Self Sustainability, The Shift of Consciousness and Dream Time

Join us as we interview Rev. Dr. Saralise Antara Nada Azrael. She is a Sacred Shamangelic High Priestess of Light, Priestess of the AvaSha Goddess Temple of Mt. Shasta, Doctor of Vibrational Medicine, Founder and Executive Director of the Legion of Light Global Ministries. We are going to discuss the idea of self sustainability, individually and collectively as we continue along this energy shift in consciousness and light. We will get into the specifics of what this means and how we can be a part of this on a deeper level. In addition, we will share how dream time affects this shift as well, and how we are all growing at a rapid rate right now, in our conscious state as well as unconscious.

Checklist from Saralise:


1. Where are we personally in our own path of Ascension?
On a Scale of 1 to 10 (10 being fully integrated, ascension, 5th
Where do you see yourself?
Where do you see human consciousness?

2. Are we personally self-medicating?

3. Have we activated our DNA Strands?

4. Have we integrated our Light Bodies?

5. How are we living a Sustainable life?


* Are we driving a fuel-efficient car? (i.e. hybrid or hydrogen
* Are we taking public transportation, riding a bike?
* Are we carpooling?
* Are we cutting down on our use of paper (trees)?
* Are we printing? If so, are we using Recycled Paper?
* Do we use lots of ink?
* Are we still receiving paper mail? (junk mail, statements)
* Are we using biodegradable products? (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products)
* Are we still drinking bottled water?
* Are we recycling everything? (paper, metal, plastic)
* Are we recycling our belongings? (clothing swaps, yard sales,
donating, etc.)
* Are we still consuming Animal Products?
* Are we eating Organic Produce? Are we using CSA’s or
Participating in a Co-op Produce group?
* Are we gardening? (sticking our hands in the dirt)
* Are we composting?

6. Are we designing our own future? What does that look like?

7. List our Priorities in order of Personal Significance:

* Home
* Career
* Social Status (reputation, image)
* Family (family of origin, marriage and children)
* Family (soul, soul group)
* Money (income, investments)
* Tithing (personal time, personal income)
* Spiritual (personal relationship with the collective
consciousness, and/or a higher power)
* Possessions (personal belongings)
* Security
* Divine Purpose (Are we consciously involved in it?)
* Health

8. Are we volunteering our time and energy somehow,
somewhere where it makes a difference?
How are we volunteering?

9. Are we participating in communal gatherings of Oneness?

10. Do we know our Neighbors?

11. Have we thought about the future with regards to our own
Have we taken any action in that direction?

12. What can we do today, and on a daily basis to move us in the
direction of our sustainable future?

13. Are we bartering any of our services or talents with others?
Are we stepping out of the money matrix?

14. How much energy are we personally using on a daily basis,
monthly, yearly?
Can we find ways to reduce our energy consumption and
Have we replaced anything with renewable energy sources?
(solar power, water)

15. Do we have a garden, or do we particpate in a community
Are we learning anything with regards to this? (permaculture,
organic gardening)

16. Can we be self-sustaining in a crisis?
Are we prepared?
Can we help others in need, if necessary?

17. Do we offer our energy to those around us in a positive way?
Are we serving them or ourselves?

18. Are we able to keep our own needs met without draining
others or ourselves?
Are we resistant to change?
Are we in the Universal Flow of Life?

19. Are we doing daily devotional or meditation practice
consistently to clear our energetic fields?
Are we exercising or doing some form of yoga and breathwork?

20. Are we expressing ourselves creatively?
Do we have an outlet?

21. How can we participate and offer ourselves to the collective
consciousness in a positive way on a daily basis?
Where can we actively hold space for the collective?

22. And lastly, are we visioning the future?
Are we participating in Visioning Meditations either collectively
or personally?
Are we creating our New Reality?

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