Embrace the Magnificence that is You

Feel the egoic separation stuff that *attempts* to take you away from your deep sense of peace and knowing, love and flowing, connection and glowing with all that is manifesting and increasing along your journey. Sit with it, lay with it, caress it and say, quite gently, “thank you for visiting me as you are not a true reflection of who I am and what I am creating.” Then ever so sweetly, allow the tears (if there are any) to slide down your cheeks, to cleanse away the vibrations that are no longer who you are, that actually have never been who you are.

Open your eyes. Detach from the thoughts that held you back before and *attempted* to make you feel as though you were a victim. Give yourself the embrace, the hug, the love you have previously attached to being given to you from outside of you. Feel the peace in your own energy and the vortex, the strength, the purity and sweetness of your love.

All that you have ever dreamed to experience is already here. All the love that your heart has craved is here, with you. All that you have ever wanted to do is here, in your hands as you continue to mold the pieces into the creations of your choosing in each moment. I encourage you to feel this love around you, the love that is you and with you…to discard anything that may look like it is in the disguise of love.