The Way is Connecting With and Following Your Inner Guidance

We ALL, myself included, have days, even moments when we can doubt our own light. We can question whether we are doing what our soul is calling us to, and if so, if we are doing it in the way we are meant to. I always go back to balance, because I consistently notice it in my experience. For whenever I feel these moments of pondering worthiness, I always receive the love, gratitude and energy of those that I am helping. I continuously see how important it is to help others to find their own way, to connect with their own inner lights, and to let go of any fear of shining forth into the world. This is what I do, this is what I AIM to do in each moment with everyone that comes to me wherever they are on the journey of life and love. There are some who will proclaim that they have THE WAY to help you get to whatever goal you are attempting to arrive at. My intention is to assist you in connecting with your own internal guidance system, because all that you need is truly within you. As you know this and bring this ever deeper into feeling it, believing it, making it your true reality, then everything begins to fall into place. HOWEVER, everything has always been in place, and it is a matter of seeing this truth that it is witnessed in your reality.

We are moving away, as individuals and a collective, in searching for love outside of ourselves, in attaching to teachers that have the way to be, to love, to be successful into helping each other, as family, to encourage each other, to support each other, to raise each other up to the highest self expression and creation of who we are, as ourselves and together. We are truly connected. We all have insight to share with one another, as we all add our own unique hues and colors to the rainbow. You are needed, you are loved, and your own heart knows the way for your path, for your journey. Feel the vibration of those you connect with, and make sure that it resonates with you, that it is in the vibration of union, of connection, of love, of assisting you to be you and to follow your own divine God/Goddess within you. That is what teachers like myself strive for, to help you to reconnect to you, to remind you of your knowingness and intuition, to bring you back to your own core of inner wisdom and light.

I thank you for allowing me to share your journeys with you as you give just as much to me as I give to you. We are always equally teachers and students in every moment. Namaste brothers and sisters.

14 Comments on “The Way is Connecting With and Following Your Inner Guidance

  1. I have been following inner guidance. But I recently went thro a bad experience with close family which makes me wonder whether I should let go or still hang on to relationships out of a sense of duty. When I felt that everything was going so well,suddenly this shock came and has shaken my inner guidance. This has nothing to do with my TF. But I wonder why such shake ups at this stage ….. Gabriella , have you met up with your TF. I tell my TF about my problems sometimes but he never involves himself directly but somehow I see to get guidance in some way after I tell him .

  2. Sleeping Beauty,

    There is so much change taking place at this time. We tend to look at change as being either bad or good, when in fact I believe change is just change, we choose whether we will see it as a blessing or not. We may not always understand in the moment why something has happened, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we may not always see the bigger picture. Though these changes can sometimes shake us to our core, always know that you are loved and should not doubt your inner guidance. I feel when we stand in the truth of who we really are and follow our inner guidance, even as change occurs, we are always centered and balanced, and again, we always know we are loved.

  3. Dear Durinda,
    thank you for your supportive and encouraging thoughts. It is a balm to me.My inner guidance tells me to keep away from these close relatives atleast for a period of time , as i feel abused by them.The negative energies drain me and i feel i need to stop myself from being used by others for their own needs.Maybe it all happened for a reason…but now it is not clear. In one of our ancient sayings , it is said even a lie is considered truth if it is for the highest good. in that case , if my relationship with my TF is authentic and divine, and our union in all ways is for the highest good of all, then can we go ahead inspite of our marriage to our respective spouses ?

  4. Sleeping beauty, when you say “go ahead” in spite of existing marriages, what are you really asking about? I would strongly suggest being upfront with the respective marriage partners so all four of you can exercise free choice. If you and your TF choose to be together, your marriage partners can then decide if any changed circumstances are acceptable for them.

  5. Wow Sydney that is a very positive suggestion. When I say ‘go ahead’ it does not mean me or my TF immediately taking any action. We again leave it to the universe/God and be in the divine flow. Only if and only if the union is truly divine and for highest good the situation will present itself wherein we can unite. I guess it’s again expecting a miracle. The fact remains that for the past years we have not reunited in spite of having all oppurtunities to just go ahead. Why are we still holding back? Some more learning, divine timing, ???? My inner guidance says if it is meant to be it will happen whatever the situation … Maybe in spite of our marriages.. And maybe Universe will find a way to resolve everything to suit everyone…this trust will make us get out of our self imposed sense of strong responsibility and go with the divine flow and embrace whatever is in the NOW.
    These are some of my inner promptings and I know that nothing will ever be done to create hurt for anyone… That is the beauty of TF love I guess.. Love to all

  6. Sleeping Beauty,

    Wow is right! Your answer to Sidney appears that you had your guidance all along. That was amazing! I feel when we follow our inner guidance it will lead us in the direction we want to go. The beauty of TF love is so right!

