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Let the Oneness Inspire You and Flow With It

So lines have been just coming out at me recently (one just did as soon as I awoke and opened my eyes *from the TV since someone had it on*…and it feels as though SO much is coming through, in

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Embrace your Destiny

Q. Is it true that the Venus transit on June 6th is a time for twin flame reunion..? I now feel myself in the divine flow. I do not contact my twin flame. I feel if it is meant to

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The Power of Surrender in Reunion with Your Twin Flame

This video shares on surrendering to attachments, expectations, limitations, control from the mind and moving into flowing from the heart and allowing everything that is to be. Everything and everyone in your experience is there for a reason and has

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Surrender to Love: Let the Flow of the Universe Guide and CoCreate With You

Surrender, why is this is so important on the journey of life and love? What do I mean by surrender? Surrender is when you let go of everything and everyone that you may have been attached to as well as

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Surrender to the Flow: Choose Unconditional Love and Presence in the Moment

Q. My twin soul has 3 children with different women. We met on the internet after he moved to CPT to find himself spiritually. We fell in love and connected spiritually, heart and soul. I’m further along the path spiritually

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My Journey Back to Home

On the morning of Sunday, July 3rd, I arrived at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT ready to embark on my journey to Hawaii. I had checked in online but was unable to print my boarding passes, so when I

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