The Orchestration of Twin Flame Reunions in All Ways

Q. Are things being done in the universe in order to bring twin flames together physically?

A. Quite simply, YES!!!! Things are absolutely being orchestrated to bring twin flames together physically. If it is in your soul plan to join together in this lifetime in all ways, then it will be, it will happen, for the twin flames that have chosen to come together at THIS time, are paramount for the continued transformation of love on planet Earth, to help in the ascension of us ALL as ONE . One thing that is so important I have been told, as well as I’ve been experiencing on my own personal journey towards full union with my beloved, is to balance right here and now with knowing what is coming…BE COMING…there is a space there because both are essential…but in between both is your heart…you BE the love that is and then the LOVE that is COMES ever deeper into your experience. Now, by all means, I would also say that we are truly both spiritual and human beings so feeling so intensely and allowing ourselves to go with the strength of the flow as it guides us is necessary…we are moving into and creating a world where we create, we love, we be through FEELING rather than THINKING. This is one of the huge changes that is occurring within us and around us all…intuition and things not seen are now going to be leading the way, rather than the “proof” and all the structured ways of planning our life and love journey. But to get back to what I was saying earlier, there will be an increase in synchronicities and the strength of your inner nudging for you to take inspired action towards your soul plan, especially if that soul plan includes your twin flame and your joint mission to serve humanity and all that is…your guides, angels, Source is and has been helping this on so many levels. It’s really so beautiful. I smile all the time with the love and the sweetness I witness always, in all ways surrounding me as these days are unfolding. We are so very loved, all of us, wherever we are standing or sitting in this moment!!! Sending you and your beloved such creative waves of love and inspiration.

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  1. But lately, I’ve found my medicine is completely unnecessary. When I noticed, oddly the doctors weren’t giving us the medicine for some reason lmao. but, I had a very odd lucid dream in which I couldn’t control, nor could I wake up from on command. For the first time I was at peace, and the took me to a place where my flame would reveal themself. But when the group of people whom had been called my flames by mistake appeared to lead me to my real flame, the one, Owen, made me vomit upon sight. I was so in love with him, the thought of having another was NOT able to be accepted. We all pondered, and my flame revealed himself as a boy I vacationed with years ago, named Brandon, whom I did see once in a dream where he appeared and I had no clue who he was since hair covered his face. I just looked for him, and found him, looking EXACTLY like that in his photo. WTF. and every moment I look down today, 11. it’s ridiculous. I was so happy to see Brandon in my dream, but then, I wondered what was up with my feelings for Owen. I have to ignore it though. I guess… I am so confused. Now I remember shit like the boy I was attracted to had the name of a boy I was on vacation with, who I was attracted to instead of Brandon. and… I am so tired. WHOO. Help please all my friends on here. Guidance, inspiration. Also. I am so dead, this storm is something else. haha I love you all <3

  2. Gabriella, the pieces of the puzzle I don’t understand in my case are: The difference of age between my TF and I, and the other is me being in a relationship with my soulmate that now I call him, my brother, OMG. If everything was planned this way before we even born in this 3D world or everything was orchestrated by the universe so what lessons we need to learn with all this before my TF and I get together? I feel esperitually connected with him, but being not able to see him in the 3D cause on me a HUGE pain.
    Love to everybody

  3. Yes. I feel you Joana. I am in such a struggle honestly. I know I am close to my flame, and I know that I have been looking for them in so many places because I want to see him in front of me. I had that dream and they couldn’t narrow it down to a single flame. I can’t even do it myself. I am so afraid honestly. I just miss them so much but I fear being hurt by my ego. I just want truth. How do I know it’s him? How can I tell it’s not another connection?

  4. Dear Joana,

    I know exactly how you feel. Also for me and my twinflame there are such …. well, how can I call this …. let’s say “barriers” …. so: there are so many barriers for me and my twinflame in the 3D that keep us apart. And I have the strong feeling this is the case for many twinflame pairs.

    What I’m going to write now is more general and with what I’m writing I don’t want to say that either of these is true for you (because I just don’t know what is the case for you) or that this is exactly like this for me ~ as I want to find the more general structure at work here ~ for you and for myself as well and of course all of our friends here 🙂 ~ and for this it’s always good to move to a higher persepctive and even allow oneself to write things that are just taken out of the blue … because it helps to move to a higher point of view. Having said this, I can now safely write *wink*:

    These barriers may be limitations the outside world puts on us, such as the very well-known belief: ”you are married and you are not supposed to love anybody else as well, or you might lose your spouse”…. With this comes the fear of losing one’s life as it has been until now …. the fear of losing the spouse who we might nevertheless still love (otherwise we could just divorce them and it would feel o.k. to just do it) .. the fear of losing the love of your kids and all the family around you … and not only the fear but maybe ~ if one is completely honest to oneself ~ you just don’t *want* to leave all of your former life behind you. It just doesn’t feel the right thing to do.

    There are also so many other limitations that may occur. They are all just barriers that don’t seem (!!!) to allow the love to flow between your twinflame and you. It may be cultural reasons, age differences, a long distance between you and your twin, you might be married to a woman and yout twinflame might be a man or vice versa, you might meet your twinflame and know your twinflame through a constellation which does not allow for love being openly expressed or loads of more reasons. I believe the number of possible situations created is infinite as it is unique to each pair of twinflame because it reflects somehow all of them in every facette of their being beyond time and space.

    I feel that all of these limitations and barriers have one thing in common: the barrier seems strong and they appear to make it impossible for you to join with your twin this life in the 3D and they encourage you to hide your feelings for your twin when connecting to people who strongly believe in these barriers. More often than less these people may be in your closest vicinity, being your loved ones themselves.

    However, at the same time with all this hiding going on and all these barriers making you so ultimately sad, the love you feel towards your twinflame, even the love you feel being sent *from* them to you, is always present. I can honestly say that this is 100% true for me and my twinflame. The barriers we’re facing are strong, very strong indeed … we have been able to release some of them (and even this was hard work ;-)) …. but the remaining barriers are so strong that they are still keeping us apart and not allowing any 3D contact at all right now … *sigh*…. no phone calls, no emails, no text messages, just nothing … *deep deep sigh*.

    I truly believe with all my heart that it is not about fighting these barriers but about loving them into the light and love again as Gabriella has expressed so wonderfully in one of her last posts (the one with loving the fear into love). The bottom line of all of these barriers is fear. Fear that the love we feel in our hearts is something bad, something to be hidden, something that might oppose some rules society has created. The truth is that love (I’m talking of real love, of pure love and divine love, love that is like a smile in your heart) is always good, is always a blessing and whenever you find it in your heart for somebody or something, it is GOOD and it is holy.

    And if barriers are still between you and your twin, I believe it means that these barriers somehow represent some inner issues in you or the twin (and this is in you of course as well, because your twin mirrors you) that want and *need* to be loved into the light again. In sending love to your twin *through* these barriers, you will eventually love these barriers into light and love, and *this*, dear Joana, is truly *healing*. I believe with all my heart that our twinflame journey is a journey of deepest inner healing. Of healing the issues we haven’t been able to heal in another way. And this is true for both twinflames at the same time. It causes such a tremendous wave of healing for both of them all the time that they may also at times be overwhelmed by it all and need time to retreat.

