Let the Oneness Inspire You and Flow With It

So lines have been just coming out at me recently (one just did as soon as I awoke and opened my eyes *from the TV since someone had it on*…and it feels as though SO much is coming through, in both nighttime dreams and waking ones…if something comes through, it is for us all, for we ARE connected, and this path of *remembering* that we are connected and ONE comes with insight (sight from within), as this is happening now at rapid speeds! WOW! Amazing how I don’t even have to travel to have experiences. I’m moving beyond form while in form right now, exactly where I sit…phew!

Now that I have you wondering about the line…here it is, “Be what you want, say what you want…there’s nothing stopping you…” it sounded like this was a song on TV but through my research, I can’t find it…those were the lines that came through and seemed important for me to share with you…AND as I’m always mentioning the flow, go with it when you feel it, for right now, you can discover *and bring through* more and more by just following your feelings within you, and when you discover where you end up, it will bring you into the *experience* of the oneness and connection that is between ALL as ONE.

On that note, as I was searching for the lines above to see if it was a song and if there more lyrics, I came across another song called, “Be What You Want” and the line that came through from that one (and what I mean by came through for me, I can look at words and what happens is like there is a light around certain words, for emphasis) is, “It’s time to jump in with no reason…” When you feel a strong force pulling you to do something, say something, go somewhere, create something, do it…don’t think about why, how, if you should do it…if you’re feeling something, by walking the path of feeling, what you are feeling will reveal itself along the way, with each step that you take. How exciting is that, the enjoyment of the journey, moving us ever deeper into the experiencing of this oneness! When you follow your guidance, your feelings “jump in with no reason,” becomes a journey that brings the clarity of the intentions into focus as you walk where you’re being guided…and then you find the reasons why you were feeling to go in that direction IN the *experiencing* of it. It’s like you already know, right, it’s all within, but then you connect with what you know (yet there are pieces and pieces of that knowing) and the puzzle is pieced together to make the whole as you go along, and there are limitless additions to that whole, making it beyond the perception of expansive!

I find this to be the case whenever I write, it’s like a force flows through me and what is created came from ALL of us and everything to reveal it all back to us, from someplace truly indescribable with words, though we use words to attempt to capture the magnificence of these experiences. Again, beyond form into form…and we consistently keep moving beyond form and into form along this journey. Let yourself be lifted and taken back again.

Love to you!
~Gabriella Hartwell

3 Comments on “Let the Oneness Inspire You and Flow With It

  1. Gabriella,

    I absolutely love synchronicities! I recently had a conversation with someone saying I feel as though so much information is coming, through dreams, signs, etc. I described it as almost like “cramming for finals”. Though I may not always consciously “remember” every detail of what I have received at this time, I do believe when the time is right and the information is needed it will be there. This is truly an amazing time and my excitement builds as the energies are so powerful, the experiences sometimes almost leaves me breathless! I send much love on this truly blessed journey!

  2. I am the same with you guys riding the higher conscious shift waves…just flew into Austin for strange/unknown (THE PULL!!!) reason but knew something DEEP DOWN is waiting for me here! Taking a crazy risk for vacationing fun!!! Trusting the universe all the way after seeing endless burst of syncs, feathers in my path & messages, etc.

    YE SHALL FIND; KNOCK IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU!!! (saw it on the plane enroute to Dallas under terrifying storm- a personal test of faith!)

    lots of love to you all! 😉

  3. Me too, I feel that pull. I took a fun short vacation to a beautiful town, I felt the need to show my son how to have fun in very interesting places seing the montains, valleys and ocean. Now he told me that when he grows up, he would like to live in this town. Comming back to my town, there were three flies to town. So, I’m very sure in the first one ( I was in the second) my TF was flying. Syncs. were everywhere, it was amazing!