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Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

A lot of energies swirling around within us in the vibration of separation that are being healed now. Allow yourself to feel the emotions, be aware of your behaviors, your beliefs, and your fears as they come up. Know that

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Twin Flame Relationships

Q Is it possible that even though we’ve met on this earth plane, that we’re only to be together in spirit/soul? It just seems that we’re not meant to be together physically right now. Too many outside interferences. What is

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Insomnia, Blackberry Curve, Merging of Home (Within and Without)

Oh I was an insomniac last night, not falling asleep until like 3:30 in the morning, just laying on the bed playing with my new Blackberry Curve phone (such a treat to be able to go online and get email

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Made in Heaven (A Story of Twin Flame Reunion)

What is a twin flame? A twin flame is the highest form of love, where you share love with someone who resonates on the same vibration as your soul, you think alike, feel alike, desire similar things, almost as if

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Sexuality, Spirituality and Relationships (Radio Show)

Join Colin and Gabriella as we chat with Brian Piergrossi, Life Coach and Author of The Big Glow, in the area of intimacy and tantric sex within soul mate relationships. Sensuality is such a part of our true essence and

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Your Soul Mate Arrives When You Are in Another Relationship (Blog Talk)

Are you currently in a relationship and feel your soul mate has come into your physical life at the same time? How do you transition out of the existing relationship the easiest way possible for all parties involved? How do

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He’s Just Not That Into You

I don’t promote the dating scene when you are attempting to be with your soul mate, because I feel that the way that you find your soul mate is through letting go of the searching energy. However, dating is part

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