    Oh, thank you, dear Joana, by asking this question, and as I feel so guided to answer to this, it seems I have given myself a message of reassurance and of hope. Thank you, dear one *sweet smiles and hugs for you*

    Sending waves of light and love to everyone here,

  5. Dear Joana,

    I would like to add another thought:
    I truly believe that it is all NOT about : “either this – or that”
    as in “either married – or twinflame love” or “either you can keep your family and loved ones associated with your marriage – or twinflame love” or “either you mix with people your age – or your older or younger twinflame” …. And endlessly more combinations of “either – or”.

    There is no “either – or” in love, in pure, divine love. I have come to realize whenever you touch upon an “either –or” it means that something in this situation is not flowing in pure love. Take as an example siblings who are jealous of each other: I have just encountered this in my closest loved ones (me not involved thank God) and I have seen with horror what jealousy can do to a family. From the outside you can see it more easily and you can see that there are moments when love just cannot flow.

    And I am asking myself when encountering a barrier: is it true pure love when I follow all this barrier wants me to do? (example: when the “marriage barrier” tells you to get rid of your love for your twin) Or does this action block love?
    Love just *IS* and it isn’t a good idea to block it anyway, it feels absolutely awful and it makes ill as well.

    I think probably all of us here can feel it quite clearly that we don’t want to do away with twinflame love ~ I think this is why we are connecting here 🙂 ~ to support each other in helping to feel our twinflame love while the barriers are still there, so in fact we are combining both right now, we are living the “as well” as opposed to the “either-or”.

    And I guess what is going to come out of all of this eventually is a new world where the barriers will lose their masks of threatening to us and where we all (more and more people, eventually all) will come to realize that the barriers are just circumstances we live in, or let’s say: they are choices, but where they no longer keep us from our twins and from letting this love live as well. A new world where we can freely *choose* how to live our lives and as soon as the fear attached to what was perceived as a barrier or limitation before has been released, we find ourselves in a new world and we will probably wonder why we thought this was a barrier once. Take homosexual love for example. It was such a biggest problem throughout history and we can only imagine how much our (great-)grandparents’ generation or even the people before that (or also people in other countries) and also still our parents for some of us had to hide and maybe even fear for their lives. And for us who live with this so much more freely, we nearly wonder what the problem was in all of this, and our children and their children will shake their heads in disbelief if ever told that being gay or lesbian used to be an issue once.
    I believe the same will happen to the other limitations and that we play a big role in releasing all of these barriers and I also believe that some twinflames have chosen to come here to Earth and experience some of these barriers because they wanted to help in this ascension process and they knew their love would be strong enough to endure the pain also caused by this.

    I truly believe this ~ and … *Smile* … as the universe is so sweetly and beautifully intertwined and made …. I believe at the very same time that nothing we are doing as a twinflame pair is only for the higher good, but I believe that *everything* we’re doing, everything we’re experiencing serves a deep deep purpose of healing ourselves and our twins in the most wonderful way, in the softest, most caring, most loving way that deep deep wounds (probably maybe even caused by many many lives) need to be healed with. And in doing all we’re doing to mankind and this whole world, we are at the same time serving ourselves, so intimately and wonderfully, and with each step we’re removing more and more of what is between us and our twin, coming closer to each other on the level of the souls, the hearts and the bodies, preparing ourselves and our twin for the ultimate re-union, the moment of this one wondrous moment of holy spiritual marriage when you and your twin merge completely and go home into the light as one.

    It’s all about loving each other and all the world home, and there are no “either-or”s, there is only a big big “as well”.

    Lots of light and love to everybody here and your twins,

  6. Joanne, maybe I can shed some light on the age thing. I am married to my twin. I am 39 and he is 19. Their is obviously a HUGE age difference. That was the hardest part for us to get over and I have two kids. But age is in so many ways just a number as cliche as it may sound. He still has life lessons to learn, but at home with he and I, he is the very old man in our relationship. You would think he is 50 years old most of the time and I the rebellious teen. We joke that when spirit was looking for volunteers to come back at this time I was jumping up and down to volunteer. He asked me if I was crazy..we had already both graduated earth school and were done here. In his own act of rebellion he refused to come. But after almost 20 years, he missed me, saw me struggling with earth life and came down to find me again so I would not forget how to find my way back to who I AM. LOL

    But on a more Earthly based answer, In order for us to succeed in this life, to meet our goals, our soul plan, I came first to mature in the Earth life and how to navigate the Earthly bs. I also had to assist some others I was contracted with and they with me so all involved could ascend. Then my now hubby and twin waited. He is holding the space for me to step into my full power, and as he holds the space for me, he steps into his truth. Kinda like we are in a jungle. He is at my side, a half a step behind. I am swinging the machete clearing a path to move forward. He is right their with me though. He may not be swinging that machete, but his hand is always on my shoulder encouraging me, supporting me, giving me strength when I feel I have none. So in essence, we are still both moving forward together, cause as I “clear” that path, with his love and support, the trail is blazed for him, allowing us to journey together.

    A man my age would not have the spiritual strength or be able to handle the energy of spirit that runs through me as a healer. Only someone younger who has the “indigo” energy could stand by my side. For the mission we have and how we will serve, he had to be someone without a lot of years so he had a much less rigid structure of beliefs and limits we are indoctrinated into.

    And the age…it is about unconditional love…about seeing beyond the limits and judgements inherent in our society…to love with our hearts, soul to soul…breaking down barriers and limits…similar to interracial couples and same sex couples…and you now what…I got a young hot guy in my bed that loves me deeper then I have ever experienced. He is an amazing husband and father…age or not…I don’t really need to know the full reason..I just know he loves me, I love him and we are meant to be together! Much love to you on your own twin flame journey!!!

  7. Dearest Gabriella !
    Hoping that it all comes true. The words ” if it is in our soul contract..”. Is the main thing. How do we know that.. Can we ever find out, what is our soul contract ? I have been receiving numerous signs, that I have lost count, but nothing has materialised.. So much so that when I see these signs, I just think , OK LET IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN …… !!! To be in love is beautiful . It is wonderful to know of this TF love and being in total surrender to this is all that is left. Waves of love to you. Your guidance keeps us going .
    Dear Delphina!
    Wow ! That was a neat understanding of the whole TF journey. Let us hope this dream of NEW EARTH materialises. Love to you. Thank you for your soothing words. Helps a lot.. Love to everyone here.

  8. I seriously hope I come back to this comment to admit that I am wrong one day, and I apologize for the long comment. For the past year I’ve been given sign after sign, message after message, and so on that my TF and I are to be together in all forms in this lifetime. Since meeting him over a set of highly unusual and somewhat tragic circumstances (and whole lot of 11’s which have been haunting me for more than a decade).. spawning my own awakening that was beyond my control, finding myself facing so many of my own issues, challenges, and so forth.. my own awakening has now accelerated far beyond his.

    So I pay attention to the signs. When I am doing my own readings, whether it’s with a pendulum, intuitive light worker, or a card reading asking if we will be together in all forms (which my soul already knows to be true)… I always seem to pull the same cards (Eternal Love, This is Your Life’s Purpose, Romance Angels Helping You), etc. Every time I try to turn away, there is the universe putting it right in front of me again. I can’t go anywhere without seeing an Infinity symbol. Signs and messages… Over and over and over again.

