The Adjustment Bureau – The Union of Free Will and Destiny

Nothing is ever random, I don’t believe in accidents, so while I was on the plane June 10, heading into MA, I was in the vibration of feeling love and noticing synchronicities…the movie on the plane was THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. What a powerful movie, I actually watched it twice already, many layers and more to unravel if you watch it again. This movie taps into the question of whether we create our own reality or if we are following a plan that has been laid out for us by “fate” or another hand. It brings up the union of both free will and destiny. When we realize what we desire, then we take an active role in creating it and following the steps leading into it as the universe supports us, despite the “plans” created beforehand…we can change the plan if it is not in alignment with us or add to it. This is powerful in itself.

When you add in the other theme that it brings up, it is a powerful combination…love…the love that you feel right when you meet someone, feeling the flow between your energies, recognizing a familiar essence as if you know each other beyond the “human mind” perception of knowing someone…and how easy it is to be yourself in the presence of this person. Then, what happens if the plan did not include this person? Would you tackle and confront all of the obstacles in the way of preventing you from being with the one that you love no matter what were to happen? Would you follow your mind or your heart? Do you just follow a path without feeling it?

When we realize that we have choices to make and can hold hands with our destiny, following it and creating it as we are guided through our heart, our whole life becomes a different experience.

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  1. I believe there has to be multiple interdimensional layers to reality and the devine plan! We have to be open to accept what is in order to achieve our devine plan. It is true everything has a spiritual purpose and reason this is where the learning and enlightenment occurs. The devine plan has already been decided according to what learning our soul needs in this lifetime. I have recently learned how we get to it depends upon acceptance of what is (ie. live in the now at this minute in time and not just for today!!)….then via personal choice to choose either the long and hard road or short and easy road. I asked myself what was the focus for the end of the road … answer after looking deep within was inner love and happiness!!! This did however spur action within other areas of my life spiritually and have also written a book to soon be published on soul learning.

    Yes i did meet my twin flame and by both focusing on law of attraction we came together (despite being born in different countries). The issue for both was egoic karma! Many issues and factors was in place where the unseen from within kept surfacing for both of us despite the love between us! Fears from the past manefested which i believe now as she is the other half has only one way to go but to reflect what is within me!!! thats the creation of the situation Gabriella. However i also learned we cannot control or affect what others do or say as we are each responsible for our actions. Within this self forgiveness and avoiding self blame is a learning. What is ….is! nothing can change but knowing the love can open the heart if we remain open to learning from it..(painful as it can be following meeting the twin flame). Devine purpose is far higher and intelligent than we can understand but i am now secure in know He has someone i will meet that has always been intended for me in the lifetime. The twin flame love like you say Gabriella continues deeply and spiritually. To be savoured with no regrets!!!