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Piecing the Puzzle Together, Piece by Piece, Revealing the MASTERpiece

Walking the journey of human experience merged, consciously, with your spiritual essence, invites you to move along the path with a profound sense of trust, seemingly unfounded in reality. When you purchase a puzzle, you know that all of the

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Twin Flames Revealed ~ The True Love Story

Often we grow up not consciously aware of the fact that we are like sponges, soaking up other’s perceptions, emotions, beliefs about life, about love, about how we are to be within the world. Part of the process of “growing

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Completeness, Caressing

Trickling into the ethers, sprinkling into the serenading sweetness…the completeness has always been caressing me and confessing me into its folds, as I cease allowing the molds to conform me. Transform me, serendipity, into simplicity, tis the true tranquility that

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Love Invites You to Remember Its Infinite Presence

Through my own personal journey towards and with love, I’ve uncovered and remembered love. Love doesn’t follow blindly the instructions or actions of others, but moves in grace with the feelings inside as companions. Love doesn’t tag along for the

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The Force that Carries You

Those of you that have experienced this will understand. There is a force that pulls at you when you least expect it, or perhaps because you aren’t expecting it…this force overtakes you as it forsakes any shards of “sanity” you

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Always Be Love, Deeper and Deeper in Expression

So become more and more loving, and you will become more and more joyful. And don’t be bothered about whether your love is returned or not; that is not the point at all. Joy follows love automatically, whether it is

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Express your Gratitude to Receive a Complimentary Love Session

November is the month which is known for expressing gratitude, and to continue to flow with this, I would like to extend to you all the chance to receive a complimentary half hour love session with me. Here’s what you

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On this Hallows Eve, if you Hide, Allow Yourself to Receive

To all of you, through my experiences, moving into the oneness and wholeness of all things, I can no longer see things as one way or the other, for all is ONE, and my vision has expanded to see and

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Remember to be in Balance with Love

It’s all about the love. When you find yourself holding onto something against someone, remember to balance it back to love. Through this experience of my uncle going through a liver transplant at the point of REALLY needing one for

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The Journey is About Experiencing the Journey and Flowing Within It

I wanted to share some lines from my Soul Journey Man piece that I feel is relevant here. Destinations are never a completion, for the journey is still ongoing. The journey is the process of moving through the destination, into

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