    But… yes, there is the BUT… at some point.. it begins to feel a lot like the story of the little girl that cried wolf. After all the signs, I get filled with hope again… and then… NOTHING. He doesn’t know what a twin flame is. If I am the only one of us getting these signs, what good is it? While synchonicities bring us together, we somehow end up talking less and less. The thing is, I understand all these.. and I know he does to a degree (he has a very powerful third eye)… and while I do hold the feeling of unconditional love (even with him starting to see another woman now).. I can’t help but feel used after every time we connect. Or at least the remnants of my ego feel that way.

    I do know that since meeting him, there have been tests after tests after tests. My year started with a vacation gone wrong, an assault, and public humiliation all over the media, to the point where I could not go out in public for a while. I had to REALLY look within at this time. The year has been laden with financial and career difficulties harsher than I have ever experienced… and while I keep holding hope and setting intentions and believing all is happening as it should be… it continues to get worse. I lost my home, and a grown adult finding myself having to move back home to stabilize, which still has yet to happen. Not to mention, more recently, an injury with my father which found him paralyzed, and now after surgery we are into rehabilitation and while there is a glimmer of hope, are in jeopardy of losing many things. I know they are just ‘things’, but when those ‘things’ are a roof over your head.. they are important things.

    There are challenges. I get that. Time and time again I keep looking to love. But you know what? To be honest, it is starting to get to be a real piss off, and more frustration than love. If you keep turning to love and the universe keeps crapping on you… it gets hard.. You know? It’s like going back to a boyfriend that has promised he would never hit you again… delivered you flowers and little bits of romance as signs… and then you trust, then bam! In your face. Wouldn’t one begin to stop trusting and even feel shameful for being tricked?

    At a time when I would like nothing more than to just be held, PHYSICALLY, by my TF… he is not there. Yet, I know he is always there on the soul level… but there are times in one’s life when giving yourself a big ol’ bear hug because apparently you are your twin and your twin is you – well, it doesn’t always cut it. And even though love shared with one is loved shared with all – sorry, but a hug from another is just not the same.

    I’ve been facing a lot of my fears lately too it seems – especially my biggest one is with public speaking. These have been challenging to face with all the other stuff going on, so again I’ve been going turning to the whole ‘dive in’ thing.

    I know I am stronger as a result of a lot of things that have happened this year and in the previous… but I’ve been doing so much balance the last several years that I almost feel like I’m out of balance.

    We say that we have to do away with attachment – but I am seriously starting to wonder if all these signs and messages… perhaps maybe I am attaching meaning to them? Is a TF just another ‘thing’ that we place our beliefs into in hopes that there is something more… much like religion?

    I knew I was ‘different’ the moment I came into this life, and I see and understand things differently than most (un-awakened people). I know things that the limited mind couldn’t possibly understand how I know them, I see things, I feel energy, I hear things… these gifts have accelerated beyond what I ever expected. Even with all the challenges this year, I can see why they happened and the good to come out of them… eventually. I know why I’ve been single for the last number of years, because I always had this gut feeling that there was someone here that was the EXACT match in every way. And then I found him… and the energy was like something I can’t even put into words. But, it seems to be one-sided.

    But seriously, how long can one be strung along by the universe and given so many signs before it begins to become frustrating? Patience, I get it. And I have been enjoying and embracing the moment and allowing others into my life… but if these signs and messages are going to continue to happen.. while he moves further and further away from me.. it starts getting really confusing. No matter what, no matter who I am with he will always be in the back of my mind, if that’s the case… and I am only going to see him in the dream time… then I am going to start wishing I had never met him at all.

    Somedays, I almost think I was happier before having a universal carrot dangled in front of my face.

    Sorry for the long comment… feeling all sorts of ranty today.

  9. Dear Misty,
    ah, i know what are you talking about, but REALLY know, this comment:
    “I know why I’ve been single for the last number of years, because I always had this gut feeling that there was someone here that was the EXACT match in every way. And then I found him… and the energy was like something I can’t even put into words.”, YEEEES!!! and the rest of your post! and all this feelings that you describe and suspicions that you have, are very familiar to me also and i think everyone else. We are breaking the wall a big WALL, all structers that we built and considered that they are good, now are falling aparat, beacuse they were built on something that wasn`t real, on some beliefes that wasn`t real. We are asking ourselfs are we in an illusion, but noo, we WERE in an illusion, we finally opening are eyes…all that world that we know/knew was “false”. It comes to me also to think that i was happier before this and then i rememeber all that beautiful feelings that i discovered about my self, about the world and that knowing that i had about the world and my soul IS REAL, my whole being started to have meaning finally, i am not seeing myself anymore like a lie nor my life and that is priceless. It`s hard, it really is hard, we can talk about soul missions and we all know and understand now that it all have its purpose, but we are still HUMANS, we have that human side and right now that side is merging with US, with our souls and it`s struggling with that, our human side meeting our souls and is afraid a bit 🙂 a human in us looking for some comfort and that is ok.
    Trust your feeling, i really know how you feel, when you think that everyhing is a game of push and pull and then sudenlly something beautiful happens and then you just laugh to yourself. Our TFs will come. I met till now my soulmates in my friends and i always knew that i will meet my one, only soulmate (my TF now), i was looking for him in every guy that i met, now i know why i never had i serious long lasting relationship, all my friends are in relationships for 5,6 years, i knew that something big is coming for me and now i find it, but…well, it is big :)this i didn`t expected.
    All around the world people experiencing this, we are the ones who are breaking that wall, we dont know how to do that but we feel it somehow and it`s really happening, this is REAL.
    Now my post is long 🙂
    Sending you much love! Just trust! We are all together!

  10. Dear Ela, you made cry, my eye make up is all over my face, I think that is my case. Many times I asked to myself what I’m doing here on earth, I grew up in a very difficult family. ALL my brother and sisters had issues, and I WAS there being a calm and down to earth person for them. Papa and mama also had their isues papa with alcoholism and mama with depression, she never believed in herself and I was there always trying to share them up. Then, I married a man who did not know how to smile and be happy, he rejected me many times even he posponed our wedding days before of it, thing that embarrasmed me in front of my all family. I could leave him many times before, but I always felt sorry for him, I guess I have the spirit of mother Teresa. That is! I feel that I already graduate from earth too, and I’m here voluntaring, I have a wonderful son who was born with language problems, I have dedicated all my time to him and now he is a brilliant and hard worker student. I think that he needs me little more, so I’m guiding him now. Yes, my TF took a while to come to earth, I guess, almost the years your twin did… I feel so shy even to try to iniciate a conversation with him, FOR this reason “my age” he is 24 or maybe 25…he is so shy too. When he is around me, he only try to pretend doing something there, but he never do eye contac with me. Sometimes, I feel that he hides from me, or he feels intimidate from me for some reason. He is finishing his bacherlor degree and I’m begining a master program. One day I was in my work place caffeteria along and I was thiking on my TF and asking me, what conversation a woman of my age can talk about it with a young man like my TF, then I magazine sitting on another table caught my attention, the cover was showing a man and woman naked from the waist up in a most terderness moment. SO, I said to myself WOW! we don’t need to talk about anything, ha, ha,…So I started crying while writing this note, and now I’m laughing like a kid…
    Thanks so much to all of you for your espiritual support. LOVE this blog.
    Love to everybody

  11. Thanks sunshine,

    Thank you for your words 🙂 See this is what always happens! I feel so confused and then someone comes along that totally gets it and knows exactly what I am talking about. Then it sucks you right back in!

