Understanding Love and Soul Contracts for Creation

Do you know that you are an Active participant in your life, creating your reality?

Do you also know that those souls that are now in your life, have been in your life and will be in your life are assisting in the creations? What if you were able to visualize and see your experiences, your relationships, in a way that shows the perfection? In this show, I shared on these such things and more with my previous co-host, Colin Martin. Colin is now almost at the completion point for his novel, Secondhand God, that touches on the topics above as well as so much more. He is a Book Marketing Coach and an Author. You can download 10 chapters from his book here: http://www.colinmartinauthor.com and view his marketing website at http://www.howtomarketabookonline.com.

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2 Comments on “Understanding Love and Soul Contracts for Creation

  1. Interesting show, Gabriella. And the sound was nice this time, I was able to listen to it til the end 🙂

    But actually I am having a hard time believing what Colin said. I know that I create my own reality. And so is everybody else. Makes 7 Billion realities here on earth, each of one different from the other. And reality only exists in the mind. And every new decision I take creates a whole new reality next to the one reality I was having before the time of the decision. So there must be an infinite number of realities side by side.

    I can create what I want, sooner or later it will be manifested into “my reality”.
    Or is it not so?
    And if it is not so: Why would some strange soul contract contradict my creation?

    I am confused, I just don´t get it 🙂

  2. Ingo,

    I understand your confusion…in the way that I see it, soul contracts are made between souls before physical incarnation…there are many “realities” or “creations” played out before you are born, so therefore, when you are born, whatever choice you make in any given moment, creates a series of encounters with other souls and situations playing out as your soul has planned. However, you have free will, and can change anything in your experience as you decide…but if you can think of infinity, just imagine how many experiences you could have depending on your choices…no soul contract ever contradicts your creation, they actually go hand in hand…and it takes choice to go forward and honor whatever contract is in your experience. There is no “right” or “wrong” in this matter…just what you feel is right in your heart, and what you desire. Agreed: there is an “infinite number of realities side by side,” and they are all there for you to choose from at any moment. I’d recommend watching THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU for it touches on this also…you can read my review and watch the trailer here: The Union of Free Will and Destiny.