  7. Yes , durinda, as we keep searching we come to the point when we realise that only our inner guidance ultimately has the answer. If we are in doubt , when we look around carefully we will get confirmation signs from the Universe. If we are still in doubt, and we need tangible proof( I have felt that many times!!!!!! ) , we just have to let go and be in the divine flow. If not , (many times I have felt close to depression… ) we are likely to feel like giving up. Many times my TF and I meet but always so briefly, WHY? Every time we meet, it is like a divine orchestration, cos, we will be in the midst of a huge crowd and how we get time alone away from that crowd is a miracle. It usually seems as if the path was deliberately opened up for us. It will seem impossible one moment and suddenly it will happen the next. I have never ceased to be amazed by these events. These hAppenings give me the HOPE that sometime soon a bigger miracle will happen to reunite
    My only doubt is, IS there something we still have to learn or accomplish or is it only divine timing that we are waiting for or is it our soul contract which is keeping us apart.. My inner guidance just tells me that somehow we will be reunited …. But being just human in this 3 D makes me feel this longing and yearning ,no matter what…

  8. Oh yes Sleeping Beauty it is so true. I have felt that at times myself, like giving up. But each time I do the Universe gives me a sign not to. It is truly amazing. This TF journey is so beautiful. I keep having this expectant feeling, like something is right around the corner. The synchronicities are wonderful. I was at the grocery store a few days ago and who comes walking down the aisle, my TF! Everytime we see each other it feels as though no time has passed, that we pick up right where we left off. His light is so beautiful. I see changes in him each time we are together, these times together I feel are the Universes way of letting us see where we are in our journey. I too keep getting my messages to be patient, enjoy life so that is what I do. I have my moments when the longing takes over, or maybe it is just my heart expanding and feeling the love of All That Is. All I know is I have grown so much since my TF and I have met. I continue on my journey continuing to trust that all is well. It is what keeps me going.

  9. you are so right Durinda. Each time we give up, some sign comes up or event comes up which asks us to hold on …! you have put my situation in words clearly. this is exactly how it is for me.Thank you so much for sharing this with me. These synchronicities keep us going. Actually after i told my TF that he is my TF, he has become more close spiritually but kind of more uptight in the physical sense.. He used to be more eloquent about our feelings for each other, but now he seems as he wants to talk but finds it all too unbelievable.. So he never broaches the subject but he encourages our relationship.. It is all soooooo….. strange. If i was not aware of TF behaviour, I would have felt totally confused.. But now I understand his behaviour and my love for him only grows and expnads. I’m waiting for the day when he will feel comfortable enough to talk about it!! Then maybe we will progress quicker..!!

  10. Some thoughts about doubts…I think they will keep coming up. But what follows is always reassurance of some kind in the form of synchronicities, dreams, signs (11-11), etc, just as Durinda says. Maybe we reach a point of complete certainty, but I don’t feel this will happen or is even desirable. We are learning. Do you want to reach a point where there are no more questions, no more expansion of consciousness into the unknown? The doubts are necessary-they are our questions (quest) into the unknown. The answers are there in the dreams, synchronicities and signs, which is, in part, why we are so reassured. The universe isn’t ignoring our questions (doubts), but giving us answers in its own peculiar way. With TF’s we are learning about love-it’s nature, depth, strength. There is nothing that captures my interest, even remotely, to the same degree as experiencing the doubts & universe’s answers to TF love. Last night, I fell asleep wondering if it might be better if my TF and I should go our separate ways, and give up trying to be part of each other’s lives. I then had dream in which I am lying curled up next to my TF, with his arms around me, and I can feel we are sinking into each other, becoming one again. The dream is sweet, even though, as I wake, he tells me he is not quite ready yet. Doubts and answers.

  11. Sidney,

    Thank you for sharing your dream. It was beautiful. As difficult as this journey has appeared to be, getting to know the Self has been and I am sure will continue to be awe inspiring.

  12. You are so right , Sidney. Looking out for answer from the Universe is so interesting and now I am always trying to find answers in the form of signs ,messages, etc. if they resonate with me I take it as an answer for my question. I often wonder why my TF and I are not able to share our love in other ways . Why he is not able to talk about it freely. Though we may not be able to be together physically, I wonder why he is finding it so difficult to communicate regularly or share comfortably. Maybe silence has made us love deeper and connect deeper with each other. I do not know, but I long to share love with him and when I ask why he is like this ,there is usually no answer from him… But he acknowledges the connection we have.. I often wonder if it is something in me that makes it difficult to express his love…. As you said, it is a quest about SELF.. Whatever, it is , our journey has made our love very deep and I only feel saddened that I am not able to experience such beautiful love openly and shout it to the whole world..!!!!!

  13. durinda, i also have that feeling that something is coming, but i can`t define what…i see signs but i can`t exactly relate them with my TF…i don`t know, i`m quite confused,but that feeling is so strong, i feel like my head is in a balloon, i really act like i`m expecting something, like you expecting guests, that kind of feeling