    I guess I am still waiting and hoping for that something ‘beautiful’ to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the beauty in everything, especially the small things, and there are many miracles I see every day… but I want to see SOMETHING, ANYTHING.. that has to do with my TF because it seems to be a whole lot of signs that tease… it would just be nice to feel something manifest! It’s all pretty hard to believe when him and I don’t even talk and now he is leaving the country. I just don’t want to be getting signs and messages for the next twenty years and nothing happens. I think it’s human tendancy that if someone (trustworthy) tells you something to see action on the word – but I am just not seeing that at all.

    I know, I know, timing and everything happens very intricately. But still… it’s very frustrating. I guess I just wish I had answers as to whether or not I am wasting my time.

    I’ve learnt some amazing things about myself that I would not trade either.. but it’s getting to the point where I would like to share those things with him. We are breaking down a wall supposedly… okay, I know that… you know that… but does the TF know that? No… not mine at least… he surely would think this is nuts! So this is why I have a hard time seeing that he will magically come.

    I guess if I can ‘wake up’ so can he.. but I still remain skeptical because it’s been a lot of talk and no action! And yes… I know when a garden is growing you can not see what is happening beneath the soil and there are some miracles taking place… but even so… I’m frustrated!

    How long can you keep pushing a wall without it moving just a little before you grow tired?

    So many thoughts in my head….

  12. Ugh. SO much to read, I hate reading haha. But I read because I love you guys and you help me. I am just so lost. I won’t lie, I feel invisible on here, sometimes people look over mine, and answer others. I feel like I over analyze simple times, and look for 11s, like maybe I’ll never find my flame at all. I am gay, and I hate vagina, like no joke. I love sex, and I find it sacred and passionate, but I play the role of the one who worships my man like a God, and he silently and respectfully commands me to please him, and treats me gentle when we make love. But, if I have a woman, wtf. I have women sexually. It’s pointless, and if they are ugly, I feel like, I am OBVIOUSLY gonna make love with a soul mate and not you, since I love pretty white boys. But, I don’t like stereotypical people, and when I open my mind, my flame is always claiming to be a masculine body, so I feel he is a man, and he carries a comforting and wise yet sad and poetic tone like me. I want someone dark, someone who can defy fate. A man with eyes like fire, which is what make me fall in love. Since a young age, I have longed for a man in life, and never noticed I was the feminine spirit, always changing for them and giving but never taking. But, why am I so afraid of a female? It repulses me, and I have been harrassed by a man before, so I hate sex, but I still long to have my lover who I can make love with in physical and be happy with. I just don’t know.and I have this foot fetish for male feet, and I hate when people have ugly feet. I hate this. I can’t put it down. I can put all other barriers down, but my heart says, oddly, this flaw will lead me to my flame, and only men appear in my dreams, with me as the woman usually. In past lives I was a female, and I remember a mansion that a woman had promised to give to us, and my husband was dying, so I took him through all our promises and memories, and we promised to never be apart. recently, I had a dream where the woman had left, and the place was ours. I was so happy. and one dream where I saw him, we were lil boys tho, he was a typical arian, with a name that had a V, R, Y, E, N and some others in it. and we ran to our old hideout to erase our past life names, and rewrite our new names but I always went blind before I saw him. and voices always claim to be my flame but I never hear them clearly. it hurts so bad. I want to kill myself legit. I don’t want to be gay, if it is in my way. But my heart says I am for some reason, and my mind says I am not gay, I just long for a masculine soul. I feel like I knew this would be before I incarnated and my flame may have respected it. but… I dunno. I just am in so much pain, one minute I feel euphoria when I feel I found him, and suddenly I am filled with uncertainty. what is certainty? why am I so analytical? I am an empath too, and an indigo child, and I think they both are fucking my life up. I am always hearing that I am peeing and pooping in ethereal form when I have dreams, and I am like WTF. NO I AM NOT. I just… I wanna die sometimes, I ask for it, I just need to escape if I can’t have him by my side. Something called me home from my private school, and I left all my friends for this. I just want to make love with him in person, and to cuddle with him and to hear his output on things, to be frustrated and say angry words with him, to make passionate love, and to be comforted by him. I want him to be my cosmos, I’ll be his chaos, we’ll live in a crazy world that’ll shun us, but they can never bring us apart. I need him. I need him to be a him. A man’s body can only fulfill this. I need a penis. No joke. I need that vibe, his body should be in sync with my soul, and mine with his soul. I am practically a poetic and dark girl with an emotional shield up, who always laughs and jokes with black humor because she needs to smile, and longs to see others smile too. People see that too, I always confuse straight men, and they fall for me and then we end up nowhere. I hate it. Even if he is straight, I can please him and show him how to see the real me. And now, I feel like a hypocritical douche, because my flame could be some chic who feels like that. But, a chic, with a masculine soul, won’t do it. I need his soul and body to be to my liking, and my body to his satisfaction, so I can show him the real me. I am the one who is searching I feel, like I am the one who is awake, and he is asleep. How will I find him when I am always in so much doubt? Help me… before I fall victim to myself again. I feel him kissing me, whispering in my ear, I giggle, and he laughs and kisses my neck. and then the world around us looks in shock, and we look at each other, and see so much more than they do, so we forgive them, and we close our eyes and cuddle more. He is so strong to me, and yet I see those parts of him that make him my big teddy bear, and he hates how I see through him, and I laugh, and then give him his favorite thing to make him smile, and we rest together, and make love. I JUST NEED IT. I JUST FUCKING NEED IT. LIKE FOH REAL. NIGGAS NEED TO GIVE ME THAT. I NEVER GET IT. and I look like a football player. yet still, men are attracted to my vibe. wink wink. just the wrong men. UGH UGH UGH. I feel like a whore, because I know if my flame is asleep, I need to break through his mind somehow, and how else to get in a man’s head but sex. DAMN IT. Help guys, please.

  13. Teo and to Everyone,

    Transcend your thoughts and desires to want to attach to a label for what you are feeling…because what can happen is that when we attach to a label and try to confine our feelings to justify why we are feeling what we are, how that will play out in our “future,” etc, we lose the connection to our intuition and the flow of the divine moments as they unfold…we are always being guided and supported along a path of flowing into our hearts desires ever stronger. What I’ve come to understand on deeper levels recently, is that all of what we thought we believed in, what we had attached so strongly to that has become part of our identity, all of the outer imbalances and inner ones have washed away, and much of what has transpired and is transpiring is the breaking down of all of our perceptions, emotions, actions, etc with the aid of outer circumstances and inner confusion to bring us to a place of feeling the urgency of letting go, of surrendering into what is in this moment, while honoring that what the soul feels so strongly connected to and has received visions of as well as the reassurance of such from the Universe is NOT in vain, for we are co-creators with this abundant universe. If that be the case, then everything that you are experiencing, all of the inner and outer conflicts or shiftings are not only divinely guided but absolutely necessary in preparation for you in order to step into, to walk into your unique and specific destiny with all of the souls (including your Beloved) that you have intended to create and share with. All steps have their order, and within each step there is so much to be given, and so much to be received. It is important, essential really, to be able to allow yourself to give of the divine love that you are and in addition, to also receive it.

