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Visit the Gratitude Seesaw

I am probably not the first, but I’m the one in my own world, that is, which coined the phrase, “the gratitude seesaw.” How does this work? Well, find someone that you are thankful for, EVEN if this person did

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Happy Thanksgiving ~ Gratitude Within and Without

On this day of Thanksgiving, may you feel the abundance all around you and absolutely within you ~ may you know that no matter what you are experiencing right now in your life, all is unfolding in its beautiful and

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Express your Gratitude to Receive a Complimentary Love Session

November is the month which is known for expressing gratitude, and to continue to flow with this, I would like to extend to you all the chance to receive a complimentary half hour love session with me. Here’s what you

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Underlying Every Challenge is Love: There is ONLY Love

Perhaps you may have heard that “there is only love,” and maybe you have disagreed with this. The only way to disagree with this is to see from the perspective of the mind, from the experience of duality. When you

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Thank You to You From Me

This morning I gave a reading to a beautiful light in The Netherlands, and I am always pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and the details that come through. I love offering this profound and intimate space for another, it is

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My Journey Back to Home

On the morning of Sunday, July 3rd, I arrived at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT ready to embark on my journey to Hawaii. I had checked in online but was unable to print my boarding passes, so when I

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Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude

Colin and I are going to hold a space of gratitude during this show. Since Thanksgiving is this week, we encourage you to remember all the beautiful experiences and people you have in your life. We would like to invite

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