience the “opposite” so we can truly understand the truth. Since you chose this experience to heal with your TF and yourself…your soul mate no doubt also has a plan with this, for what he wants to experience as well and what his role is in helping the both of you to heal, bringing all of you into deeper love, as you mentioned, the highest good of all. Now I also wouldn’t doubt that this is true, as you expressed, “My soulmate and tf are well known to each other. Maybe we all planned to incarnate at this particular time for a grand mission.” Heaven on Earth, right?! As it is above, so it is below!!! You have all chosen to come together to move through the roles associated with partners in a relationship and the rules placed upon the committed relationship…these are things that can limit us, and coming from a higher perspective, love is always underlying every experience and every relationship, even what could be considered challenges. Now the kids involved are an extension of this…you can see how their souls may have also chosen the experiences to go through to move into deeper love, and see the love there within it all…kids also completely feel what we, as adults, try to hide.

    Your situation does mirror my own in so many ways, in that I was sharing with a soul mate in a committed loving relationship (through it, we have become the best of friends and at this point on the journey, I AM fully committed to uniting with my twin flame to move forward in our mission) while also sharing/connecting with my twin flame…and all the while, there was healing and opening, expanding going on within all of our hearts…and we ALL have chosen to take on “a grand mission” together (we’ve had other past lives together too, playing different roles with one another)…which will continue to unfold here for the highest good of all!!! I am so intensely excited to be sharing this more publicly as things progress, for how excited all of our souls are to bring this new paradigm of relationship into the spotlight and embody fully the truth of unconditional, eternal divine, limitless love. The world is ready and we are ready!!!

    So this brings me to answering your next question, “If my relationship with my TF is authentic and divine, and our union in all ways is for the highest good of all, then can we go ahead inspite of our marriage to our respective spouses ?” The answer to this question, if you take a moment here and close your eyes, breathe in and out, feel it, you will know. Take that moment right now. ..

    The answer is YES. You can go ahead, knowing that if you express yourself in the highest vibration of love and you handle the transition in this highest vibration with the intention of serving this deeper, sacred love to all as ONE, that ALL are being served, and that everyone is fulfilling the contracts their souls have chosen to, as they have chosen to. You will know how to go about this, when to go about this, and just how everyone fits into the grand mission that your souls have chosen…and the fact that you expressed that the jealousy is no longer there is proof that you understand what I’m saying. If you can get there, others in your soul group can and will get there too, especially with all of the openings and union consciousness rising!!!!!!!

    If at any point you have doubts, go within again (read again that post I wrote for you regarding your inner guidance) and feel your way in each moment. I believe somewhere in these comments, you also expressed that you heard from Source, “the outcome is assured,” and I have no doubt that it is, for if you planned it, then it is assured, as it already is. (actually before I wrote you, I received that same message like a whisper in my ear – so take that as an additional sign). It’s just a matter of when you feel you are ready to take the steps forward and make it happen. I’m right there with you, holding your hand, cheering you on, whatever you choose, as you choose it. You are not alone and you are so very, very loved!!!