    The message for us all right now, is to
    1. dive in
    2. surrender to what is
    3. review within all that you have been attached to
    4. just feel things in and then out
    5. balance the energy and vibration of love within you
    6. bring that balancing within without in your relationships, your experiences, your perceptions of all that is happening within and around you
    7. trust that this Universe is flowing in divine, perfect order
    8. know that all of this is bringing you to a deeper connection to your truth and even a revamping of it ~ to let it all go to bring it all back in a new way, a *whole* completeness
    9. The balancing within is feeling the union of your feminine and masculine energies in harmony with one another. Receive ~ act ~ receive ~ act…balance between action and allowing…the ebb and flow of life force energy…in and out of the masculine and feminine forces.
    10. Remember you are not alone…this time requires us to be alone at times to feel the ONEness that really is ~ we’ve experienced the separation to experience and remember ourselves into the oneness that always is
    11. You are love. You are loved. You are the divine energy of God beyond form and in form…and this experience of life is what your soul has chosen so that you can become a thorough expression of this sacred love in embodiment here on Earth.

    There is so much more that is brewing within…and it’s high time soon to start piecing things together to bring my second book in form for all of you, as it will answer SO many of your questions…yet I am still encouraged, as are all of you, to continue to move with the flow of this divine and sacred Universe, knowing that all is happening in its perfect time and perfect way. Stay true in every moment to your heart…no matter if you have the acceptance from others, the tangible proof from outside of you, or if you even feel you know any of it anymore. This is good…this is actually really good, because as you let go of what you know, you move into alignment and remembrance of what you truly KNOW, in the deepest and sweetest parts of your whole being. Remember: we are remembering ourselves into ONE with our spiritual essence and physical presence…and that requires a letting go of all that we thought we knew, all that we felt we were, to bring us into the truth of all that we deeply know and all that we inherently are, beyond limitations, beyond boxes, beyond labels, beyond plans, beyond it all…let yourself flow and immerse yourself within the depths of your emotions (energy always in motion) and let them bring you where they will without wondering where you are going to be before you even get there. Trust…flow…be…allow…be love…be loved…

    I love you all SO very much.

    Waves of love flowing from my heart always, in all ways, to your hearts!

    P.S. the other thing that is important for me to remind you all of is that I so desire to support you all through the inner and outer changes that you are uniquely going through ~ even though we have similarities along our journeys, we also have our own specific path, and it absolutely helps to have the support from one who understands. I have extended the holiday special for readings and twin flame mentoring sessions, where if you purchase an hour, you get a complimentary half hour. For more information, you may go here: Readings and Sessions ~ great for giving away a gift or receiving one. Let Santa know or give yourself a gift 😀 but I’m here, I welcome the chance to share more intimately with each of you. Lots of love!!!

  14. just went to sleep. and had a journey through places where I was tested for each sin I do the most, lust, gluttony, and I guess wrath. I am so upset though. I just woke up in the middle of one, because I just couldn’t do this. I tried to stop. I just need to fucking die in hell. I hate being me.

  15. I just read what you post Gabbie. Thanks so much. It’s hard but, I guess I can just let it all go. I just need to chill. I just know my heart is chaotic and I have no clue what the fuck to do about it. I just am afraid of a lot. I hate women. They are so bitchy. and men, lustful whores. I just hate everyone. and I am so fickle, and judgemental, but I just force myself to love everyone instead of feel what I do, contempt. I just want to get it out. I used to cut myself. I used to do so much, I used to cry every night, but when will I truly find me. I am a woman, then I am a man, I am gay, and then I am trying to accept being straight, but those are physical aspects, I just dunno how to define what truth is, I am uncertain of all things. “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson. I love that song, it’s so me. I am just so mad. UGH. I want a boyfriend so bad. hahaha. I just hate this whole teen angst hormonal scene in the way of my old soul singin’ it’s heart out. Damn this world. I just want what I asked for, and to stop questioning shit. Like, I liked chic before, I loved girls a lot, but never had lust for them. I just hate lust. and I can’t please a woman. like wtf. I hate being pleased myself, so I enjoy men, because I can see how to arouse them and I love being gay because we always play with each other, I physically project this image of a male, which allows their mind to be at ease, and then the ego can be attacked completely, and when I defeat the ego by awakening the inner female, they start to become one with me, and I fall head over heels for them. But if someone else beats me to the punch for the wrong reason, I am screwed. So I am a whore. Haha, but, I love seducing men, and then showing them what I long for isn’t sex, and arousing mind and body to show that I can please them in every sense. Be a man in physical, break through the mind which is the bridge between the heart and the body, and then I get to hear the heart speak, then I show them the feminine me, which longs to mate with the masculine heart, and then when we connect, they often face reality that I am a woman in a man’s body so to speak, and then the ego is reborn, and they force themselves to find me in a female body. It is so sucky. lmao. I’d totally date a chic, I just can’t have sex with them, we’d be like cohorts, but it’d be an open relationship where we knew that I was gay and that we were just in it to help each other find our significant other. Just too many people to do this with. lmao. I hate men so much damn.
    LOVE YOU GABBIE <3 YOU MADE MY NIGHT. I am writing your directions everywhere I can, so I can remember. Now is my time to be, and I will shine bright, I just know it. I love you all so much, thanks for hearing my cries. Oh, and my Mom and I, we fight a lot in my dreams, like I kill her. and laugh. and she comes back, so exhausting. we are just too alike. haha. ahhh. I need some rest, and need some prayers. who do I pray to…. Allah, Jehovah, I AM? So many words, for one thing, Truth. Ahhh, I will pray to the universe then. Well, Pray for me, as I pray for you all my soul mates. I know I am with you because you all are pushing me to them. ahh. I hope I can keep this mindset, no more sexual issues. lmao. goodnight guys.

  16. Theo, I read your posts, happy to hear that some people around here and Gabriella are helping you. This site has been a place to me to learn, keep me awake to follow sings send by the universe, continuo to follow this divine journey, and not to lose the hope that someday I will be with my TF for ever and ever. Many times I get desperate and I want to accelerate this process in some way. And then, I can understand that everything I’m living right now has a purpose.
    Love to you and everybody in this site.

  17. Gabriella, I will love to take your online course, but I’m having some major expendings right now, so I can not affort your course.

  18. Dear Joana,

    I completely agree with all the beautiful things you said about this site:
    “This site has been a place to me to learn, keep me awake to follow sings send by the universe, continue to follow this divine journey, and not to lose the hope that someday I will be with my TF for ever and ever.”

    This is exactly what it is for me to: a helping hand when I am desperate, a wonderful place to share what I have come to know when others need a helping hand and when I can say something that I think might help ~ or I’ll send angels and love and light when I don’t know anything in particular to say (Teo, I always send you angels and light and love when you express your troubles, some of your comments may not have a written answer, but I believe there are many who send you love and light on your way, and this is certainly true for all posts from all of us that might not have been answered directly) and it is also a wonderful place just to share our happiness when things are enfolding beautifully and to give others hope by this as well 🙂

    Dear Misty, you said: “Every time I try to turn away, there is the universe putting it right in front of me again. I can’t go anywhere without seeing an Infinity symbol.”
    Yes, this is exactly what it is like for me, too. 🙂 Whenever I try to put away with my twinflame journey and whenever I’m really fed up with it and think maybe I’m interpretating too much into it, and I am overdoing it, the universe interferes and does something that makes it impossible for me to turn away. It has happened one or two weeks ago as well, it always happens.
    I can only honestly say: I don’t know what will happen of course, but what I do see very clearly is that the universe and the angels *want* me to believe and that they are sending so many signs all along the way, so many that I have lost count completely. I am being flooded with them.

