Made in Heaven (A Story of Twin Flame Reunion)

What is a twin flame? A twin flame is the highest form of love, where you share love with someone who resonates on the same vibration as your soul, you think alike, feel alike, desire similar things, almost as if you are twins, because in essence, you are.

You have many soul mates throughout your life who join in relationship with you to help you to heal, grow and learn, to assist you in receiving this twin flame into your life, to fully embrace all that it means to be in such a relationship. A twin flame relationship is so much more than romantic, for you join together to continue to help each other to grow, heal, learn and elevate your capacity to remain always in the space of unconditional love. Also, you come together to jointly endeavor to create with one another (however that looks for each of you), to share in the deepest love imaginable, and to then share these creations and love with the rest of the world. Twin flames are reuniting right now, right here, for the purpose of assisting in the shift of the consciousness of the universe as they have agreed upon this before physical incarnation.

I believe in sharing my journey with you because my mission is to walk my talk, as my soul signed up for this specifically so that I can fully relate to those of you who are feeling the human emotions of the illusion of being physically separated from this twin flame. Right now, I am transitioning out of a very deep and close soul mate relationship, for the time has come for me to focus on continuing my purpose in teaching while holding space for my twin flame to come to me. My soul mate and I love each other so much, and are truly the best of friends, supporting each other through our growth and transitions with such unconditional love. It is so amazing and there are no words that could even come close to capturing how our experiences have been for our heart and soul. There are so many levels and layers of love that we have shared and will continue to share in this lifetime and beyond.

This movie that I am recommending you to watch, Made in Heaven, is a testament to my journey, as the exact details are so much the story of my twin flame and myself. I promise to share all of these details our physical reunion unfolds, for if you are reading this, you are on this journey with me. Sharing all of this is part of my mission in sharing these profound messages of this reunion. The power and love goes way beyond this lifetime and it is so beautiful. The important thing to remember is that you are NEVER separated from this twin…you are always together in heart and soul, as well as physically but it is the illusion of separation of life here on earth, that allows us to grow and heal while we have other relationships at the same time to experience this “separation.”

This movie brings up so much of what I have been sharing about soul contracts and how all those that are in your life have planned to be at this exact moment to help the both of you and anyone else as part of the contracts to fulfill what you have planned. Please recognize that every person in your life, whether you see the experience with them as “good” or “bad,” are there for a reason and your relationship with them is there because you both planned it. We are here in support of each others growth, and knowing this allows you to see the beauty of life. Pay attention to the people that he interacts with in heaven and then those that come to him on earth…

There are things that our soul remembers when we incarnate, and the more we move along our path, we are given glimpses of memory through signs from the universe, through soul mate relationships and our internal guidance. You are reading this right now for a reason and it is up to you to decide why it is, what message you will take from this, as well as how you will incorporate it into your life. You could also decide to just take it in and release it…you are given free will and therefore never forced to do anything. You are the creator of your life masterpiece and it is all beautiful.

We will be watching this movie and sharing in the love, the signs, the insight within it in so much detail and supporting each other at my retreat in NY in July 23-25. Come and join me, more info here:

So back to this movie, it will offer you a lot of insight into how it is with twin flames…don’t take everything so literally for there are things that I don’t resonate with as to how heaven is portrayed, but let your soul see what resonates and then I’d love it if you want to share your experience while watching it with me. It is now available on DVD on amazon.

You can also watch it on youtube in about 10 parts here: Part One

Here is the trailer for the movie:

Here is clips from the movie and the main theme song:

May you continue to believe in love, feel the essence of your twin within you, and know that all is in divine and perfect order.

With so much love,

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9 Comments on “Made in Heaven (A Story of Twin Flame Reunion)

  1. Hi. I want to thank you for posting this, because I have yet to come across anything quite like it. I have an experience I would like to share with you.

    In 1985, I spent a week praying to God to know the woman that He created to be my wife, my “twin flame”. After seven days of prayer, four hours each evening, I had a vision. In the vision, three prophets were laughing and teasing me, dancing and whirling, prophesying the circumstance and appearance of my “life’s calling, and the woman of my heart’s desire” in riddle and in rhyme. The vision was so powerful that it echoed in my soul for another week. I became frustrated, because I could not understand it. I became annoyed, because they were making light of me. I became disappointed when I realized that it was some twenty years into my future, but I recorded my vision in my journal. I told God that I would find my own wife, and not bother Him again.

