Love Revealed

You have touched a core within me as your beautiful and soul inspired words embraced my heart, easing the sense of separateness from you.
How can we be separate when your emotions are my emotions, your creations are my creations that we share in together, your love is my love and in your eyes, truly I am breathing.

It is now, in this moment, that we are freeing our hearts, as through these words we are freed from any limitations we could falsely create in our experience.

I sit here in complete comfort feeling the love you have sent to me in the tone of your voice, the chosen words that echo your truth, which is of course my own. As a lover of words and an artist of weaving them together, I find myself struggling to express what is in this vessel of heaven here for you…you said it all so profoundly.

I laugh because there are so many visions running through my mind…how I want to run down the street shaking my arms and falling down upon my knees, hands entwined in prayer position in such gratitude for the essence of you, the power that we both have to share these intensely embedded messages within our souls. We find peace in them, such peace as we merge them into masterpieces that we share with those whose lives we touch and it is in this acknowledgment that others share which embrace us directly, right now.

We have pieced together a beautiful path leading us back home to each other, for as we share each step along the way with others, they are walking beside us, returning back home with us, basking in the sweet power of heaven constantly being revealed through us.

We have risen higher and higher up the ladder of love and it is NOW, that we have chosen to meet each other, it is NOW that we have decided to come back together. It is within our eyes, it is within our hearts, it is within these words, it is within this deep inner knowing flowing so naturally within us that we have been guided on our journey, that we have been guided to this moment right now, basking in its beauty, in the perfection of the circle of our experiences to show a complex painting of the love that we share and hold for each other.

Through the times when it seems that we have been apart, we have always been a part of each other…and it is in this truth that our messages are revealed. There are those desiring to be with their true love partner, right here and now, losing the vision to see that they have always been connected, sharing love beyond human understanding and as we express the emotions we are feeling through this process, we give them hope, we help them to reconnect with the essence of love within them. I thank you sweet heart, I honor you completely as I see myself within you as I feel myself within you. As you return to dry my eyes and sing our sweet lullaby, I in turn read these words to you, which echo the sweet melody within our heart.

You can finally breathe in, take in these words. Oh my dear love, there are so many words within that I have been waiting to create together with you…do you feel it, that it is NOW we have chosen to be together?

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2 Comments on “Love Revealed

  1. Dearest Gabriella,
    This is stunning. Only a day back I sent a small voice recording of myself with a song sung by me expressing my love and feeling of separation.he did not reply but today I read this post from you which resonates so strongly, we are all so connected. So much love to you. Thank you….

  2. Dearest Gabriella:
    I was sad today thinking on this time of physical separation from my TF, and something guided me to your site and read this blog. Thank you so much for it. As I was reading it, I was feeling that my TF was talking to me. WOW! I Feel so happy now…
    Happy Holidays to everybody and so much blessings