    Last week when I was at the cash point getting cash …and it suddenly all seemed like a big metaphor/image for the journey of life. As I was standing there, after entering my pin number (= making sure I was entitled to stating and receiving my wish) and typing in the amount of money I wanted (=placing my order) I had to wait … and it took quite long this time …. and while I was waiting I read the words: “Please wait while we are processing your order” …. and I heard the money being counted by the machine. I thought : wow, how nice when you can read these words and know that your order has arrived and has also been accepted and how nice to be sure someone is taking care of it and when I heard the money being counted I thought: yes, that’s it,it’s so reaussring while you don’t see the outcome. At the end of course you even have to take your card first and only after that the money is given to you! Wow, think of that, if one wasn’t completely sure the machine would give us the money, this would surely be the point when one could turn away, completely frustrated and ultimately sad. Of course we all know that the money will be given to us and this knowledge is what keeps us there until we can receive it, but for someone who has never done this before the signs like the message written on the screen that asks him to wait and reassures him the order has been accepted and the counting of the money (so something we can grasp with our human senses) are the two things that keep him wait for the delivery of his order.

    I believe the signs we see and hear on our twinflame journey, these signs that are everywhere and right in front of us,are like the written message on the screen and they are like the angels counting the money, preparing us for our twinflame reunion here in 3D. 🙂 The angels know we need some signs in order not to give up too soon … And they give us the signs … as beautifully as possible and with all their love.

    Sending all of you the love of the angels,

    P.S. Misty, that your twin does not recognise the signs or consciously accept the twinflame journey, doesn’t mean anything. His soul knows. That’s important. 😉

  19. Theo, you always writing about people who you dream with. I used to dream with a man, I THOUGT was my angel guard or guide, I think I was in love with him, them I told him to stay away because I was getting married. Then, he left me I guess, then I got many trouble in my marriage and I prayed to make him come back. So I met my TF in the 3D. It was a heavenly sensation when I was close to him, this confused and scared me a lot because I did not know by that time about TFs. Then, the first time I see him on his eyes, was the answer, He was, no doubt. I dream or imagine another people, one is a big guy with great sence of humor who make me laugh a lot, I call him my little brother, the other is a woman without sense of humor but with a lot of wisdom. I think they are my guides, I tell you I thought I was crazy…My son used to draw a person like a cartoon all the time and I asked him why he was doing this, He told me that his name was “shadow” a dog who talk. He was too young, he stopped talking about this character or person. I guess, we all have angels, guides around us. I don’t rememner where I read this, but it said that the harder the life plan of a person is in this 3D world, the number of angels increase because of this. A person can have 3 or more angels, or there are people who are magnet for angels. Maybe somebody can write more about this. I think Delphina is a magnet for angels, she is always sending angels here and there…no kidding…
    Love to everybody

  20. Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    Surrender into what is right now in your experience and immerse yourself within all of it, knowing that what will happen in the next moment is so intimately interweaved with all that IS right now…and allow everything to come to you in its perfect flow, in its perfect moment…we do need to walk our path to prepare ourselves for each next step we are to step into along the journey within the co-creation of our destiny, and with that walking, comes the experiencing, for in the experiencing, comes the remembering, which is what knowing the details of your soul contracts/intentions are ~ a remembering from the soul level of what you have intended to create in this lifetime and with whom…when is not so much the important thing to focus on but rather experiencing each moment leading up to what your heart feels strongly…let everything move into place as you continue to rise your vibration of love within and around you. Every moment, everything, every person, is serving their purpose to the whole within your own life as well as with the ONEness of all.

    Bask in the trust that “LET IT ACTUALLY HAPPEN” brings forth…you put out this call to the Universe, knowing on a deeper spiritual soul level that the union with your Beloved already is, and you are just continuing to move ever more fully into experiencing the love and oneness that you are. Total surrender to right now, to this moment, to NOW, to allow it all to unfold…trust that you are in co-creation with an abundant universe that not only loves you, but that you are a part of. The dream of the New Earth is actually here right now, we are in it, and we are all continuing to shape it with each step we take. Take each step consciously in love, balancing that love within you and bringing that balance of love into expression around you. Sending you SO much love always sweet one, and to everyone ~ loving all ways.

  21. Dear Sleeping Beauty,

    thank you so much for the love you’re sending me and for your sweet answer yesterday. Sending you so much sweet love, too, and angels 😉

    Oh, dear Joana,

    I’m smiling when reading that you said I’m a magnet for angels. How wonderful! Thank you so much ! 🙂
    I’m listening to the angels every night before going to bed. Just listen to them, imagine they are there and be open to their messages. Believe me, it’s *great* !!! Try it !!! 🙂

    This is what I feel when thinking of the angels:
    There is of course a guardian angel for everyone who is with this person every second of his/her life and I believe there is a special angel for each major relationship, the angel who is taking care of this meaningful relationship and ensuring everything is arranged to everyone’s best. There is an angel for one’s marriage, a special angel for the family, and of course a very very beautiful special angel for you and your twinflame.
    I am quite sure that at least the twinflame angels are not limited to one, my twin and I have always had the perception that a lot of angels were around us caring for the twinflame relationship in all aspects … and there are also angels for each and every situation in life that you can call upon and ask for their help. They will always willingly help.

    I am just very intuitively feeling their sweet energies around me … haven’t read a book … it’s only intuition and twinflame experience … they are there … definitely … soothing me … they are always there to wrap their soft wings around me … and they are so willingly flying to all I love as well and when in conscious contact with each other my twin and I have always been fond of joining our energies in sending angels to our loved ones whenever they were in need, and I believe this special twinflame blessing is still very much intact and functioning just as beautifully as before.

    I believe everyone can so easily speak to the angels, they are always around us and they just *love* being recognized and will always willingly answer and help the very moment they are asked or even before ;-). I have the impression that they will allow everyone to find their own special way of communication with them and by just pondering on them or looking at all the beautiful angel pictures available in the internet you will activate your inner knowledge.

    They are smiling right now and are sending each of you and your twins all of their love on a beautiful rainbow all across the whole world to whereever you are.

    Lots of love from the bottom of my heart,

  22. Delphina,

    That is a wonderful metaphor 🙂 What happens though if say the machine malfunctioned or say a robber came in.. naturally we trust that it wouldn’t happen… there are so many variables to something that the outcomes seems so certain.

    I was receiving so many messages and signs for months and months… and could even hear them. It is funny though, because during the hardest times (this month has been a real real challenge), they seem to disappear. I hear nothing and it seems like I will ask for some kind of sign and nothing. I have asked for so much help these past few months and it has been one thing after another – I expect challenge, but some times I would like the opportunity to learn a lesson through something positive and happy happening. That really hasn’t been the case for a long, long while. Some days I feel highly connected, others totally abandoned. Where are these angels when you actually need them? For all the times I have found myself crying and crying.. not just about my TF.. but the things that have been happening in my life.. I certainly don’t feel any angel wings. The days of feeling alone are growing more than the days of feeling connected.