    Nineteen years later, I was having my first conversation with a young Muslim woman from Egypt named Hend. As she began to speak of the unfortunate issues between Christians and Muslims, the prophecy came to pass. The twelve contexts of the unsolvable riddle came into focus like the universe aligning, like ten times a deja-vu. In the twinkling of an eye, I beheld us together in eternity. We were breath of breath, spirit of spirit, face to face! I was amazed beyond description as the all but forgotten prophecy solved itself – the meaning was literally Hend! That evening, I lay in bed, amazed. I saw ten signs, and had ten visions, all indicating that this was the woman who had been prophesied to me. Never had a woman even come close to solving it.

    Three days later, I had another vision. In it, God tied our hearts together in the heart of mankind. Within five minutes Hend appeared at the coffee shop, and I was again amazed. We got some coffee and a table, and began our second conversation. But within five more minutes, after she accepted my offer for a date and gave me her phone number, an evil spirit came into our midst, morphing the very fabric of our reality. I was struck through the heart, as though by lightening. Hend fell blinded to the truth of our eternity as a veil of darkness was cast over her. A synchronicity chasm opened between us that went all the way down to hell. I was so struck that I had to leave the table and get a glass of water. When I returned, it was over. Hend’s friends had arrived, and sensing the evil vibe slammed closed the door on our new relationship. I was forbidden from her.

    My heart was broken like I have never before known, and we only spoke for about an hour. I fell crying in my soul like I have never known. My only consolation was that I realized that the event happened on September 11th (2004). I understood that this was God’s heartbreak for the unfortunate circumstances between Christians and Muslims, and that He was illustrating the issues between them to me through Hend and I.

    I wrote a book about the nineteen year prophecy, and though I saw Hend periodically, I could not approach her. On the night I completed the book, seven months later, my dad died. I had an eerie feeling that he had waited for me to finish the book to die, and had signed it with his life. It was the lowest point of my life. The next day I drifted into a dream, and in it he left his final guidance to me like a map in the glove box of my vehicle. I got up and went to the coffee shop, hoping to see Hend. Instead, within five minutes, I met another girl for the first time named Rose. Within another five minutes she gave me a book called “The Hidden Words”, the first book of Baha’ u’llah, the prophet founder of the Bahai religion.

    As I read this book and believed, the heartbreak for the loss of my dad vanished. The heart ache I felt over Hend was cured, and as I continued to investigate, I found that the nineteen year prophecy of Hend was a mirror of the nineteen year prophecy of Baha’ u’llah by another prophet named “The Bab”. The pieces began to come together. I would have to wait for seven more years for Hend and I to come together again. She returned to the Middle East, I returned to Vegas.

    Six years have passed. This is the seventh. I am hoping that we will come together this September 11th, because I have spent this time writing about the religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and the Bahai religion as the negotiated settlement for Jerusalem. It was all contained in the allegory of Hend and I. My web site is, and the whole story is written in 20k words. If we do come together, then it will validate my assertions that God showed me a glimpse of what is soon to come down on the planet, by creating a snapshot of these issues in the nineteen year prophecy of Hend.

    Namaste. Sonyata.

  2. Thanks so much, Gabriella. The movie was great. There were certain features of it that really answered some questions for me. After reading your web site, I became clear on some things that I did not fully understand. Especially the part about choosing a mission and purpose. That rings as true as it gets. Again, thanks.


  3. I love this movie, ever since I watched 3 times in one weekend back in 1987.. yes I agree it’s definitely about twin flames.. 🙂

  4. very awesome, Long time I find this movie, and now I founded it. and I will watch that movie with my twinflame, think about our memories 😀
    thanks a lot !!

  5. I watched this movie today, it was wonderful. So glad the ending was a happy ending.

  6. I will surely watch da movie.i have been through a shattering experience myself. I still wonder is my life worth living after the separation I am going through, its just not bearable and what if I forget him the in passing years of my life . I really do not wana go away from him not even from his minute of memories, every picture of his,every word from his mouth every gift of his is precious to me more than my life.