James Ray, Sedona Retreat and Soul Contracts

If we were to look at the events we call tragic in a different light, we might find that what we consider “wrong” and what we perceive as being tragic, is not as we think. Through many of my writings and teachings, there is an underlying theme regarding soul contracts and how these help you to understand the circumstances within your life as well as the relationships. This includes individual soul contracts, which is with yourself, and there are combined soul contracts, which is between you and other souls. These soul contracts are made to assist you along your life journey, to help you to accomplish what your soul has intended but also to help other souls to accomplish what they intended. These intentions are for many reasons, and sometimes, on a conscious, human level, we cannot fully understand the reasons, even when our soul may be aware. Right now, many of us are choosing to be part of instances of releasing what is no longer serving us and our desire to vibrate in a higher, love consciousness as a whole. Have you ever heard that before there is the calm, there must be chaos? The reason this is, is because what we perceive as chaotic, is something that we feel we no longer want to accept, as individuals and as a whole, but we can’t recognize it as something we don’t like, until it comes up and causes us to be aware. How would we be able to evolve and elevate our consciousness if we didn’t release that which no longer vibrates on the same level? AND how can we release these things if there were not people/souls who were part of an event to bring them to our awareness so that we can then take action? This is where soul contracts come in…because these contracts are created on a deeper level that, if we are looking on the surface, we might miss.

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One of our human pitfalls is the ego. The ego can come through in many situations, bringing forth many unpleasant emotions, which can then create unpleasant actions or even non-actions. I want to bring awareness and light energy to the event which occurred in Sedona, AZ during James Ray’s Spiritual Warrior retreat. The ego is a judge, sitting at the head of the world, looking on everything that occurs, and holding onto opinions that are not positive. If you have done research, and/or was at this event, your feelings are real, because you ARE feeling them, and in the moment when something occurs that pulls at our beliefs, our past experiences, and who we believe we are, then we become challenged, and right away, we tend to try to bring clarity and reason so that we can understand where we feel we are as a result. But as a society, we tend to try to put blame somewhere, right away, so that we can relieve ourselves from any blame, or to not take action to release something within our way of being that may be time to change. If we put blame somewhere else, then that automatically lifts the burden off of us to take action within a system of creation, and order the one who is being blamed, to be fully responsible instead. Let’s take this situation with James Ray: if the misuse of ego was one of the issues in this event, and if we don’t agree with it, then how can we use the ego right back at this event and whoever we feel is to blame?

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.”
–Albert Einstein

I am going to express some of my intuitive feelings that have come through as a result of researching the details of this event. I want to firmly express that I am not placing judgment on anyone but merely sharing some things that have come into the light since this event was publicized, that shows us, as a society, what we need to heal and release, IF we want to move forward to create the world that we say we desire, one with love and peace and compassion.

Something that came to me once I was aware of this event was how important it is to walk your walk and talk your talk…but let the walk and the talk stand side by side in total harmony and balance. Ever feel as though what you believe is not fully coinciding with your actions? Your emotions are a tool that you can use to release any part of the ego that may be clouding your true perception of the alignment or flow of your being. The goal is to be in the complete flow of what you say, what you feel and what you believe. I don’t feel that James Ray was acting within this philosophy. I believe that his ego was more present than he may have been aware of, and perhaps more than when he started his motivational career. If this is the case, then now is the time for these businesses and those who run them, to either shift or to be released. Knowing what happened at this event, we can see how if our ego is in the spotlight, and it is the voice we are listening to when we take action, then as it is not in alignment with the consciousness shift occurring in our world right now, it will be destroyed. This really is a gift, for us to be able to become fully aware that we do not agree with the misuse of the ego for it can be deadly. But for us to release the ego as we recognize that we do not agree with it, we cannot be operating ourselves in ego. We need to extend, love, and understand, and allow for the change, but that change needs to begin within us, as individuals and as a society, together.

I also believe that there were precautions that may not have been taken that could have been taken. There is a certain amount of trust that goes into giving a substantial amount of money to one who is viewed as being able to supply services that could potentially aid in the future well being of a person. This trust is in the belief that this respected person will be able to see to it the safety of all involved as best they can. In the case of James Ray, it did not seem as though he was trained himself in the matter of safety regarding many of the activities that were part of his retreat and also, since there was more people attending than there were staff to assist in this safety, it would not be as easy to do so. In addition, it can be dangerous when one makes an assumption that what they believe the body is capable of because of their own experiences, will be the same for everyone else. Just as our growth levels, and our particular life paths are different, so is the way that our bodies handle situations, as we do know that our minds directly communicate to our bodies.

