My Journey Back to Home

On the morning of Sunday, July 3rd, I arrived at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT ready to embark on my journey to Hawaii. I had checked in online but was unable to print my boarding passes, so when I got to the kiosk for check in at the airport, there was a problem with their printer. I was then sent over to the other side of the airport to get the passes, bag tags and all. I had to wait in line and then when I got to the lady, she told me I was too late to check in for the flight…when it was established why it took me so long to get there, she called to tell the flight attendants to hold the flight…I had to hurry to get to the plane, which I did get on just within the last few minutes. As I was going through security, I had to release the attachment to getting on the plane…if I was to stay longer, I was going to stay longer.

I then arrived in Chicago with a layover, and as it turned out, there was a delay because there were mechanical errors with the plane…as a result of the delay, I missed my connecting flight heading to Hawaii from Los Angeles. While in Chicago, they switched our boarding gate to B11 (many 11’s and other significant numbers throughout the trip, which of course always keeps me excited). When I got to LAX, I connected with Customer Service as they provided me with a hotel room for the night. My flight out the next morning was number 551, and if you add it up, what do you get? 😉

It was such a delight to spend the evening alone in a hotel room, with no other energies besides my own, for there is something so therapeutic with being in ones own presence. It was the first time that I was in an empty hotel room by myself. I got to the airport in the morning, went through security and then went to get a coffee, the airport guy took my bags to baggage claim because I left them unattended for a few minutes (wouldn’t recommend you doing this!) and so therefore, I had to go all the way to the baggage claim, security again (wasn’t able to drink my coffee as I offered it to the baggage claim guy) and I made it just in time! The lady at the airport gate said, “Sorry to put you through all of that, but YOU MADE IT!” It made me feel that this was Spirit saying this…LOL What an interesting time, among many other signs I received along the way, I have learned SO much through this trip.

I learned how much I have grown in my capacity to remain in the flow within my own energy despite whatever happens in the moment, combined with a deep trust that everything happens for a reason. When you exist in this space, it doesn’t allow for you to become upset when anything happens, because you embrace it as an opportunity to receive something and an adventure to embark on. Challenges (a.k.a. opportunities for growth) come about to continue to show you how to grow in the flow within every moment.

Frustration comes from the mind. Spirit knows only limitless acceptance and calmness, knowing that an amazing adventure is present within each encounter, whether it is thought to be challenging or rewarding. Spirit knows that every experience offers a reward and it is up to us to discover the layers of gifts within the moments we find ourselves in.

Gratitude is so important to bring you back to the powerful truth of the connection and love so abundant in our universe. Tears of happiness, truly, “it’s all good.” Spirit knows this truth is always there, tapping you on the shoulder in the hopes that you will recognize it.

May this be a month of independence from your attachments to seeing your experiences through the tunnel of the mind and into the eyes of Spirit, which are always offering you comfort and gifts in the flow of life.

3 Comments on “My Journey Back to Home

  1. When we are in the state of our own loving detatchment this is the measure of knowing we have reached the first part of the opening our own heart ….(first lesson is to love oneself!) ….. . Then i have found our life learning reaches differnet levels and even tests out this love towards yourself. I know from within this is each and everyone of our preparation for greater love! Pay attention to this love from within as it holds for us such valuable lessons for our manefestion of being with our twin flame / one romantic soul mate. Sometimes this means we have to experience and do things which seem unrelated but are needed in the bigger scheme of things in the Devine plan. It is when we later reflect we know the purpose was related in opening our heart further for the love we desire to attraction …..but in it all the same as Gabriella say’s never compromise but we do have to go through it to get there!

  2. The spiritual meaning of intimacy; growing within, past our masks, outside happenings where dreams are strengthened, to the sacred place where we are naked before God and each other. Peace