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Underlying Everything is Love: There is Only Love

Do you believe that there is only love? How about in the midst of what we call tragedy, abuse, violence? I’m going to go into detail on just how things that may be seen as negative are actually beautiful opportunities

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Underlying Every Challenge is Love: There is ONLY Love

Underneath every challenge in your life experience, there is only love. When you know this, it offers a bigger picture and higher perspective of the “unpleasant” experiences/moments you have had in your life. You may have heard the cliche “everything

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Underlying Every Challenge is Love: There is ONLY Love

Perhaps you may have heard that “there is only love,” and maybe you have disagreed with this. The only way to disagree with this is to see from the perspective of the mind, from the experience of duality. When you

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Soul Contracts: A Process of Remembering

Q. There is not a lot of information about contracts. Can you expand on the soul contracts and how to know what yours is? A. Soul contracts or soul agreements are made on a soul level before physical incarnation. A

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Understanding Love and Soul Contracts for Creation

Do you know that you are an Active participant in your life, creating your reality? Do you also know that those souls that are now in your life, have been in your life and will be in your life are

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Your Soul’s Plan: Find Out Why You Planned Your Life Experiences Before You Were Born

Join Colin Martin and Gabriella Hartwell as we interview Robert Schwartz, author of the book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life you Planned Before You Were Born. We are going to continue our discussion on soul

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James Arthur Ray, Sedona and Soul Contracts (Radio Show)

In this show, we are going to extend our discussion on soul contracts to the Sedona James Arthur Ray event which took place in October of 2009. How would your perception of this event and the results change if you

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James Ray, Sedona Retreat and Soul Contracts

If we were to look at the events we call tragic in a different light, we might find that what we consider “wrong” and what we perceive as being tragic, is not as we think. Through many of my writings

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Soul Contracts with Ourselves and Others (Blog Talk)

Is there someone you know that is suffering from an “unfortunate” situation or illness in their life? This show is dedicated to sharing how powerful our soul contracts are and the purpose behind them. This includes the contracts we make

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