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You are Receiving in the Perceiving

Have patience with yourself along your journey. When you revisit creations of the “past,” observing them in the “present,” know that you are receiving in the perceiving, and trust that you are creating in each moment…you are becoming clear of

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Everything Comes to you In the Right Moment

You may not know why what is happening in any moment IS, but I can assure you that everything is always unfolding in its divine, sweet and perfect timing. All of the pieces are aligning into place exactly as they

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My Journey Back to Home

On the morning of Sunday, July 3rd, I arrived at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT ready to embark on my journey to Hawaii. I had checked in online but was unable to print my boarding passes, so when I

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Your Soul Mate Arrives When You Are in Another Relationship (Blog Talk)

Are you currently in a relationship and feel your soul mate has come into your physical life at the same time? How do you transition out of the existing relationship the easiest way possible for all parties involved? How do

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