Insomnia, Blackberry Curve, Merging of Home (Within and Without)

Oh I was an insomniac last night, not falling asleep until like 3:30 in the morning, just laying on the bed playing with my new Blackberry Curve phone (such a treat to be able to go online and get email over the phone, yes a part of me is still a baby to technology!) and was feeling how much I enjoy falling asleep truly feeling connected to the person I choose to sleep beside me. This transition for me and allowing my twin flame to emerge physically and merge spiritually into me is a process of releasing ego emotions of separation to ease into the knowingness of constant connection in each moment. As I said recently in the soul mate/twin flame chat, there is always a threesome going on when you are in relation with a soul mate, as your twin flame is always with you in spirit, thought and heart…therefore, NEVER is there separation. I must share with you all my excitement…the time is here, right now…and I can’t help but feel the excitement, the anticipation…

Next, to share with you soon… the symbol of 3’s for me…how powerful this number is for me…and how it is guiding me home…though of course home has always been here, within me…a part of me.

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