    I guess I am just skeptical these days. I don’t really understand how something that is supposed to be full of love can put one through so much pain. How is that love?

    As for my TF… maybe his soul knows… but his ego is one huge malfunction. Perhaps today is a bad day and the full moon is getting to me… but I am starting to wish I had never met him at all.

  23. Oh, dearest Misty,

    you are touching my heart so much by all you are writing and tears are flowing ….

    I wanted to say that one thing is for certain: this machine I was talking about, the heavenly machine, does not have a malfuction and there is no robber about.

    And then I went on reading … oh, Misty, how much can this whole universe can be intertwined?

    I know *EXACTLY* how you feel ….

    but what can I do to help you …. oh, I don’t know, I really don’t know …

    but I am sending you the softest sweetest angel together with all my love from the depths of my heart.

    If only I knew the answer, dear Misty, then I could have shared it with my twinflame. But I don’t know it ….

    Lots of love and an angel with soft wings coming to you now, dear Misty. Maybe your heart and your soul will feel this anyway.


  24. I think that maybe you are an Angel yourself Delphina 🙂

    Yes, everything is very intertwined… I’ve seen that so very clearly many times.

    I wish there was a way to contact you… but I don’t want to put my name on here…

    Lots of love..

  25. Believe me, dear Misty,

    this machine doesn’t have a malfunction. The moment you wish for something that is meant to be and has been put into your heart by the Universe itself and when you then express it, the “order” is accepted and being worked upon. Even if you can’t feel it with our human senses. You’ll see ….

    Sending you a sweet beautiful angel,
    sending a very beautiful angel to everyone and their twins
    and lots of sweet love,


  26. Delphina,

    I have wished and wished and wished. It has been turmoil after turmoil for both myself and my family the last year and more. Yesterday I have said goodbye to a friend that is losing the battle to cancer. I have asked for help with financial burdens for my family – yesterday I find out that after my father’s surgery, he will be in the hospital for many months.. and a year before he can walk again.. and that is best case scenario. They do not think that he will walk again. Now we are in more financial burden.

    I have wished and wished and wished… for something good to happen. I am tired of seeing repeating numbers. I want to SEE something. Repeating numbers are not helping me. They do not pay the bills. They do not put arms around me. Instead, they just string me along for nothing. When I collapse to the floor and cry my eyes out as I have been for what seems like every day for the past many months… I do not see or hear or feel any Angels.

    I am accepting of challenges… but at times when I need them the most.. where are they? Nowhere. More misery to happen. It seems they would like me to lose my mind above all else.

    Until then, my belief in TFs and Angels and everything else is being wittled down to nothing. Hope, hope, hope… be positive.. seems to be nothing more than a perpetual disappointment.

    My apologies… I do not mean to rant… but this month has taken my strength and I just don’t think I care anymore. Apologies Gabriella for us taking over your blog with so many comments!!

  27. Dear Misty,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your friend and also of all of the turmoil around you …. and if I knew the answer to all of that what it is happening and why you cannot feel any angel around you, believe me, I would so willingly give it to you.
    The truth is I don’t know the answer ….
    but I know you are somehow touching my heart very much ….

    I so much wish I could make you feel the arms of angels wrapped around you …. and give you peace. It seems peace is what you need the most ….

    Lots of love to you, dear one, and of course to everyone here

  28. Dear Misty:
    You need to be a strong person, this is just a test, and a hard one. Be patient and humble; it is my advice, please dont lose the hope…I know this, I have been there. I’m a praying person, so praying for me is a relief. You are not alone, I think angels help or stay on the side sometimes to allow us to learn a lesson, I know is painful, but I’m sure this series of painful issues you are suffering will go away soon. I read in some place here, something that Gabriella wrote, it says like: “when things seem to fall apart, really they are getting into place…” These are not the exacts words but this is the idea.
    Love to you and everybody in this site.

  29. Dear Joana and everyone,

    yes, this is so true, dear Joana, and I thank you so much for sharing these wonderful words.

    I feel so much gratitude for being a part of this family connecting here because this is what it’s really about: all of us know so many beautiful things and have so much inner wisdom and when one of us or two don’t know the answers, there is somebody else showing up and helping so much! Tears are coming to my eyes because I was at a loss yesterday as Misty had touched so much on my own unsolved questions with my twin, and it had all touched me to the core so that I didn’t know any more … and the answer, the next post, has been extremely important to me … and now I’m coming here in the morning and here it is and this answer is not only to Misty but also to me and my twinflame and I am so grateful, dearest Joana, with all my heart! I hope you can really feel how much your answer is touching me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Lots and lots of sweetest love to you, dear Joana,
    what a wonderful place this blog is to connect and share our wisdom and love 🙂

  30. I agree… this blog makes me feel like I am not alone, and thank you everyone for sharing.

    It is strange… when ever I think of my TF… his Mom calls me and says “Hey Angel I was just thinking of you”… she has been my second mom for the past decade.. which is funny, because I only met him a year ago.. in all these years we have been a part of each others lives we had not met.

    I am just so full of questions and uncertainty. Make no mistake… the first moment we met, I recognized myself in him and vice versa. It was a feeling like none I’ve experienced before and boy, did it flip my world upside down.

    But he doesn’t have these feelings.

    I understand knowing yourself fully and being in balance. I get that. But let’s say… you had a significant other…not necessarily a TF but just someone that you loved and loved… would you put them through so many tests? At some point would they not become irritated and just walk away?

    That is the point I am at… all these signs and tests… I am burnt out. I have a hard time believing that anything that involved unconditional love would hurt so much. What more does whomever is in charge need from me?

    There is only so long until it becomes to feel like a joke and I feel ashamed for allowing myself to be strung along… when nothing has come to fruition. He has expressed that he does not and will not ever feel anything for me… so then why, when I ask if we are going to be united in ALL ways, does the universe keep giving me detailed messages?

    Hard to believe that he is just going to open his eyes and see me when we drift further apart.

    Yes, I am stronger as a result of many of the experiences this year… but I am also on the ground and devoid of all energy. I’ve been in some abusive relationships before… but I certainly did not think I was signing up for a universal ass kicking to test my feelings for this man. We are told that unconditional love does not hurt… but I beg to differ. ‘Going back to the place of love’… yeah I get that too, and I do it… but quite frankly that does not keep me warm at night when I am crying to sleep. I am pretty sure that many of the challenges this month I have faced alone.

    Poor Gabriella… we are hijacking her beautiful writings! But it is comfort in knowing that there are others… Gabriella I so want to take your course… with my parent in the hospital though… and not knowing what we are going to do to get by… and having to sell things off… my funds are pretty low.

    I’ve been getting strong signs for too long… but I’m sorry, until I actually see something, I do not want to live perpetually disappointed and I remain somewhat skeptical…

    Love to everyone.

