Expansion in All Ways to Receive Divine Love

Intense waves of orgasmic bliss are flowing through your body and increasing as your love continues to grow. Your body is opening, expanding, becoming more supple to allow for limitless love to enter in all ways…Preparation for the expressions of divine love. As the sacred one heart of the twin flame constantly opens to the full embodiment of LOVE. As all the other bodies have merged, emotional, mental, spiritual and now the physical. Hold on, for this is an amazing ride.

4 Comments on “Expansion in All Ways to Receive Divine Love

  1. Gabriella,

    Your words resonate so deeply within me. They not only speak to the poet in me, but so beautifully describe what I have been feeling as of late. Your gift for being able to put feelings into words is truly amazing! Your light truly illumninates the path for others to follow.

  2. Durinda,

    I am so glad that these words resonate within you and I am humbled, blessed by your words. I am doing what I have been guided to do and what makes my soul sing, as it is seeing the happiness within others, feeling the love within them be expressed and experienced around them that makes me smile. Isn’t that the soul intention: to become illuminated with light and love, and to shine forth so that others can become illuminated as well. We then all become beams of radiance that light up the entire world. But the truth is that we are all shining our lights right now and one of the aspects of becoming illuminated is to see this, know this and embody it. Feels good, doesn’t it?

  3. Gabriella,

    My answer is a resounding YES! Your posts have had such a calming effect on me as I travel on my journey. You are such a blessing. Much love to you my sister of Light.

  4. Gabriella,
    Nice to hear from you after a short gap! Indeed it is lovely to share the light. Happiness increases manifold when we are with our TF which is a very special feeling and I hope reunions in all ways take place and bring more light to all !! Love to you all. Of late I am filled with a lot of dreadful body pain and fatigue. Does it have anything to do with reunion? past 4 days waves of energy were downloaded into me and by evening I am so exhausted.