When you are giving your trust to someone, it is important to understand that you have the power within you to add to your life. It is only YOU that can add to your life, give meaning to your life, and change what you do not like in your life. Others can give you different perspectives, shed some light on new ways of feeling, thinking and/or being, but it is only YOU that can take these, if you choose, and add them into your belief system to aid you on your journey. So, it is YOU that needs to be aware of your internal voice, to release the false idea that you need someone outside of yourself to tell you what to do to be happy. Others can help, but there should never be a reliance on another to the level where you ignore your internal voice because this other person tells you to do something.

Those are some things that we can learn as a result of this event, and how we can take this to move forward in the vibration we desire. I want to bring up one of Ray’s quotes here because, as I feel it is important to walk your talk, his words not only apply to those he expressed them to but also to himself.

“I fully know for me that there is no blame. Every single thing is your responsibility as I’ve said so many times and nothing is your fault because every single thing that comes to you is a gift, it’s a lesson.” ~James Ray

I agree, that there is no blame, but there is a responsibility to walk your talk to the best of your ability.
Let’s take this quote and work it into what I brought up earlier regarding soul contracts. Remember, there are individual soul contracts (yourself) and then combined soul contracts (with others). So, if you take James Ray for example: his individual soul contract may have been that he wanted to have a confrontation with the ego so that he could release it and vibrate in the space of love more profoundly. Then he wants to take this a step further, so that this confrontation with the ego would create something to happen that would create a ripple to cause attention to the ego and how it can be released within the world, hence his combined soul contract. The rest of the world now has an opportunity to remember the contract: this is something that has come to light to show us the darkness that is blocking the light from shining brighter so that we can take action to let the light shine. Like I mentioned earlier, the other souls (those that died and others that were injured), would need to be a part of this “thing to happen” so that the rest of the soul contracts can be brought to awareness, remembered, and then acted on.

But this also extends to James Ray. Let’s go back to his contracts above: if he wanted to release the ego within himself, while also helping the world to be aware to release it, then he has “a gift, a lesson” to receive. He is not really to “blame,” because he was fulfilling individual and combined soul contracts/promises. However, he is responsible as he mentions in his quote to recognize the gifts he has before him now and how he is meant to go forward, and take action. It is also our responsibility to recognize our role and how we are meant to go forward, and take action…

I may have some of you asking, “do you mean the people that died chose to die, and to die in this way?” Feel these words without the ego to feel if they resonate with you: in matters of the spirit, in matters of the soul, we cannot apply human understanding and emotions. If we do, there won’t be a way for us to fully remember soul contracts and release that which we desire to release for we will be clouded, blinded. In spirit, there is no such thing as “time,” in the way we see it. Time is not in numbers and years, but by moments. An event occurs so that the soul can grow, heal and elevate its vibration, then there are more events, and then the body can change shape (death) into spirit again, and then be reborn again into body shape, have more experiences and events to continue its elevation…but the spirit always lives (there is no death), and therefore, nothing is really “tragic,” but merely opportunities for the individual souls and the combined souls to heal and grow from. If we remember our soul contracts, and release the ego so that we can clearly see them, we can understand that really there is only love. Those that are working together on a deeper level of soul, are doing so for many, many reasons that only those souls know. How can we then pass judgment or view something to be “wrong,” or “tragic?” It is in these moments, that we have the opportunity to release judgment, release ego, so that we can create the world anew in the way we truly want to experience it.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing…there is a field…I will meet you there” ~Rumi

For more details/clarity on this topic: Soul Contracts and understanding how they are made and why, please read Neale Donald Walsch’s book, “The Little Soul and the Sun.”

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  1. Sedona Retreats saved my marriage! After our first retreat we became closer than we had ever been. We go back twice a year now and love it.

  2. Hmmmm. I actually kind of liked what you had to say in an
    interview….before I saw the justification for saying it.

  3. If you wanted to share in more detail, I’d love to start a discussion. Soul contracts, in themselves, are very profound and have so many layers, then when you add such perspectives as “tragedies” of all types, it gets even more profound. In order to understand soul contracts, we have to be able to see through the eyes of Spirit and that with any human experience comes the chance to learn, to heal, to evolve past ego, separation and judgment (from beliefs, emotions, actions) into unity consciousness. There are many steps in order for one to be fully in unity consciousness with an understanding of soul contracts and most of the time, it is a life long process as we continuously chip away the pieces to unravel the space of love, deeper in unconditional love.