  31. Misty, I feel like I’m living your life. I was fortunate enough to have been in a relationship with my TF for a few months, before he ended things out of the blue and SPRINTED. Going from hearing from him everyday since we first met (about a year ago) to having not heard from him for 2 months now (since he ended things) is terrible. I like you would literally kill for a hug from him – although (not that I’m a drug addict) I feel it would be like giving a hit to a junkie. I can feel him and can feel he is going through a rough time at present, and me also going through what seems to be the worst series of events imaginable and so much pain is causing my faith to be at an all time low. I know deep within myself with certainty that we are meant to be together physically and spiritually, however I just don’t see how he will realise that when he is going out of his way to forget the connection we share. We have so much to achieve together for the good of the planet, but I fear his ego-based battles may overrule his spiritual as he has struggled with his head fighting his heart his whole life and I couldn’t do much to change that no matter how much unconditional love I gave (and give).
    Much love and know you are not alone, not that makes you feel any better (I know)! xox

  32. I have had trouble getting online but I am going to desperate lengths. I had this half awake issue, I have been hearing voices of people. I called Paramahansa Yogananda, and I heard a voice saying hush your mind, silence your thoughts, and then I did so, and he said I need to let go of my lust and he gave me names that clouded my mind, and then said I needed to let go of it. I said who is my flame, and he said he would not tell me. and then I flipped out and cursed him out and said he wasn’t helping and he forgave me and said be free. Then I said Gabriella’s name and I heard a voice saying that lust was indeed my issue, and I had a gift of beauty and now I remember Yogananda, said he saw a beautiful soul, flirty and loving to all, yearning to be a lover of all beings. and The voice I heard for Gabriella said I needed to follow my heart, hush my mind, follow my heart, and I wept because, I have no heart. I am no person. I am an illusion. I long to be someone, but I do not have a true self. I am a reflection of several fragments of people whom I connected to in the past, I became the dark image of them. and now I dream of them and I have opened my heart to it all, even my own mother being my flame. but it ain’t her. it someone. not her, I heard this voice then, saying it was indeed a male of my sexual preferences but I just needed to open my mind to possibilities. so now, WTF. where is he? I am sick of waiting. I am in so much pain. I just want him. I dunno what to do. I might look into going back to my school in Hershey, PA so I can be with Eli in person and just feel him, but he may not be my flame.

  33. Teo, how you heard those voices, I mean, ok I receive messages even I sense the voice of my TF. It is not like human voice, I can not describe it with words, but I can understand the messages, I guess is telephaty. Relax, sending you waves of love

  34. Dear Teo,

    All of the teachers and voices that you hear are relevant on the journey to hearing and trusting your own inner voice Dear Teo ~ I must say how beautiful it is, the message that you heard from my essence as you spoke my name and opened up to receive ~ Follow your heart, hush my mind, follow your heart ~ this is absolutely what I would express to you! You absolutely have a heart…it’s just a matter of connecting with it, learning to hear the voice within that’s always guiding you which brings you into recognizing the voice when you hear it, and then walking through any fears to follow what you are receiving…what you are bringing up much about lust is accurate…the divine love that you are, that wants to merge with another being to increase the love that you are is through the heart, through the wellspring of love that you are, so this attraction to merge with another is not in the space of sexual physical desire, but a deep opening and expansion of the heart chakra and love, to merge this love into ONE and to spread it around the world…you are on the pathway to moving ever more intensely into this vibration. I would encourage you not to focus too much on the physical relationship with another or even determining who your twin flame is ~ it’s not a matter of thinking this through but feeling it IN for it is a deep soul recognition that only you can remember and flow within your own unique journey as you are guided. Then honestly, when you awaken and move into the expansive open heart of divine love, you start seeing every person as your Beloved ~ you feel the love with you mirrored back in another and start expressing this love that you are in expression to others ~ every person you start treating as your twin flame and every situation you start feeling through like your twin flame, offering you various and limitless opportunities to increase your self love within, and then bring and share that love around. Don’t focus on the when of your twin flame union ~ the clarity of who is your twin flame ~ but rather move into the energy of trust ~ trust that there is a force that is flowing, supporting, moving all of the puzzle pieces into place, and allow for your experiences to bring about the knowing and remembering of each step as it presents itself for your chosen destiny. Sending a lot of love Teo to you, surrounding you in the warmth and sweetness of your essence.

  35. Misty, I just want to say you are NOT alone in how you feel. I feel the same exact way. I met my Twin Flame 18 years ago this month and this experience has kicked my ass so many times…I totally get where you’re coming from. I have cried, begged, pleaded, broke down completely. I have worked so hard and endured for so long…I am passed the point of being pissed and yes…I feel like my guides are not working hard enough. Why let it go on this long?? I know…I know… The souls knows when the time is right but I feel like when I’m broken completely and don’t care anymore, and I’m old and have no heart left to give…he’s going to show up then? I’m tired and whatever “The Big Plan” is…it needs to be getting in gear real soon!! And yes…I have been here before and been asked to keep ENDURING!! Meanwhile…TF gets more materially successful by the minute, seeming to throw himself completely into his earthly accomplishments and here I am, feeling like Im doing all the heavy lifting spiritually and getting nowhere!! Meanwhile he say’s NOTHING and acts as though I mean NOTHING to him!! He won’t even speak to me!! Mind you, ONE TIME, after 17 years of COMPLETE SILENCE, he tells me that…He will never forget the moment our eyes locked!! Then goes right back to ignoring the fact that I exist once again. (I was damn lucky to EVER get that out of him!) They say that both feel the love but I don’t know how that is even possible! How can he possibly feel the love but walk away and seem to be doing just fine for 18 YEARS!! 18 L-O-N-G YEARS!!!

  36. I also want to add that I am so glad I didn’t know about Twin Flames before I met mine. This is NOT someone you want to “Look” for as you will end up thinking someone is…who isn’t. This is a deep recognition and something that you will just “know” from deep within. It for me was like meeting someone I already knew and DEEPLY loved within my heart and soul. I knew I had been missing HIM and not just missing a love. Seeing him for the first time was akin to an old love who had died 30 years before, all of a sudden walking through the door looking the same as before. I recognized everything about him and I caught myself saying things to myself like; “He fits me like a glove” and “He has my name written all over him!” and “That is all ME..HE BELONGS WITH ME!!” I never kissed him! Never even held his hand and I am still IN LOVE with that Man!! 18 years later. No way to get over someone like that!!

  37. Thanks, I really appreciate this all. I have been on a journey and have seen less and less 11s now. As I settle down, I give up on looking for my flame, because they are already inside. Now I focus on school, and being me, and radiating the love I want in return. Lots of cute guys in school. and lots of spiritual things I am recapping on while defining myself and what a SOUL really is. Whether or not I believe in this exact concept being a twin flame or simply a deep connection, I will move on from this, and just accept what comes my way. I am becoming strong and forging my own path in life. I am no longer going to look for help, when I have God by my side. I have been in love with many, and made love in spirit to them. I smile now, as I have finally reunited with the man of my dreams in dreamtime, and I am so happy he has saved me, I committed suicide in my dream, and he embraced me and apologized for being so horrible to me, and as he apologized, oddly, we looked down and were both noticing we were sexually aroused, and he was slightly in shock but looked me in the eyes, and we kissed, and nothing but bliss has been since then. I awoke tired, and I slept for hours on end, unable to awaken, forgetting I had physically told Mom to go away when I was in this state, I was in spirit, I was with him. He’s here. The one I love. Forget his name, where he is, who he really is, I’ll make love to him through every vessel I need to, he is mine, The Boy… Is Mine… <3

  38. gosh I am 42..and I just met him this summer..I don’t have time to wait for 18 years.. I hope he doesn’t disappear that long…